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Test Images & Setup

CP version or higher

Part 1



Single camera launch monitor



When the "always get new ref frame" option is on, the system will always look for a ball on the tee or hitting mat before a shot and again automatically after a shot

During this process, an animation in the Control Panel's main page will be displayed indicating that the player place a ball on the mat. (left image above).

Once the ball has been detected - within a second or 2 - the "Ready for Swing" and Green square will be displayed (right image above)

If you then open the Cameras window you should then see the ball in Frame 1

After a shot, frame 2 will be capture the ball in flight and together with the ball in frame 1 (the reference frame) ball launch angle, speed, spin rate and ball path can be calculated.

You can adjust the calculated carry distance using the Speed Controls that are displayed when clicking on the "Show Trajectory" option

If you keep the Control Panel's main window open, you should see the "Launch Data Ready" message appear after a shot has been made and detected.

Note that is message will time out in around 10 seconds and then the system will automatically start looking for the ball on the tee or mat again for the next shot.

too be continued ,,,