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VisTrak IR VC

The new VisTrak IR VC features 4 IR LED boards, cables and power, Laser type LED ready indicator and the VisTrak camera all in one slim line light case.

The VisTrak IR VC also includes the Vcam C camera for vertical launch detection

$ 3,399

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VisTrak IR VC installation

Camera wiring


There are 2 cameras in the VisTrak IR VC system.

1. A USB3 VisTrak camera - high speed camera

2. A Vcam C USB2 / Cat5 camera - high resolution camera

The VisTrak USB3 camera is connected to the the PC via the supplied USB3 cables

The Vcam C USB2 / Cat5 camera is connected to the PC via the supplied Cat 5 cable and the Cat5 transmitter adapter

VisTrak IR VC Mounting

Note that he VisTrak IR VC is the same as the VisTrak Quantum but without the 3rd ball spin camera.


Use the ball swivel joint on the Projector mount to angle the VisTrak IR VC directly

at the place where you will be playing the ball from.

VisTrack IR VC system setup

The VisTrak IR VC consists of 2 cameras: The VisTrak Eagle camera and the Vcam C camera

Click on the below links to see how to setup these 2 cameras.







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