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Camera Installation

Q: The cameras are connected to the PC but I don't see any images

A: Check the following

1. Are the camera drivers installed?

Go to the "Auto method of installing the camera drivers" on the camera installation page here

2. Are the cameras detected in the "Cameras" window of the Control Panel (CP) ?

You should see the message "Camera found" above each camera button in the Cameras window of the CP

3. When you select the "Video Stream Mode" do you then see new images ?

If yes then the cameras are running okay so the fault is with the camera trigger from the SX line scan camera

Q: I see new images when in "Video stream mode" but not when the cameras are triggered by the SX line scan camera

A: Check the following

1. Are the two RCA cables connected from the SX camera to the Vcam and Hcam cameras ?

2. When you turn the SX sensitivity dial on the remote control left (anti clockwise), does the green LED light on the SX cam turn on?

3. Is the ceiling mounted IR LED lamp on?

The LEDs in the lamp will glow a dark red when on. Note that there's a photocell on the LED lamps that automatically switch the lamp off when ambient light is in the room.

To prevent this, stick a small piece of black electrical tape over the photocell

Q: My cameras only trigger with high lofted shots

A: This will occur when the SX camera's sensitivity is not set high enough.

To set the sensitivity, turn the dial left until the green light comes on and then turn very slowly back until the green light just goes off again.

Note: do not stand under the SX cam when doing this otherwise your body will cause IR light reflections to get back into the camera. Stand as far away from the SX camera as possible

Q: I've set the SX sensitivity as high as possible but it will still only detect high lofted shots

A: This will occur when the SX camera's sensitivity cannot be set high enough due to the underlying surface reflecting too much light

Are you using the supplied black carpet under the SX camera?

We have lower reflective padded turf carpet now should you prefer not to use the black carpet

Q: My cameras are all running but seem to be in the wrong order.

i.e. camera 1 is the Hcam and camera 2 is the Vcam

A: This due to incorrect camera assignment

The correct assignments are Camera 1 = Vcam, Cam 2 = Hcam, Cam 3 = CTS frame 1 and Cam 4 = CTS frame 2

To change the camera assignments

select the camera in the CP cameras window, hold both the shift and ctrl keys down, and press the left or right arrow keys to move the camera up or down the sequence.

Press the "Soft Trigger" button to grab a new image and confirm that it is the correct camera assignment

Q: Why are my Vcam and/or Hcam images upside down or back-to-front ?

A: This usually due to incorrect mounting orientation but you can easily flip the images

If the image appears up side down, click the "Y reverse" option on the right hand side of the window

If the image appears back-to-front, click the "X reverse" option

Q: When I hit a shot nothing happens and no ball is launched in the software

A: Check the following

1. Check the Vcam and Hcam images to see if the ball trace has both the green cross hairs on it at both ends

Your V and H cam images should look similar to the above images with the two green cross hairs at both ends of the ball trace

Ensure that no other bright objects in the valid FOV of the cameras are being picked up as in the above image

2. Check the Max path angle and max camera de-activation time in the Hcam window

If the ball path (left or right) of a shot was greater than the "Max path angle" then the shot will be declared invalid and the ball won't launch in the software

After a shot, the cameras are de-activated for a few seconds to prevent the following club or player from re-triggering the cameras.

If you play a ball during this de-activation period then the cameras won't capture the ball and the ball won't launch in the software.

The de-activation time can be user set from 2 to 8 seconds.

3. Check that you have selected the correct game software you are using in the CP's main window

In the case of TGC, ensure that the TGC server is running and you see the message "TGC connected" in the CP

Q: After playing a while a camera will stop working

A: This is usually due to the USB cable length being too long

USB cable specs state that the maximum length of a USB cable between hubs is 3 meters or 10 feet

It's possible that the cameras will function with longer cables for a while but connections may become unstable.

With the GSA Golf camera system it is usually the Hcam camera that is effected by this as the cable to this camera is the longest

To fix: use powered USB hubs for every 10ft of USB cable

Note: Do not connect more than one camera to each US hub!

Other than SX line scan cameras, each camera will require it's own individual USB powered hub

Go to the USB camera cables section on the Camera installation page to read more

Q: I can only get 2 out 3 cameras or 3 out of 4 cameras to work

A: 1. Each camera must be connected to a separate internal hub on the PC

Often times USB ports on the PC will share the same internal hub on the PC's mother board

Go to "How to determine what USB ports are sharing a USB bus or hub on your PC" on the Camera installation page to read more

A: 2. Your PC's mother board is shutting down power to the internal USB bus when the overall power consumption exceeds a certain threshold

Usually adding an extra USB multi-port controller card to the PC will fix this problem

If it's just one extra camera that is not working then a lower priced single channel card will probably suffice, otherwise you'd require a multi dedicated channel USB card

Go to the USB ports section on the Camera installation page to read more


Q: Which is better: E6 or TGC ?

A: That's a matter of personal preference.

Both are very good systems with excellent graphics and ball physics.

We recommend first trying out both systems as supplied before making a decision to purchase the full versions.

Feedback from customers are mixed on this question.

Some say the graphics in TGC are a bit dull or too realistic while others say the graphics in E6 are more vibrant, vivid and lively.

TGC has an enormous selection of golf courses (over 100,000) and the ability to create your own courses

while E6 has only around 100 courses.

Some say though that because most of the TGC courses are made by private customers there's not the amount and attention to detail that E6 courses feature.

One major plus for TGC in our opinion: The voice commentary feedback you get with TGC on every hole and shot is very entertaining

Other than the occasional tweety tweety bird, E6 seems very quiet in comparison.

Once again this is a matter of preference though.

Q: Which software is shipped with the systems?

A: All major systems in the $4000 range (CX3, PX5 etc) are shipped with

1. TGC 15 course software

2. E6 single course with driving range trial software

3. RedChain single course software

All lower cost systems are shipped without TGC but with E6 and RedChain

GSA Golf Products and Services

Q: I want to start a commercial indoor golf facility: which system do you recommend?

A: The systems we normally recommend for commercial use are : CX2, CX3 or PX5

However, each of these systems has it's pros and cons when used in a commercial environment

CX2 is the easiest to setup and the most reliable but doesn't feature any club tracking

While most regular customers probably won't notice that true club tracking is missing, some more discerning customers may find this a major draw back.

The systems with club tracking are the CX3 and PX5

Here the choice is between camera club tracking or optical sensor mat club tracking.

The major disadvantage with camera club tracking is the fact that tracking dots or strips have to be applied to the clubs.

It's advantage is more accurate club data

While the PX5 with it's optical sensor club tracking mat doesn't require any tracking dots to be applied to the clubs,

the mat itself contains sensitive electronics that after prolonged and tough use may start to break down over time and require replacement.

The sensor mats feature a strong acrylic glass plate between the grass fibers and the electronics which helps greatly but still can't stop strong impact vibrations causing circuit board faults.

While these mats should last a life time for the private individual that plays a few hours a week,

the life span of a mat being used many hours every day by people that don't own the equipment - thumping down on the mat - will be greatly reduced.

We therefore can only give a 6 month and not the full one year warranty on these sensor mats.

Note that replacement circuit boards are in the $800 range.

Q: I want to work on my game and want the most accurate system available : which system do you recommend?

A: CX4 or CX6

Note that tracking dots or strips have to be applied to the club with these systems

Q: How accurate is the system ?

A: Accuracy of our camera club tracking systems are spot on and in a league of their own compared to other systems

Accuracy of the ball tracking cameras depend on the accuracy of the calibration

The above recent email response from a customer strongly indicates that our calibration is also spot on though.

Q: How complex is it to setup the system?

I'm hoping you don't need a Masters degree in engineering science to do this


No - No worries here. An average Bachelors degree will suffice every-time

Okay - kidding apart - while our systems are not exactly "Plug'n'Play" we do support and hand hold every customer during the installation process.

Depending on your technical abilities, installation maybe straight forward and simple

but if not - then we are always here to help either via e-mail, phone or via our free remote access support.

Q: What kind of support can I expect from GSA Golf?

A: as stated above, we offer free remote access support, e-mail and phone support.

Q: When I order a system, what is the delivery time?

A: Usually 7 to 10 days

Q: When I order a system, what guarantee do I have that I will actually get it?

A: This question was posed to us recently so it was added here in our Q&A

As in life, there's no real guarantee of anything but the likelihood of us not supplying a customer with ordered goods after payment is not even conceivable in our opinion.

We'd be fugitives on the run if that ever happened.

But just to put your mind at ease: if paying with a credit card, then you'd be guaranteed a full refund from the credit card company should you not receive the ordered goods.

Q: If I buy a system and don't like it, can I return it for a full refund?

A: As GSA Golf is a relatively small company (i.e. we're not Amazon.com) the answer to this unfortunately "No" at this time - as much as we'd like to be able to say "Yes"

quote from our legal page

All GSA Advanced Golf Simulators LLC products are custom made and/or purchased to order and thus a no return policy applies.

Sale is considered to be done and final and no refunds are granted under any circumstances.

However, products can be exchanged for other GSA products within a 60 day period of the purchase date

as long as the products are in an as-new condition and fully functional

Q: What is the warranty on GSA Golf products?

A: All GSA Golf systems come with a have a full one year warranty

To-date no camera has failed in more than 10 years, however, optical sensors systems like the PX2 -

and like all other optical sensor systems from other manufacturer's - will have limited life span.

Depending on the amount of use, this life span can be from 1 to 20 years for private individuals who use the systems only a few hours a week

but commercial indoor facilities where the PX systems are being pounded on for 8 or more hours everyday, this can be reduced to 6 to 36 months

Q: I'd be interested in purchasing a system but want to try it out first. Where can I do this?

A: In order to keep our prices as low as possible, GSA Golf only sells it's products direct Online

cutting out resellers with their 50 to 100% price increasing margins.

GSA Golf's demo showroom has also closed to further reduce costs and offer better consumer prices

and thus don't offer any test facilities.

Depending on circumstances, this may change at some later date but - as of date -

most are so convinced from our very detailed product information on the web site that this is not a major issue for them at present.

Q: What do the letters GSA stand for?

A: Officially : Gardiner System Applications

Unofficially: Golf Simulators of America

Q: How long has GSA Golf been in business?

A: 18 years

GSA Golf first started business in Frankfurt Germany in 1999 by British born Martin Paul Gardiner.

As of 2009, GSA Golf has been located in Naples, Florida

Q: How do GSA Golf products compare to other golf simulator manufacturer's products?

A: We think extremely well, but check the unbiased reports on the Golf Simulator forums for more info

Q: Which is better - camera club tracking or optical sensor mat club tracking?

A: Camera club tracking is far more accurate and offers real photographic evidence of club data at and before impact to the ball but requires that tracking dots or strips be adhered to the clubs

see the Camera Club Tracking page for more details here

Q: If I buy a used GSA Golf system, can I get full technical support?

A: Yes, but there's a transfer fee of $500 required if remote support is required.

All GSA Golf software updates are free of charge though no matter if the transfer fee is paid or not

Basic installation e-mail questions are also free of charge


Above, a customer e-mail from 04/21/2017 regarding the new extended calibration