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PX 360 / PX 180

How it works

The PX 360 features a 128*128 IR beam/sensor matrix.

Each sensor is connected first to a comparator that detects small fluctuations in IR beam intensity produced ball the ball passing though the beam

and then to an electronic latch that is reset when the player first strikes the ball and set when the associated IR beam is broken by the ball passing through the matrix.

Ball speed with the PX360 is measured with a 16 bit timer that is reset when the player strikes a ball (either via a PX2 sensor mat or an optical sensor
or microphone embedded in the hitting mat) and then stopped as soon as a ball passes through the LX360 matrix of sensors.

The system requires that the ball hitting position be known in order to measure ball path and launch angle accurately.

If a user has rough and sand surfaces, these positions have to be setup too.

Knowing where the ball was before launch (i.e. the distance it was from the matrix) and the height of the ball as it passes through the beams allows us to use simple trigonometry to calculate both the launch angle and ball path.

Knowing the distance the ball traveled and the time it took to get there (via the 16 timer clocked at a know clock rate) allows us to calculate the speed of the ball (i.e. speed = distance/time).

All data is fed via an 8 bit data bus to the control circuit board. 32 bit addressing allows for up to 256 sensors timers to be accessed.


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