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Overhead mounted stereoscopic studio launch monitor


Stereoscopic vision cameras for both ball and club tracking

----------------------------------The GSA LX Surround features dual ball tracking cameras, color camera club tracking, Xenon and LED Infrared strobe flashes and a 9600 fps Line scan camera

LX Surround Advantages

1. All lighting and cameras enclosed in one single unit

2. Can be used in nearly all ambient light conditions - i.e. no need for a dark enclosure

3. Unlike radar systems that require a long 24 foot tee to screen distance, the LX Surround captures all ball and club data within the first 20 inches of launch

4. Color camera club tracking negates the need for tracking dots to be applied to the club

5. Unlike floor mounted launch monitors, the LX Surround can be used for both left and right handed players without having to move the unit or make any adjustments

LX Surround price:

Normal retail price: $7,999. Nearest competitor product price: $21,000. Our discounted price direct from factory :

$5,999 with full version 97 course GSA Software !

Ball Data captured: Ball spin and spin axis, launch angle, path and speed.

Club Data captured: Face angle, path and speed

Shipping costs of such a large (5ft long) and heavy unit could be a factor for our customers abroad so we additionally offer a split modular version.

As above but in split casings.

For those on a tighter budget the LX Surround Modules can be purchased separately. A single LX Surround Module will only detect ball launch angle and speed but is still a playable system than can be upgraded as and when budget allows. Two modules will give full stereoscopic image processing for launch angle, speed, path, spin and spin axis. A 3rd will add the club tracking data.

Normal retail price: $3,499. Discounted price direct from factory :

LX Surround Module: Price $2,499 each - comes complete with single course software. Purchase more courses separately.

LX Surround Modular: - 2 modules: $4,999 with full version 97 course GSA Software !

LX Surround Theory

The LX Surround uses dual color camera sterescopic image processing to capture both ball and club data

The use of color images allows us to remove the hitting mat synthetic grass turf from the image by subtracting the green and cyan components

After removing the green and cyan components of the color image and converting to gray scale, the ball and club are far more clearly visible.

Image processing then detects both club and ball data


Please note:

LX Surround production has been temporarily put on hold for the moment we have balls made for us that have markings all around.

LX Elite will be it's alternative.