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My Cars

My last purchase - a 2009 XK Jaguar - pic is in front of our Florida home.

This was my Florida XK8 car for 9 years.

Previously: an XK8 Jaguar - while in Frankfurt , Germany. Number plate: F for Frankfurt, MG for Martin Gardiner, 15 for the number of cars I've had.

My V12 1971 E-type in British Racing Green that I fully restored from the ground up - including a complete V12 engine rebuild - and converted from a coupe to a convertible over a period of 5 years

And in the background, (just barely visible) my Jaguar XJS.

All vary fond and dear memories now

Because all my E-types spent most of their time in the workshop, I bought a Jaguar XJS for day to day driving.

My very first E-Type was a series 1 in Golden Sand while living in London

Then a series 1.5 2+2

Then a primrose yellow series 3 V 12 2+2

And finally, my series 3 convertable

This was my first sports car: an MGB fixed head in bright orange!

At the time I thought it was the best ever for the price and was very proud of it driving around London town back in the 70's.

Once again, all vary fond and dear memories now

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