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Comedy Videos of the Month


Late in the evenings I get a bit bored of coding golf simulator software and drift off occasionally to YouTube for some light comical relief.

So thought I'd publish some of my favorite findings here.

If you too are getting a bit bored reading all the tech stuff on my web site then take a break and relax watching these videos.

Note that because I'm British, a lot of these videos are British too.


Does a supercar attract women? Check out the above video to see.

The world's worst car. And yes, it's British.

The world's smallest car. And yes, it's British too!

The world's smallest car. Here's the newest version

Richy Gervais


Mike Myers / Austin Powers


Mike Myers / Dr. Evil & Scotty

Mike Myers / Dr. Evil & Mini Me

Mike Myers / Austin Powers and the Mole

SNL - Saturday Night Live

SNL - Saturday Night Live : Schweddy balls

SNL - Saturday Night Live : Trump, Michael Cohen, Stormy, Rudy, FBI etc