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Photocell optical sensor & Camera combination systems

PX Product Overview

PX tracking systems start from just $ 1,299 - all supplied with TGC and RedChain software


PX2-A price $ 3,999.00

Easy installation and play system.

The PX2-V captures all shots from 200 mph drives to 2 inch putt ins

PX2 + Vcam + Trigger array + Stance mats System includes TGC 15 course software

Over 120,000 Game Software courses available


$ 4,299.00


$ 3,299.00

PX vertical launch camera

A major problem with all low cost sensor pads on the market is that they can't detect vertical launch angle

which means no matter how you strike the ball - on the up or down swing -

you'll always get a perfect launch angle based on the loft of the club you have selected.

Even topped shots that would normally just skim along the ground still launch perfectly with these pads

Using our new PX Vcam, this problem is solved.

The PX Vcam features built in IR LED lighting and a high speed machine vision camera that captures ball launch angles from 0 to 90 degrees.

Priced at just $ 1,299, the PX Vcam is an affordable add on to your PX sensor mat

PX Vcam - $ 1,699.00

The PX Vcam is an easy setup and portable vertical launch camera that compliments PX1 and PX2 club tracking mats.

There's no line scan camera of other lighting required.

Our manufacturing and assembly time for the PX3 sensor mat exceeds 14 hours per unit

The PX 3 adds ball tracking to the PX2

Data captured

1. Club head velocity

2. Club head face angle at impact to ball ( degrees club-head open or closed at moment of impact in relation to club head path )

3. Club head path   i.e. Square, in-to-out, out-to-in. 

4. Horizontal ball position at impact on club face

5. Ball speed

6. Ball path

7. Putting speed and path

8. For both left and right-handed players

157 sensors, 2 * 16 bit counters, USB Serial I/O

Maximum measurable Club Path : 24° in-to-out 29° out-to-in +/- 0.65°

Advanced mathmatical algorithms in the software calculate (not measure) ball spin and spin axis tilt

from the club-face angle, club path, loft and velocity which determines the ball flight curve

ie. draws, fades, hooks and slices.

System includes TGC 15 course software plus RedChain single course software!

PX3 price $ 3,999


System includes TGC 15 course software plus RedChain 10 hoe course plus E6 single course 30 day demo!

The PX 4 adds camera vertical launch detection to the PX3

For both left and right-handed players

PX4 price $ 4,499

Advantages of PX 4 over PX 3

Vertical launch angle is detected.

Note that PX2 and PX3 systems - like all other low cost pads - use the loft of the selected club as the vertical launch angle

Advantages of PX 4 over PX 5

Easier setup

Disadvantages of PX 4 over PX 5

Ball must be played from the same position on the mat.

Advantages of PX 5 over PX 4

Ball can be played from other surfaces like rough, sand and greens


The PX 6 adds dual camera ball spin and launch angle detection to the

PX 3 portable sensor mat

Tracking system: Photocell optical club and ball tracking sensors with LX ball vertical launch and spin rate detection

Data captured: Club speed, club face angle, club path, ball path, ball launch angle, ball speed plus ball spin rate

Pros: Relatively easy setup and lowest cost for a full feature tracking system.

No markings or tape required to be adhered to clubs.

Most accurate photocell club tracking sensor mat on the market. Most accurate ball launch angle, ball path and ball spin system.

Cons: Ball must be played from the same hitting position

Launch monitor must be rotated for left handed players

System includes TGC 15 course software plus E6 single course demo!

PX6 - $ 7,999


The PX - LX combines any of the PX sensor tracking mats with the LX Lite or LX Pro camera launch monitor

Add ball vertical launch, speed and spin to the PX1 or PX2 or PX3 sensor tracking mats with the PX-LX

Click above to read more about LX Launch Monitors

Pros and Cons of optical systems compared to camera systems

  • PX optical system advantages
  • 1. Compared to camera systems, our PX optical sensor systems are a breeze to setup
  • Other than installing the software and mounting an overhead lamp, PX optical sensor systems are Plug'n,Play
  • 2. PX Optical sensor systems don't require the room or enclosure to be dark
  • 3. PX Optical sensor systems don't require flooring to be non reflective
  • 4. PX Optical sensor systems don't require any tracking dots to be applied the club
  • 5. PX Optical sensor systems detect very precise club speed as well as club face angle and club path
  • PX optical system disadvantages
  • 1. Optical sensor systems are not quite as accurate as camera systems
  • 2. Optical sensor systems require cameras (LX or CX) to detect ball launch angle
  • 3. Optical sensor systems require that the player always play the ball from the same spot unless using ball tracking cameras

Combining camera and optical sensor systems

Most of the above disadvantages can be overcome by combing both camera and optical sensor systems

The PX5 for example uses optical sensors to capture club data so that there is no requirement to apply any tracking dots to the club

and the cameras capture ball data (ball speed, path and launch angle) and allow the player to hit from other surfaces like fairway, rough, sand and greens for putting.

GSA Golf true feel mats

Warning! Most low cost (under $1000 ) optical sensor golf pads only use a thin grass top layer that feels very hard.

When hitting into these pads it can hurt and cause sprained wrists.

After using these pads for a while you'll probably find that you are adjusting your swing so as not to hit into the mat.

In contrast, GSA Golf use long grass fiber mats that allow the club to get under the ball for a true feel

PX2 vs CTS

Club Tracking Systems

PX2 advantages

1. Detects club path, speed and face angle for all clubs without tracking dots or markings on the club

2. Easy setup compared to cameras - it's essentially plug n play

3. PX Optical sensor systems detect very precise club speed as well as club face angle and club path

PX2 disadvantages

1. No photographic evidence of club face angle accuracy

CTS advantages

1. Detects club path, speed and face angle for all clubs with photographic evidence

2. Most accurate club tracking system available

CTS disadvantages

1. More complex setup

2. If not using tracking dots a visible flash is seen with every shot

3. Tracking dots or stripes may need to be applied to the clubs

Not sure which is best ?

No problem. We offer free exchanges of CTS and PX2 systems with associated price adjustments.

i.e. if you purchase one club tracking system and decide later that the other would be better than we can usually do a straight swap plus price difference as long as the unit is in good condition

BX ball tracking sensors

Use the BX ball path detection sensor array with built in trigger for the Vcam vertical launch camera

to replace the Hcam and SX line scan camera in a CX system

Price: $ 1,295.00



Camera sensor trigger array

As an alternative to our line scan camera triggers, you can also use optical sensor array triggers to trigger the V and H cam ball tracking cameras

The unit is 5ft in length and features 48 sensors that detect any ball passing over them.

Its advantage over the SX line scan camera trigger is that it doesn't require a non reflective floor surface that usually requires black carpet to be placed under the SX camera

Product features sturdy acrylic glass casing that takes the full weight of anyone standing on the unit.

Price : $ 450.00


Optional extra stance mats

If you are not wanting to raise the flooring but still want the hitting mats to be at the same -or very near - the level as the flooring

then you can simple add our 1 1/4 inch high stance mats

Set of all 3 stance mats

2 x 3ft X 4ft left and right stance mats

plus 1 x 5ft X 5ft - front mat

$ 750- free shipping


2 x 4ft X 4ft left and right stance mats

plus 1 x 5ft X 5ft - front mat

$ 836 - free shipping

Warranty and Support

One year full warranty plus life time free e-mail support

Life time free GSA Golf software updates

No maintenance costs. No subscription fees.






Please read our legal notice via the link below regarding warranty periods, sales terms and return policy

Legal notice