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LX Customer Support

Real LX customer support issues and solutions

In order to speed up the support process we are publishing customer support issues as they come in order to help new customers that may have similar issues.

Issue : System won't detect shots greater than 50 mph

Customer name: Dave

Dave has been having issues for quite a while now so we asked him to send the unit back for testing. The test shots below all show that the system is working correctly so it's a bit of mystery as to what is causing this problem. We are suspecting either the PC at the moment as it hasn't been fitted with a second usb card or a setup issue.

Dave's unit - Drive 1 with ball having a solid spin line - frame 1 - ball on tee

Dave's unit - Drive 1 - frame 2

Dave's unit - Drive 1 - frame 3

Dave's unit - Drive 1 - Composite frames

Dave's unit - Drive 2 with ball having no spin line - frame 1 - ball on tee

Dave's unit - Drive 2 with ball having no spin line - frame 2

Dave's unit - Drive 2 with ball having no spin line - frame 3

Dave's unit - Drive 2 with ball having no spin line - Composite frames

Dave's unit - Iron 7 - frame 1 - ball on ground

Dave's unit - Iron 7 - frame 2

Dave's unit - Iron 7 - Composite frames

Dave's unit - PW - frame 1 - ball with no spin line

Dave's unit - PW - frame 2

Dave's unit - PW - frame 3

Dave's unit - PW - Composite frames

Issue number: 1

Customer name: Carven

Customer text: The green sentence at the bottom says "ball on tee detected without spin line", while the red sentence at the top alternates between "lx error: cannot find ball size" and "lx error: cannot find ball in frame". What am I doing wrong?

Response: Hi Carven, we ran the image you sent in the software and there is no problem with us. The image looks very good so it must be a setting problem. Without seeing your camera settings I can't see what the issue is. Please send a screen shot of the camera window when this issue arises so that we can see the camera settings. If you can't grab a screen shot with the usual PrtScr key and paste into Paint then take a photo with your phone and send this.

Issue number: 2

Customer name: Darren

Customer text: I have sent you further screenshots from today’s setup. The Software is not detecting the ball being struck

Response: Hi Darren, you have set the camera to "Video Stream Mode". The LX must always be in "Video Trigger Mode" and not Stream Mode!

In stream mode, the IR LEDs won't flash and thus the images will appear dark. In addition the ball strike detection won't function and thus the ball won't launch in the software.

Issue number: 3

Customer name: Claude

Customer text: I am having problems updating the control panel in the GSA control panel. I followed the steps as set out on your website, however when it comes to copying and pasting the update, then it denies access, saying that I need administrator permission.

There is another issue I am unable to load the camera drivers, as the drivers listed in the list in the control panel does not have windows 8.

Response: Hi Claude, you need to have your PC's administrator rights in order to copy and paste files into program folders. Go to Manage Accounts in Windows (via the Windows Control Panel) to see if you have these.

We only just got the first Windows 8 version of the GSA Golf Control Panel completed this week. Download links for both the Windows 8 version of the CP and Windows 8 drivers are on the Tech News page.

Issue number: 4

Customer name: David

Customer text: I can’t get the camera/device to detect a system acceptable image of the ball. I have tried changing the lighting conditions, intensity, and direction multiple ways and it doesn’t make any difference.

Response: Hi David, the camera gain is set too high (24db is max) and thus the image looks like it is over exposed. Reduce gain and make soft triggers until you see the ball's logo or marking clearly.

Issue number: 5

Customer name: Carven

Customer text: The system can't detect the ball.

Response: The “Min Ball Gray Scale” is set too low. It should be at least 100.