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Technical News

System Updates & Development News

Hi! I'm Martin Paul Gardiner

Electronics and software development engineer and founder of GSA Golf

Regularly check out my tech news page for all our latest developments and free updates

if you have any questions

please feel free to contact me personally anytime from M to F 10am to 3pm US ET at

Contact us

System development - sales and business inquiries

System support - sales, general information and exclusive Canadian VisTrak distributor

Production manager - sales and general information

Did you get a response to your e-mail?

We get really busy at times and e-mail responses can be late or even forgotten at times.

Please remind us again if you didn't get a response to your e-mail.

No weekend or US national holiday e-mail responses

Note: we don't read or reply to emails over the weekends or any US national holidays.

Weekends for us are purely devoted to system development.

Please keep your emails short !

i.e. Limit your email questions to just two or three questions.

People sending E-mails with a multitude of questions going over a half a page or more probably won't receive a response

as we just don't have the time anymore to reply or even to read them.

As much as I like to chit chat ( and I seriously do), I just don't have the time anymore

Current E-mail response time

Due to the intense work load we are under at the moment,

e-mail response time may take numerous days.

Need support ?

We offer free e-mail support

GSA Golf Control Panel (CP) downloads

GSA Control Panel (CP) update V

November 13 2019

Download VC redistributables hereHere

Download latest Camera DLL hereHere

Don't forget to run the download after it's downloaded!

A number of customers don't realize that a CP update is a dual process

i.e first download and then run the download

Note that anti-virus programs will probably try to block the GSA Golf CP update download but - be assured - there's no malicious software in the download update

so just ignore any warnings from your anti-virus programs and choose the "More options" and "Run anyway" option.

VisTrak Driving Range - update

October 24 2019

Download your free Full Version VisTrak Driving Range by clicking on the above left image (V

Download the Driving Range Update by clicking on the above right image. (V

E6 Connect

All GSA Golf systems come with E6 Connect software

(1 18 hole golf course plus driving range FREE)

GSA Control Panel (CP) full version download

V. August 18 2019

VisTrak ready version



November 14

VisTrak IR

VisTrak IR $ 1,999

The new VisTrak IR features 4 IR LED boards, cables and power, Laser ready indicator and the VisTrak camera all in one slim line light weight case.

VisTrak IR plus Vcam $ 2,998

November 13

VisTrak cased versions now special order only.

In order to reduce the number of VisTrak options that seem to be causing some confusion, all VisTrak cased versions are now special order only.

This brings the VisTrak main product range down to just 3 products:

Reseller concerns

From what I'm gathering, potential VisTrak resellers are reluctant to stock or sell any GSA Golf product

as they are worried about the amount of support that would or could be required.

In the words of one, "we just want to sell the product and not have to deal with a multitude of support questions from the purchaser".

i.e. they just want to sell the product and then be done with it.

This is of course a legitimate concern and one of which I don't (as of yet at least) have an answer to.

It would probably take years before Vistrak is anywhere near plug'n'play and even then I doubt it will be possible.

In addition the sheer fact that installing the VisTrak on the ceiling requires the purchaser (or installer) to get on a step ladder will put off 50% of potential buyers.

That's a reason why VisTrak will never reach anywhere near the sales volume of SkyTrak's that just have to be placed on the floor.

- V

Camera registration only - no need to download

VisTrak : IR LED illumination

Tests this morning with 4 198 IR LED Illuminators showed image brightness levels as high or even higher than the 65watt LED spot light with lens.

The 75 watt halogen lamps are arriving here later today so we can test the Halogen / IR LED combination.

Ideally we'd like a combination of 2 IR LED lamps and 1 Halogen lamp.

November 12 2019 -3

Tis the season

Yep! the golf simulator season has definitely kicked into gear now.

The telephone doesn't stop ringing and I'm up to my neck in enclosure orders - which is just great.

After all, everyone that purchases a tracking system ( be it a Skytrak, Trackman, GC2, GC Hawk, Flight Scope etc) all require an enclosure and screen.

That includes: side drapes, ceiling drapes, screens, curved screens, screen frames, padded carpet flooring, stance mat systems with raised platforms, hitting surfaces etc, etc...

In addition - there's a multitude of GSA Golf customers that are just firing up their systems again after the long summer break

and require a fair amount of time consuming support.

And on top of that, there's a multitude of new system orders that have to be assembled and shipped.

My time is thus very limited these days and system development (primarily VisTrak) is having to take a somewhat back seat now.

Someone asked me today "how long is VisTrak going to be in the Beta phase ?"

My answer "at least until the end of the year - if not until the Spring of 2020" and that's just for the VisTrak Eagle and Vcam.

Whereas advanced systems like the VisTrak Stereo, Vistrak Surround, LX, Vcam B etc may even take longer.

Not that these systems are not playable. It's just that if issues do arise then it my take longer to get them resolved.

Of interest I think is the fact that nearly 90% of GSA Golf's revenue these days is generated by enclosure sales which take up about 10% of our time

whereas 10% of sales revenues are from tracking systems but these sales take up 90% of our time.

But because tracking systems are our passion, we're just fine with that.

November 12 2019 - 2

New lower VisTrak prices

The new prices allow a 20% instead of the previous 40% reseller markup.

Which BTW is about the same as what a SkyTrak reseller earns on a sale. (Actually - from what I here - it's even less than that - more like 10% they say)

November 12 2019

GSA Golf business news - the reseller delema

Well you can't say I didn't try.

I've been offering a nice big 40% markup on the VisTrak Eagle and Vistrak Vcam for some time but - until now at least -

there's been essentially zero interest from resellers to stock or even offer the product. (other than a couple of resellers in Europe - and even those have dwindled down to just one now).

On the north American side - Nada - no interest what-so-ever.

In addition - the consequences of increasing the price of the VisTrak camera by adding such a big mark-up to resellers -

is that my direct sales have plummeted down to about 1 or 2 a month.

Actually that's a total exaggeration as

- truth been known - I haven't sold a single VisTrak at its new MSRP price of $1,599.

Hmmm... I wonder why?

In contrast, I was selling VisTrak systems at the rate of 4 or more a week before adding the 40% markup to resellers.

Time to get back to my roots it would seem and cut-out the resellers and only sell direct.

On the off chance that an occasional reseller is still interested then they should brand the product as their own and price the product as they see fit.

So - for the time being at least and until VisTrak is out of its Beta test phase - the Vistrak Eagle and VisTrak Eagle Vcam will be offered at wholesale prices as of the end of this week or sooner.

I must admit, I was caught up too in the expectations of resellers that the VisTrak would sell in the hundreds - if not thousands - but the reality is in fact very far from those figures.

From the start I estimated VisTrak sales to be in the 12 to 24 a year and while potential resellers didn't want to believe in that,

I personally believed those figures would be the more realistic sales volume figures and am very happy and content with them.


November 11 2019

GSA Golf is closed today for the Veterans Day national holiday

November 10 2019

VisTrak : IR LED illumination

Further tests today revealed that even two IR illuminators work quite well too.

Before rushing out to purchase these IR LEDs, you might want to wait until tests have been completed here this coming week.

VisTrak : Halogen plus IR LED illumination together

A combination of both IR LED light and a small Halogen light seems to work well.

In this case probably only two IR LED illuminators will be required.

Halogen vs LED

Of interest will be to know how many 50 or 75 Watt halogen lights will be required to produce the same lighting power as the LED 65w video spot light.

Testing this week will reveal the answer.

If it's only 2 or 3 then halogen lighting will be a very viable option.


November 9 2019

VisTrak : IR LED illumination

Instead of the visible white light spotlight, you can now optionally choose IR LED lighting.

4 198 LED IR illuminators will be rerquired. All IR LEDs are ceiling mounted.

Note: camera should the base camera (i.e. without the extra casing) due to the confined spacing required.


Tests today showed that the VisTrak works fine when using enough IR LED illumination.

The tests were made using just 2 198 LED IR illuminators set at a height of 8 to 9 ft.

While there wasn't quite as much light as we'd like, we feel confident that by adding 2 more of these LED IR illumunators (i.e. to make up 4 IR LED illuminators)

the problem will be resolved.

Especially if - in addition - a standard small white light is added (either LED or 50 watt halogen spot) so as to illuminate the hitting area with visible light for the player.

The cost of the these 198 LED IR illuminators is $64 each on Amazon. Using 4 the cost is thus $256.

In comparison, the 65 watt LED visible light spotlight with lens we currently supply is already $188 so there's not much difference in price.

There's certainly a couple of major advantages of using IR light:

1: No glare from a powerful white spotlight

2: Low profile - the spotlight with lens is a good 18 inches (1 1/2 feet) in length whereas the IR lights are only 3 inches in height.

The disadvantage would be : mounting and aiming 4 LED lights instead of one.

Note: we know the cameras are indeed sensitive to IR Light as the LX versions of the VisTrak use only a single small IR LED light

and because the ball is so close to the camera (2ft to 3ft), the light is so powerful that we actually have to reduce the camera gain from its default of 17db down to just 4 db or so.

November 8 2019 - 3

E6 Connect integration

The GSA Golf / E6 Connect integration issue has now been tracked down (incorrect authentication key).

This issue should be resolved next week or sooner.

November 6 2019 - 2

E6 Connect integration

- V

The Control Panel now successfully connects to E6Connect

- however - we can't the E6 Connect to go into "Armed" status yet.

November 6 2019\

E6 Connect integration

We're currently working together with the E6 Connect developers to sort out a few issues with GSA Golf / E6 Connect integration.

Hopefully we'll be up and running by the end of the week or the beginning of next week.

- V

VisTrak - Test Shots

You can now setup launch parameters in the VisTrak window and send them to the game software.

This feature is mainly used for testing to see how the ball flies in the game with various launch data.

November 6 2019

VisTrak component shortages

"Our suppliers of camera lenses and LED spot lights are either already - or near - out of stock."

We have found alternative lenses for the VisTrak - even though these lenses are far more expensive - they won't effect the MSRP price of the VisTrak.

However, they will increase the reseller wholesale price by $110.

We have also found alternative LED spot lights for the VisTrak - and again even though these LED lights are far more expensive - they won't effect the MSRP price of the VisTrak.

However, they will increase the reseller wholesale price by another $ 100.

VisTrak Vcam B

A new circuit board for the VisTrak Vcam B is currently on order.

It features dual on-board Xenon flash power supplies, dual camera power supplies, LED indicators and digital dual camera trigger timing circuits.

It's essentially the same as the older board but modified to better fit into the LX style casing.

November 5 2019

- V

Couple of cosmetic updates. (Warning messages being displayed over other text).

VisTrak Line Scan camera

You can now use the CX Line Scan camera to trigger the V or Stereo cams with the VisTrak system

Normally the VisTrak Eagle will trigger these add-on cameras with soft triggers at a certain frame after club/balll impact

but - in case of timing issues - a hardware trigger from the LS cam can be used instead.

November 4 2019

VisTrak pricing

While the VisTrak Eagle and Vcam is priced to allow a 40% markup for resellers,

we've decided that we can't add this big markup to the advanced VisTrak systems (i.e. VisTrak Vcam B, Surround, LX, HiRes)

as this will make the end user prices so high that they wouldn't be competitive anymore.

(e.g. the Surround at $8,999 is just not going to sell).

Thus, advanced VisTrak systems will only be sold direct from us.

See for pricing details.

VisTrak component shortages

Our suppliers of camera lenses and LED spot lights are either already - or near - out of stock.

A search for alternative suppliers and or alternative components is currently underway.

November 2 2019

- V

VisTrak: Multiple camera setups


You can now set which frame is used to trigger the add-on cameras (Vcam, Stereo, VcamB, HiRes).

The ball/club strike Frame is always frame 16. If "camera Trigger Frame" is also set to 16, then the add-on cameras will trigger immediately on ball/club contact.

If set to 32, the trigger will be sent after the video capture is completed. If set to 24, the cameras will trigger 8 frames after the initial ball strike frame.

The object here is to set a trigger delay that allows the ball to be within the FOV of the Vcam or Stereo cameras.

If set too low, the ball will only be seen at initial impact in the Vcam. If set too high, fast balls will be out of the FOV of the Vcam.

Note that the Camera Trigger Frame setting is in the "Adjust speed/ carry distance" window.

Vcam trigger frame and trigger delays

The Vcam is triggered to capture a single long exposure frame from the VisTrak Eagle camera.

It is important to set the timing of this trigger signal so that the Vcam ball trace is within the FOV of the Vcam camera.

If the trigger signal is fired too soon then the ball trace will be before the FOV of the camera and if fired too late

the ball trace will be beyond the FOV of the Vcam camera.

Thusly, the trigger signal has to be delayed somewhat but not be delayed too much.

There are two methods of delaying the Vcam trigger signal from the VisTrak Eagle:

1. Setting the trigger frame beyond the frame strike frame of 16

2. Setting a Vcam trigger delay in the Vcam camera window.

Both have the same effect.

Until we come up with recommended delay and camera trigger frame setting,

some experimentation will be required to get the settings just right.

Fix :

Bug causing ball speed not to be measured in VisTrak HiRes systems.

November 1 2019 - 2

VisTrak: Multiple camera setups

It's possible that triggering the Vcam or Stereo cameras after the 32 frame video capture is completed will result in the ball being out of the FOV with fast shots.

Tomorrow's CP update will allow the user to set which frame after the strike frame is used to trigger these cameras.

VisTrak: Multiple cameras requiring a kick-start ?

During tests, we've noticed that the hi-res cameras occasionally seem to require a sort of kick-start to get going.

i.e. a camera - other than the VisTrak itself - won't respond to "Soft triggers" but will if setting the camera to "Video Stream" mode first and waiting a few seconds.

After which, the camera will function normally.

Not sure what is causing this (and apparently the camera manufacturer isn't either) so - to be on the safe side and before starting up a new session -

we're recommending first checking that all cameras are responding to "Soft Triggers" in the camera windows - and if not -

switching on "Video Stream" mode for a few seconds until the camera starts capturing new images again.

November 1 2019

- V

VisTrak: Multiple camera setups - all cylinders firing

All my tests are now showing that all cameras are triggering with VisTrak multi-camera setups and that data (assuming it's valid) from these add-on cameras is being used.

VisTrak multi-camera systems are :

1. VisTrak with Vcam ( 2 camera system)

2. VisTrak Stereo , VisTrak Vcam B and VisTrak Hi Res ( 3 camera systems).


New 1:

An error message is displayed if the VisTrak camera is incorrectly assigned.

Correct assignments are:

1. VisTrak Vcam : Cam 1 is the Vcam, Cam 2 is the VisTrak cam

2. VisTrak Stereo , VisTrak Vcam B and VisTrak Hi Res : Cams 1 and 2 are the Hi Res cameras and Cam 3 is the VisTrak camera.

New 2:

A warning message is shown if the ball was struck but didn't leave the launch zone area.

New 3:.

VCams and Stereo cams are now triggered after all 32 frames have been captured

New 4:.

VisTrak HiRes cams are being triggered as soon as the club makes first contact with the ball (after 16 frames).

New 5:.

Trigger delays for both cameras in Stereo systems are synchronized (i.e. all the same for both cams).

October 31 2019

VisTrak Stereo.

The VisTrak Stereo (VisTrak Surround) software should be ready tomorrow.

- V

VisTrak Vcam fix

The Vcam trigger delay wasn't functioning. Now fixed.

VisTrak: Update for VisTrak LX, HiRes and VcamB users

In order for these systems to function correctly, the ball must be detected in all relevant frames.

The above image of the camera settings works well.

Ball is placed 2 to 3 ft away from the unit. Notice that the camera gain is set low (zero here) so that the ball logo can be seen.

If set too high. the logo will be washed out white.

Also, use balls with a black (red doesn't work) thick logo (Calloway works okay, but some are too fine to be picked up). A range ball was used in the above shot.

End of life for all PX systems:

All PX systems are now nearing EOL (end of life)

and are now only available as special order.

All PX systems are being replaced with our new hi-speed VisTrak camera systems

October 30 2019

- V

VisTrak: When the club is not detected

If the system can't detect the club correctly, then club data will be calculated from ball data.

This worked well as long as the club face wasn't detected as zero (i.e. straight). This is now fixed.

VisTrak: Frame dropping

Jurgen in Germany sent a number of chip videos showing ball speeds that are sometimes way too fast.

After studying the videos I could see that frames of the ball are being skipped or dropped

which gives the appearance that the ball is traveling faster than it actually is.

The problem is far more likely to appear if ball speed measurement is made over multiple frames.

As multiple frame ball speed measurements are usually only done when chipping to increase the ball speed frame distance,

I've made this function optional now so that ball speed is only measured over 1 or 2 frames instead of 5 or 6 frames.

Ball path measurement is still calculated over multiple frames in order to increase accuracy though.

At present I'm not sure if this problem is unique to Jurgen's camera / PC setup

or it is being caused by the chipping mode skip frame procedure

or if the camera is really dropping frames.

At least the problem seems to be solved by simply switching off the new "Increase ball speed frame spacing" option in the VisTrak window.

October 29 2019

- V

VisTrak Business news

Our European resellers are saying (after exhaustive testing) that the VisTrak Eagle is 95% ready and is already taking over 25% of potential SkyTrak sales.

i.e. their customers are delaying purchasing a SkyTrak in preference for a VisTrak

They also expect this trend to continue to at least 50% of potential SkyTrak customers going over to VisTrak.

VisTrak LX, HiRes, Stereo and VcamB testing

First update for the above systems

Ref frames are now being captured for VisTrak HiRes and VcamB systems.

The Ref Frame is a frame (frame 1) of the ball at floor level. It is automatically captured after the ball has been detected in the launch zone area by the VisTrak Eagle.

The Ref frame is used to measure launch angle between this frame and either frame 2 or frame frame 3 of the ball in flight.

Ball spin is always measured between frames 2 and 3 of the ball in flight.

Fix: VisTrak HiRes and VcamB now capturing ball images

October 28 2019

VisTrak LX, HiRes, Stereo and VcamB testing

This entire week is devoted to running tests on these systems. Standby for updates if you have any of these.

Issue with multi-camera VisTrak systems

There's an issue with multi-camera VisTrak systems that is currently being looked into.

Until this is fixed - in the next day or so - only use the VisTrak Eagle.

- V

VisTrak: Camera registrations only

No need to install unless you have un-registered cameras.

October 27 2019

- V

VisTrak: Auto chipping mode ball detection

The ball detection method used for chipping will now automatically kick in if the regular ball detection method fails with regular shots.

October 26 2019

- V

Important CP update for GSA Golf Single course users.

Fix: Club type was not being loaded into the CP from GSA Golf Single course software. This is now fixed.

Club type is important when only using a VisTrak Eagle without the vertical launch camera as the club type - in this case -

is used to calculate the launch angle, spin rates and ball roll-out speed on the green.

VisTrak: More about Chipping

With regular shots, the system will only look for balls in frames that don't have an underlying club as the underlying club can cause ball detection errors.

When chipping with a wedge, practically all frames of the ball in flight will contain an underlying club face within the FOV of the camera.

In order to fix this problem, the system will now relax this rule when in chipping mode.

October 25 2019

- V

VisTrak Chipping

The number of delay frames that slow the camera frame capturing down for Chipping is now user adjustable in the VisTrak window,

Press the "C" key to go into Chipping Mode first.

VisTrak Stereo

New : VisTrak Stereo

The first Alpha test version of the VisTrak Stereo is now ready for VisTrak Alpha testers.

VisTrak Stereo uses two hi-res cameras (V and H cams) setup in a ceiling mounted stereo configuration.

As their only function is to measure vertical launch angle (all other data being derived from the VisTrak Eagle)

the VisTrak Stereo is only recommended for advanced users (as the setup is complex) or for those that don't want a floor or side wall mounted Vcam.

October 24 2019

- V

VisTrak Update

New : Chipping mode

As chip ball speeds are comparatively slow, we've found it necessary to reduce the frame rate of the camera so that there is more ball movement in the frames.

The camera is slowed down by a factor of 8 when in chipping mode.

The system goes into Chipping mode automatically if the ball in the game software is less than "Chip distance from the pin" but not on the green

or manually by pressing the "C" key.

New: Metric system can now be selected (i.e. kph / meters instead of mph / yards

Fix: When ball was placed near the edge of the launch zone, the system didn't detect it as within the launch zone. Now fixed.

VisTrak Driving Range V

Game options are now shown when the Setup window is open..

Various small bugs fixed.

October 23 2019 - 3

- V

VisTrak Update

Fix : Chip shots not being detected

Issue is now fixed.

This issue could also have effected putting too.

VisTrak Driving Range V8.0.0.4

Fix: Mouse play not working

New: Flight trajectory curve control.

This new feature allows you to adjust the amount of curve there is in the ball flight trajectory when the relative-to-path club face is open or closed.


October 20 2019

VisTrak Driving Range download -159MB !

This is the first attempt to try the new VisTrak Driving Range installer.

No guarantees that it will download and install correctly (haven't had time to test it yet) but I can confirm that the VisTrak Driving Range - once downloaded and installed correctly - works perfectly.

Note: This is 215 MB download so will take a while (usually 10 mins).

Also note that this is only the first Beta version of the Driving Range.

There will be many updates and improvements to come over time.

The VisTrak Driving Range can also be played with the mouse. Just right click in the scene and use the mouse to draw back the swing for speed,

moving left or right for ball path and using the mouse wheel to adjust the club face angle for the shot.

October 19 2019

VisTrak Driving Range with the VisTrak Control Panel

Communication between the VisTrak Driving Range and the VisTrak Control Panel is now working beautifully.

First release of the VisTrak Driving Range will be available next weekend.

On the to-do list:

1: Carry distance estimations from the Control Panel and Driving Range have to match.

2: Remove all unrelated driving range files from the ProX installer so that the download is smaller.

Note that this last item is quite a big task and could take days to accomplish.

The problem is that the VisTrak Driving Range software is still integrated in the ProX software

which is extremely large ( over 26 GB) and thus not suitable for a download file.

October 18 2019

- V

VisTrak Update : club face correction

Club face correction can now be applied based on the distance the club is from the ball in the frame just before ball club impact.

The correction is used to adjust the measured club face to what it would be if the club face was measured precisely at impact to the ball.

The amount of correction depends on the distance the club is from the ball and the value in degree steps.

e.g. if the club is 20 mm from the ball and the value is 0.07 degrees, then the measured club face will be closed by 20 X 0.07 = 1.4 degrees.

There is a separate correction value for 3 types of clubs: woods (including drivers), short and long irons.

If the correction is set to zero, there is no correction. The correction only closes the club face as normally the club face will only be closing through the swing arc.

The corrected club face is shown by a green line directly behind the ball which will automatically change when adjusting the values.

Note: This function hasn't yet been tested for left handed players.

October 17 2019

- V

VisTrak Update

Fix 1: Shinny black woods and drivers can cause big round light reflections that - up until this CP update - could mistakenly be identified as a ball.

When this happens, the ball speed would be incorrectly measured. This issue is now fixed with today's CP update.

Fix 2: Launch zone area couldn't be moved down in Camera Window


October 16 2019

- V

VisTrak Updates

Fix: club path occasionally reversed

VisTrak Eagle coming out of Beta test version by the end of this month

Most feedback I'm getting these days indicates that the VisTrak Eagle development is essentially completed and can come out of Beta test mode soon.

There's always small improvements to be made so there will be more updates of course.

I'm relying on feed back from users to point out any errors or issues though so please send in your VisTrak video files (.vid files ) if you notice something that doesn't look right.

All other VisTrak systems (Vcam, Vcam B, LX Hi-Res etc) remain in Beta version until further notice

VisTrak Driving Range

In the meantime, I'm putting in 5 to 6 hours a day on development of the new VisTrak Driving Range software.

(that being in addition to the 10s of thousands of hours spent over 10 plus years creating the graphics and ball physics).

One thing I really like about the VisTrak Driving Range is that I have total control over the ball flight physics.

i.e. the carry distance and the amount of flight curve there is with with fades, draws, hooks and slices.

e.g. I got a report today that the free RedChain game software we supply hardly shows any flight curve with fades, draws, hooks and slices at all.

In contrast, the VisTrak Driving Range allows the user to adjust the amount of flight curve for such shots anyway they like

and allows the user to adjust the carry distance without having to adjust the measured ball speed.

With other third party game software there's no way for the user to adjust any of this.

I consider the VisTrak Driving Range to be integral part of the VisTrak experience now. Without out it, it's just not a complete system.

First versions of the VisTrak Driving Range should be ready by the end of this month.

Looks great and fun for me to code too.

October 15 2019

- V

VisTrak Updates

1. Calculated Spin rate, spin axis and side spin now user adjustable in both the VisTrak camera window and VisTrak video window.

Note: When in the VisTrak window, the spin adjustment slider bars only appear if the mouse cursor is near the spin ball images.

2. When using a Vcam with the VisTrak, you can now opt to use a Line Scan camera to trigger the Vcam or use the VisTrak camera to trigger the Vcam camera.

VisTrak cameras back in stock soon

The camera manufacturer is now saying that they will be supplying us with 20 to 50 cameras a month so the panic from yesterday is now over.

Estimated ball spin adjustments

Got a great feedback from a reseller and tester today that stated that 99% of all shots are detected and are very similar to what his hi-end launch monitor is reporting.

Main issue was the discrepancy between VisTrak's estimated ball spin and his launch monitor's measured spin rate.

Tomorrow's CP update will thus feature a user defined "ball spin adjustment" factor to fix this.

October 14 2019

VisTrak Driving Range - with built-in swing video playback

Video swing playback is now built into the VisTrak driving range.

This saves you from having to switch applications (i.e. from game software to the VisTrak control panel and back)

after every shot if wanting to view the swing video.

The video can be optionally shown and played after every shot - in which case it will automatically close after a user defined time - or manually opened and closed.

October 13 2019

- V

VisTrak Driving Range

The new VisTrak (ex ProX) driving range is coming along nicely.

I started writing computer graphics game software some 25 years ago now but it's still fun to do today.

More trees plus a lake and streams will be added to the Driving Range soon too.

I also have 20 or so 18 hole golf courses that are in the works.

All the artwork and 3d models have already been completed for all these courses but the rendering techniques and game play have yet to be updated.

First release date of the VisTrak Driving Range is expected to be ready by the end of this month.

Note that this Driving Range also functions with all other GSA Golf tracking products like the CX and PX systems.

Multiple ball tracjectory traces with 3D grid

Nearest to Pin and Longest Drive contests.

Various camera views and traces available including - ball or line traces - classic trajectory view, chase view or fly-with-ball modes - plus reverse, side and sky trajectory views.

VisTrak carry distance controls

New carry distance and speed adjustment controls are optionally visible in the VisTrak window now.

Also, Club Carry Factors can be set while still in the VisTrak window now too.






Based in Naples, Florida,

all GSA Golf products are meticulously assembled and tested by hand to meet the highest industry standards



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