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System detects fades, draws, hooks, slices, pulls and pushes

F6 Base price from : $13,999.00


System detects fades, draws, hooks, slices, pulls and pushes

F4 Base price from : $13,995.00

System detects fades, draws, hooks, slices, pulls and pushes

F3 $12,995.00

see CTS vs PX2on the PX Systems page

GSA Golf F1 series just $10,995 !

Price w/o curved screen : $10,995.00

Price w curved screen: $11,495.00

Tired of finding your ideal golf simulator on the Internet but only to find that the starting price is a crazy $49,000 ?

Your problems are solved with our new F series state-of-the-art all camera based golf simulators.

No other golf simulators on the market come even close to our F series even at 4 times the price !

Systems can be custom made to a smaller or larger size if required - Screen sizes custom made to your requirements at no extra cost

Note that you can add, subtract or replace any of the items in the F series systems

All F series GSA Golf Simulators include high end PC's and Projectors

Two 3.9ft x 3.9 ft FiberBuilt stance mats are included

And ! All F series GSA Golf Simulators come complete with full padded turf flooring and dual stance mats

Track drapes

If you need to pull the drapes back to free up the golf simulator area for other uses you can use drapes on a track

We can supply the drapes with track grommets and lower hems for this purpose if required

Heavy Track drape - fire retardent, sound and light absorbing - with grommets, hems and pockets

Set of two track drapes 5.25 ft wide, 9 to 10 ft high with tracks

Price : $ 550.00


Set of four track drapes 10.5 ft wide, 9 to 10 ft high with tracks

Price : $ 999.00


GSA Golf high-end PCs

Our new standard PC is the HP Omen gaming PC

with Radeon RX 480 graphics card, Core i7-6700, 8GB RAM, 1TB HHD and 256GB SSD and Windows 10

GSA Golf high-end HP Omen gaming PC with 21 inch monitor and 4 USB powered hubs

Price: $1,699.00




GSA Golf Custom built 4 to 8 camera PC with 21 inch monitor

With this PC, all software is pre-installed and can run up to 8 cameras

The GSA Golf custom built PC features 8 dedicated channel USB ports for up to 8 cameras

with GTX 1050 graphics card, Core i7 Intel processor, 8GB RAM, 1TB HHD and Windows 10

Price: $2,299.00




Optional PC cabinet console

All F series PC's come with a monitor and keyboard stand

but you can also choose this custom designed walnut/rosewood PC cabinet

Price $ 699

Recommended bright short throw golf simulator projectors

Price: $ 875.00 / Price: $ 748.00

All our CX & F systems are available with 5 different game software packages


All F 2 - 4 systems come complete with the latest E6 1.6 15 course software and/or The Golf Club 70,000 course software

All F Series systems include high end 3000 Lumen short throw projectors and custom size HD super image impact screens

All FX systems include enclosure frame kits consiting of 8 tube corners, screen bungee cords and 33 feet of black drape

All F systems include hitting mats


Data captured: Ball speed, ball path and launch angle plus dual color camera club tracking

Click above image to go to The Golf Club software with stunning graphics and over 98,000! golf courses for just $999


Free Remote Access Support

Note that Remote access support is free of charge with every purchase

Just contact us for your free remote access support apointment and we'll have your system up and running in no time