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GSA Golf Instruction and Installation Videos





CX2 / CX3 setup video

CX2 draws and fades

The above video shows how fades and draws can be produced with the CX2 system even though CX2 doesn't detect club face so that spin tilt or side spin can be calculated.

Control Panel tutorial video

Club Tracking System


The above video shows the basic Ccam monochrome setup procedure using tracking dodts

VisTrack / CTS Pro camera alignment video

VisTrack / CTS Pro camera alignment video

Note: A solution to the problem mentioned in the above video regarding camera gains of 20 db being too high to better detect black drivers and woods is already in the works.

The method involves detecting that the club is indeed a black top surface wood or driver and then automatically reducing the brightness of the club image before processing.


The above videos show the LX Pro Club Tracking and Chipping and Putting in more detail. Commentary coming on this video later.




LX camera aligning

LX Ball Launch angle


LX Setup

LX Pro Ball Path method


Click above image to see the Bcam in action


VisTrack / CTS Pro camera alignment video