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Hcam ball roll detection

CX putting with just the Hcam

Setting up putting on the CX systems is sometimes a bit intricate so this new feature will allow putting using just the overhead Hcam camera and greatly simplify the setup.

The method is quite simple: If no vertical launch is detected but ball path detected then it will be assumed that the ball rolled and the path and speed will be calculated from the Hcam.

The normal setup procedure for putting is to set the two red and blue lines so that a ball rolling is only seen by the Vcam camera within these boundaries.

Depending on lighting conditions, this can sometimes be a bit difficult to setup.

The alternative Hcam method is to set both red and blue lines to be just above a rolling ball so that the Vcam doesn't detect it.

Then, in the Hcam window, switch on the "Hcam putt detection".

When this is done, a rolling ball will still trigger both the V and Hcams but the Vcam won't detect the ball.

The system will know that a new frame in the Vcam was captured but no ball was visible.

The Hcam, however, will detect the both ball path and ball trace - that equates to the speed of the ball - and will thus assume the ball rolled and send this data to the game software.

To setup, place a ball on the place where you will normally be putting from - usually a foot or so in front of the hitting mats -

and mark this area. Grab a new frame in the Hcam window using the "soft trigger" button to get a new image containing the ball.

Insure the system is in Putting Mode (Click the Putting radio button)

Then use the new Putting Ball Position XY adjustments to set the putting ball position (shown here in turquoise).

July 25 2016


As putt detection with the Hcam is now the preferred method, the putting scaling factors in the Vcam and Hcams are now synchronized.

Before, there was some confusion as to which putting scale factor to use.

When adjusting putting ball roll distance, the estimated roll distance in feet is now displayed in the Hcam window.

Stray balls lying around on the floor in the Hcam's FOV are now detected and won't effect the ball path and speed calculations.

Adjusting the putt roll distance

In order to make adjustments, the CP (Control Panel) has to be in "Putting mode"

Press the P key on your keyboard to do this.

Note that the CP will automatically switch to this mode when the ball is on the green in game play

Ensure that the putting ball position has been set

You will normally be putting from a position about a foot or so in front of the last grass fiber mat in your system so that the ball rolls on a flatter surface and not over taller grass fibers.

To set the putting position, place a ball where you will normally be putting from and soft trigger the Hcam camera to grab a new image so that you can see the ball.

Then select the "Putting ball position" and move the cross hairs to where the ball is.

Use the "Putting Scale" to adjust roll distance

Make a putt and note the distance the real ball has rolled. Using the "Putting Scale", adjust so that the Roll is near the real distance.

Note that roll distance in the game software will vary depending on the green slope.

For Hcam putting to function, the Vcam should not see or detect a ball when it rolls on the ground

Thusly, ensure that the "Bottom scan zone" and "Max height ball rolling" borders are above the ground level and that a ball rolling is only visible below these two lines.