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with E6 trial and RedChain single course software. Add TGC software for just $299 extra

$ 1,499.00

with single 18 hole course RC software


$ 1,799.00

with TGC 15 course software


$ 299.00

Add the 3rd fairway grass panel to the PX1. Panel includes base, frame and acrylic glass panel.

(looks then like the PX2 as shown below)




with dual single course software (RedChain & E6 demo)

$ 2,999.00

with 3 X Fairway Panel

36 inch long fairway grass panels

With TGC 15 course software


PX vertical launch camera

PX Vcam

Add-on to the PX1 or PX2 sensor mat

$ 1,299.00



$ 4,299.00



$ 3,999.00




Px Ball Track

Add-on to the PX2 sensor mat

$ 1,899.00




Note that most people have a low ($2000 to $4000) credit card transaction limit on their cards to prevent fraud.

Please contact either us or your credit card bank to purchase this product if your credit card limit for this purchase is too low