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The PX 3 adds ball tracking to the PX2

System includes TGC 15 course software !


$ 3,499.00


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$ 4,499.00



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The PX 6 adds dual camera ball spin detection to the PX4

Tracking system: Photocell optical club tracking sensors with dual 3D camera ball tracking

Data captured: Club speed, club face angle, club path, ball path, ball launch angle, ball speed plus ball spin rate

Pros: Relatively easy setup and lowest cost for a full feature tracking system.

No markings or tape required to be adhered to clubs.

Most accurate photocell club tracking sensor mat on the market. Most accurate ball launch angle, ball path and ball spin system.

Cons: Ball must be played from the same hitting position

Launch monitor must be rotated for left handed players

PX 6

$ 7,999.00