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Advice on purchasing a Golf Simulator

Why spend $ 40,000 plus for a golf simulator ?

when you can get the same for far less than half the price

Golf simulator components


Why GSA Golf ?


GSA Golf simulators are the most advanced and best priced simulators on the market by far

Comparable systems from other manufacturers start at $ 35,000



GSA Golf simulators use the latest camera tecnology top capture bot ball and club data


Our cameras track all the important club and ball data including ball launch angle, azimuth, spin and speed. Club tracking data includes club speed, face angle at impact to ball, club path.

All data can be verified with real photographic evidence after each shot !

Note that this feature is unique to only GSA Golf systems. No other golf simulators on the market can provide this.

With all other golf simulator systems on the market, the player is forced to take the manufacturer's word that the data captured is correct.

There is no way for the player to verify that their measurements are in anyway correct.


All GSA Golf systems are completely modular - start with just 1 camera or sensor mat and add more cameras and features as and when requirement or budget allows.


Choose from 5 different software systems

E6, TGC, RedChain, Perfect Parallel and ProX

While others offer just one or maybe two, GSA Golf offers 5 different super high end software packages

including the world's ultimate and by far the best golf simulation software on market with E6, TGC, Perfect Parallel and RedChain.

Over 100,000 golf courses with all the big names like St. Andrews and Pebble Beach

GSA Golf Simulator Alternatives

If you're shopping around for an affordable full camera based golf simulator

then you might want to know what alternatives there are to our systems.

We searched the web hi and low but couldn't find any affordable full camera simulators that track both club and ball with cameras.

The reason being: Because they simply don't exist !

GSA Golf is really the only golf sim manufacturer offering both club and ball camera tracking systems at an affordable price

Full camera club and ball tracking golf simulators

There are, however, 3 systems available on the market that do provide both club and ball camera tracking but they come at quite a price

Swing Track from Visual Sports

In contrast to the GSA Golf camera club tracking system - that uses a trigger and Xenon flash -

SwingTrack uses constant "ON" lighting and video streaming method.

Advantage of the SwingTrack system is that you get multiple images of the club.

Disadvantage is that there is a constant bright light on in the enclosure and there's no ability to precisely grab images at certain distance from the ball before impact.

Click the above image to read more about the "Swing Track" from Visual Sports

Foresight Sports systems

Image from "GolfWrx.com"

The Foresight Sports golf simulator uses a GCQuad launch monitor - which alone is in the $15,000 to $18,000 range - that captures both ball and club data.

It's disadvantage is that it cannot be used for both left and right handed players in the same flight and that tracking dots have to be applied to the clubs.

According to the "GolfWrx.com" web site Foresight Sports golf simulators cost between $35,000 and $75,000


FullSwing is another great all camera golf simulator

According to the "GolfWrx.com" web site Foresight Sports golf simulators cost between $45,000 and $65,000

Note that all these systems are excellent systems and we are not criticizing them in anyway.

It's just that they both come at a very high price compared to GSA Golf systems.

Hybrid tracking golf simulators

i.e. systems that combine both camera and optical sensor tracking

There are a number of hybrid tracking golf simulators on the market.

The most notable is the TruGolf range

GSA Golf - World class golf simulators you can afford

featuring the world's best software including E6, Perfect Parallel and TGC






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