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New Product Developments

PX 360 / PX 180

currently in development

Stand alone or add-on optical sensor ball tracking to PX2 club tracking

LX Surround Pro

The units - you need two - are mounted in the top left and right hand sides of the simulator enclosure.

Data captured: Ball spin and spin axis, launch angle, path and speed.

Price $4,999

Mounting and aligning two separate cameras for stereoscopic image processing can be a bit time consuming so we'll offer the LX Surround in one large case with the cameras and IR lamps pre-aligned.

LX Surround in one case: Price $5,999




Use your smart phone as a golf launch monitor

( In development. Not available before Fall of 2013. Patent Pending)

Track Sonic & CTS



Micro Series of low cost golf simulators


New graphics and physics engines for our ProX game software coming in 2014

If you are a long time follower of this web site you may recall I wrote the ProX golf simulator game software many years ago.15 years ago in fact, so it is quite outdated now.

3D graphics - especially in real time - has been a great passion of mine and so I was thinking of upgrading the ProX software with new State-of-the-Art graphics and physics engines as soon as I get the time.

I wrote the ProX graphics and physics engines myself at the time but latest new technology engines have far superseded my efforts and so I will use the expertise of other professionals in this field this time.

Click on the above image to see a demo of the graphics engine I am thinking of using.

The ProX update project will be a long term project that won't really get started until the new year - when I have all this new product development behind me - so there won't be any "Coming Soon" slogans for a while.

It's going to be great fun to develop though and I'll keep you posted as I proceed.