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GSA Golf Advanced Camera Golf Simulators

Hi-end golf simulators without the hi-end price




F series Full scale systems from just $10,995 to $19,995!

PX Optical systems from $1,299 !

CX Camera systems from $2,999 !

Including TGC, E6 and RC game software

Home/Studio track drape enclosures $4,499 !


Tired of finding your ideal golf simulator on the Internet but only to find that the starting price is a crazy $49,000 ?

Your problems are solved with our new F series state-of-the-art all camera based full system golf simulators.

No other golf simulators on the market come even close to our F series even at 4 times the price !

State of the Art camera tracking systems

Camera ball and club tracking

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Hi! I'm Martin Paul Gardiner

Electronics and software development engineer and founder of GSA Golf

Check out all our advanced golf simulator products and product descriptions on this web site at leisure

and if you have any questions please feel free to contact me personally anytime at

1. Play the ball from various simulated surfaces like fairway, rough, sand and greens. i.e. You are not confined to play the ball always from the same spot

2. Choose between full camera systems, optical sensor systems or a combination of both.

3. Can be used for both left and right handed players in the same flight. i.e. no need to move the unit around

4. All GSA Golf systems are completely modular - start with just 1 camera or sensor mat and add more cameras and features as and when requirement or budget allows.

5.GSA Golf offers more golf simulation software packages then any other company on the market

While others offer just one or maybe two, GSA Golf offers 5 different super high end software packages

including the world's ultimate and by far the best golf simulation software on market with E6, TGC, Perfect Parallel and RedChain.

Over 90,000 golf courses with all the big names like St. Andrews and Pebble Beach

7.Tracks all important club and ball data including ball launch angle, azimuth, spin and speed. Club tracking data includes club speed, face angle at impact to ball, club path.

Full swing analysis after every shot - with multi-screen option

The world's first and only super multi screen golf simulator from GSA Golf

View all data simultaneously and instantaneously after every shot

8.All data can be verified with real photographic evidence after each shot !

Note that this feature is unique to only GSA Golf systems. No other golf simulators on the market can provide this.

With all other golf simulator systems on the market, the player is forced to take the manufacturer's word that the data captured is correct.

There is no way for the player to verify that their measurements are in anyway correct.

9. Super high speed and high resolution camera system. Shutter speeds as fast as 6 micro seconds. Using dual cameras, equivalent frames rates are over 10,000 fps

10. In contrast to radar based systems, all shots from 2 foot putts to 200 mph drives are detected.

Note that radar systems are notoriously bad in detecting low shots and rolling balls when putting as these shots are literally under the radar. In fact putting is not even possible on most radar systems.

11. Also in contrast to radar based systems that are constantly emitting micro waves into your body, there are no unknown health hazards with cameras

Note that Radar systems emit electromagnetic micro waves that are so strong that they can detect a ball trajectory well over 400 yards away. And all those waves are going straight through your body too.

And not only do those waves have to hit a super tiny ball up to 400 yards away, they also have to be so strong that the waves have to reflect back to the radar receiver at the launch position. So you can multiply the power to do that by a thousand.

That sort of power would no doubt be the envy of the British Navy (the inventors of radar) in the second world war while chasing the Bismark but who wants that in their living room?

GSA Golf simulators are the most advanced and best priced simulators on the market by far

GSA Golf full playable systems with the world's best software start at just $1,299 !

12. Lowest priced all camera system competitor : $12,000 for just a single camera system without enclosure, screen, PC, beamer etc.

Our price for a far better camera system: $10,995 with TGC, E6 software including enclosure, screen, PC, beamer !!!

If you're not sure about that last statement that our nearest all camera system competitor is $12,000 for a single camera system

then please shop around and let us know if you find one - we searched high and low and couldn't find one.

prices of our competitors are between a crazy $35,000 and $95,000

Why GSA Golf products are so inexpensive compared to others?

Actually you should be asking "why are the others so expensive" ?

There's no sound reason in our minds why golf simulators should be costing upwards of $30,000 to $95,000 !

These prices are - in our and many others opinions at least - grossly and outlandishly overpriced and the potential buyer should be aware of this.

GSA Golf make world class golf simulators and hi-end enclosures for a 1/4 of the price of our competitors

GSA Golf full version golf simulators start at just $10,995

while our competitors start at a crazy $ 49,000

Due to the lower price, are you getting an inferior product with GSA Golf?

No ! You most certainly are not. Quite the contrary in fact:

Even disregarding the price, you are getting an as good - if not a far superior product - with GSA Golf systems than with any other systems on the market

The main reason why GSA Golf products are so inexpensive when compared to others that are selling in the $30,000 to $70,000 range

is because GSA Golf have no financial investors that are demanding big fat returns on their investments,

we only sell factory direct Online and not via resellers that want big 50% to 100% markups,

we're not having to pay for big endorsements from top golf professional players that mean effectively nothing and cost millions of dollars

- which you as a purchaser are paying for in the price -

we don't spend any money on advertising that would also have to be added to the price

all our system development is done in-house - i.e. we're not outsourcing any development that would cost many hundreds of thousands of dollars

and we operate ourselves on very lean and small margins.

For us, golf simulators are as much a passion as a business and not just a way to get rich quick.

All software supplied with our systems is the same industry standard software used by super high-end golf simulators

Note that we only use the best market leading software - as used by the super high-end golf simulators - so you won't see any difference between our systems and theirs.

GSA Golf systems look and feel exactly the same

Already have a golf simulator but with outdated ball and club tracking?

No need to replace the complete simulator

You can usually replace these outdated tracking systems with our latest camera technology systems

for around 3K using the same software, enclosure, beamer, PC etc that you already have

The GSA Golf website is by far the largest and most comprehensive website dedicated to golf simulator technology

featuring in-depth analysis of both ball and club tracking systems.

GSA Golf offer an amazing selection of golf simulation software

Choose from 5 different software systems

E6, TGC, RedChain, Perfect Parallel and ProX

GSA Golf use only the world's best industry standard software

If you're looking to buy a golf simulator from another manufacturer be sure that the software is as good as the above images

Unless it's E6, Perfect Parallel or TGC software then it most probably isn't anywhere near as good and you should avoid it

All systems run with the E6 software

E6 cloud allows users to access over 100 golf courses and play Online

TGC software from $299 to $999

All systems run with "The Golf Club" software

with over 98,000! golf courses and the Greg Norman Golf Course designer that allows you to easily make your own golf courses

Perfect Parallel Golf Game software

Perfect Parallel software


US Main Office

Naples, Florida

Office hours: Tuesday to Thursday, 10am to 3pm US EST

New GSA Golf showroom opening later next year in Naples, Florida

For general information

For technical support

For all sales and business inquiries


Please read our legal notice via the link below regarding warranty periods and sales terms