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My music inspirations

Hi! I'm Martin Paul Gardiner

Electronics and software development engineer and founder of GSA Golf simulators

While I'm not working on golf simulators I'll be working on my other passion - electronic and jazz music

Back in the 70s and 80s I used to run the London (UK) synthesizer studio in Denmark Street just off Shaftsbury Avenue

where I met and dealt with all the big time musicians of the time including

Yes, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, ELP etc, etc

Denmark Street is a tiny street but full of great music instrument stores and a mecca for all rock musicians in the UK.

My interest in electronic music started with the Moog modular system

The mighty modular Moog captured all my facination

The all time best original "Switched on Bach" album from 1967

Walter Carlos plays Bach on the mighty Moog modular synthesizer

This is where it all started for me in 67.

I actually won the PTA cup of the year at my school for my essays on electronic music when I was just 16.

All time keyboard greats

Electronic music videos



The above videos are all done using systems from synthesizer.com: a company in Texas that makes replica modular Moog systems

There are many people like this guy in Germany making great electronic music

Ryan Farish is one of my all time favorites in techno electronic music.

The guy's absolutely brilliant and a true master of the art. The above video is just a small sample of his talent.

The change at 3:10 of the above video is awesome.

All time jazz greats

Pat Metheny Group - These guys are the best progressive jazz group

Rick Beato - The world's most inspirational music teacher

Learn some of the tricks of Pat Methany guitar style playing

Billy Cobham's SPECTRUM album is one of the all time great progressive rock jazz albums of the 70's era and still is today

Fourplay - one of the best ever jazz groups.

I have all their recordings.

Hammond organ jazz greats

Jazz organ at it's finest with Barbara

Just as good - if not better - Cory Henry

Keith Emerson

A great inspiration in my life - and he lived just in the next town from my home on the south coast of England.

Keith Emerson sadly took his own life in 2016

Equally sadly, Greg Lake passed away 9 months later


Kerry Shacklett does an amazing cover of the famous "Tarkus" track from ELP's Keith Emerson

For those that know this work, this is almost indistinguishably from the original studio version - and it's all done live in his tiny basement studio

Here's the original studio version


Rachael Flowers

And if not being one of the world's best pianists wasn't enough, she's also one of the world's best guitar player too!

I can't even begin to comprehend how someone who is totally blind - or even if not blind - can have so much musical talent.

And of course - she sings as well!

I've been a huge fan of Brian Auger since I was 17 years old

The "Befour" album from the 70's is still my favorite today - such purity

Brian Auger with Billy Cobham

Funky jazz with the legendary Billy Cobham (drums) and the equally legendary Brian Auger (Hammond organ and electric piano)

Rick Wakeman

Rick Wakeman in the 80s.

This is basically what I used to do in those days.

Only not quite as good. (ha)

Rick Wakeman in 2003.

Half way through this video you may start to think this guy's a real life living "Johan Sebastian Bach"


The absolute master of symphonic keyboards.

I met him and went to his studio in London many times back in the day when I was in the music business.

The master demonstrates classical guitar on a synthesizer. Amazing!

I'm also a bit of a car nut