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Technical News

System Updates & Development News

GSA Golf daily updates and news

Hi! I'm Martin Paul Gardiner

Electronics and software development engineer and founder of GSA Golf

Regularly check out my tech news page for all our latest developments and free updates

GSA Golf tech news is updated at least 5 days a week !

so make sure to check in for all the latest updates and news regularly

If you have any questions

please feel free to contact me personally anytime from M to F - 12noon to 3pm US ET via e-mail at

Note that telephone service is - due to the workload we're under at present - very limited and sporadic at best.

If you can't get through then please use email.

Note that currently, our telephone sales and support lines are closed due to the coronavirus

Please Note: We're closed on weekends and all US national holidays

If you are contacting us on the weekends or on national holidays,

then we'll make best effort to get back to you within 24 hours of the next working day.

Did you get a response to your e-mail?

We get really busy at times and e-mail responses can be late or even forgotten at times.

Please remind us again if you didn't get a response to your e-mail.

Note: we are not receiving or responding to emails

on weekends or on national holidays.

Emails sent to us after 3pm Friday will get answered to the following Monday


GSA Control Panel (CP) Beta update V

June 1 2020

Click the above button image to download the latest CP update

GSA Control Panel (CP) update V

May 27 2020

Error message when first starting the CP ?

If you see the above error message when first starting the Control Panel (CP)

then your PC requires the VC Redistributable files.

Click on the above image to see an installation video

Download VC redistributables hereHere

Download latest Camera DLL hereHere

Don't forget to run the download after it's downloaded!

A number of customers don't realize that a CP update is a dual process

i.e first download and then run the download

Note that anti-virus programs will probably try to block the GSA Golf CP update download but - be assured - there's no malicious software in the download update

so just ignore any warnings from your anti-virus programs and choose the "More options" and "Run anyway" option.

GSA Control Panel (CP) full version download

V. April 2 2020

Click the above image to download your free Full version GSA Golf Control Panel

After downloading and installing the full version Control Panel,

download and install the CP update by clicking on the above CP update button.

How to tips

How to move the CP game overlay button position

To move the buttons, hold the Ctrl Key down and click the CP Minimize button in the CP's main window.

While still holding the Ctrl Key down, use the up, down, left and right keyboard arrow keys to adjust the button positions on the screen.


June 1 1:00 pm

- V Beta

Side spin update.

May 30 4:00 pm

- V Beta

Side spin

Side spin (like back spin) set to zero when putting.

Spin detection cameras

Current main development time is being spent on adding the new CV RotateAndMatch method of ball spin detection and ball size detection on all the above products.

Note that the standard single camera LX will be using the ball size variation in the frames to determine ball path.

Also note that - as of now at least - it is not possible to run 2 VisTrak hi-speed cameras on one PC.

If using a VisTrak Eagle, then a second PC will be required if measured ball spin is required using either the HiRes LX or the regular LX.

If using a PX5 or CX2 system, then measured ball spin can be added with the regular VisTrak LX without having to use a second PC

May 23 1:45 pm

- V Beta

TGC - using Spin Axis and not Side Spin

Customer Bob complained that the system was sending high side spin values to TGC.

Turns out that (at least according to my docs) TGC does not use Side Spin like E6. Instead, it uses Spin Tilt values.

When using TGC, the CP calculates and shows Spin Tilt now instead of Side Spin.

New more precise CV (Computer Vision) method of locating the ball and its size.

The new OpenCV method of locating the ball and its size can now be activated in the camera window.

May 22

VisTrak Eagle / VisTrak LX3 - more precise ball detection

Using new OpenCV functions, ball detection is now more precise.

The above image is from the new LX3 high resolution camera.

This new OpenCV "Open Source Computer Vision Library" method of ball detection

will also be available for the VisTrak Eagle and VisTrak Stereo systems next week.

May 6 10:45 am

- V Beta

VisTrak - Iron club Top Edge marking

If using iron top edge white strip markings, the measured club face reading from the top edge has to be adjusted to reflect the club face angle at the leading edge.

These adjustments are angles that are subtracted from the measured face angle.

In the above example, the RAW measured club face angle (now shown in red text) was 20 degrees open.

The adjustment for the 5 iron was 10 degrees, so the real club face angle is 20 - 10 = 10 degrees open.

The angle adjustments are user adjustable. Click on the "Using club top edge white strips" then "Face Angle Adjust" options.

Select the club by right and left clicking on the club image. Use the up/down arrow keys to adjust the angles.

Right click on the "Defaults" button to set all club face angle adjustments to their default values.

May 5 10:37 am

VisTrak - Iron club Top Edge marking

Coming later: Iron top edge marking

For those that would prefer to apply any bright strips to the top edge of iron clubs instead of the leading edge,

this feature will be available later today or tomorrow.

May 4 9:54 am

- V Beta

VisTrak - Improved club face detection

New 1: Attempts are first made to detect the club face directly behind the ball

New 2: the minimum white strip width in the frames is reduced to 5 pixels - allowing the user to apply thinner white strips.


May 1 9:50 am

- V Beta

CP - E6Connect - Putting on the green fringe

You can now select a putter in E6Connect when the ball is on the green fringe and the CP will automatically switch to putting mode.

April 28 12:30 pm

- V Beta

Hybrid clubs

Hybrid clubs can now be selected in the CP.

Currently there are 3 hybrid clubs in the CP : Hybrid's 2, 3 and 5

Click multiple times on the "Hybrid" button in the main window to select the Hybrid type.

April 27 9:50 am

VisTrak tip of the day

VisTrak clubs not being detected

The club - just before ball strike - should always be within the launch zone.

Ensure to move the launch zone and/or place the ball so that the ball on its hitting position is more or less in the center of the launch zone.

April 25 11:10 am

- V Beta

VisTrak Stereo Putting

New VisTrak status "Waiting for putt" when putting using just the stereo cameras.

i.e. the VisTrak camera is not running and the system is waiting to capture the stereo frames of the putt

Status is also shown in the overlay minimized windows.

VisTrak CX2

I've had a number or requests to add the VisTrak camera to our standard CX2 tracking system ( our best selling system so far), so this will be available this coming week.

With all the talk and development of the VisTrak Stereo over the past months, just adding the VisTrak camera to the standard CX2 is a very easy update.

The VisTrak CX2 has the exact same features as the VisTrak Stereo but without all the complexities of a stereo setup and is far easier to verify data accuracy.

i.e. The user can easily see and verify both the vertical and horizontal angle accuracy of the ball just by looking at the camera images - which is not possible with a stereo setup.

April 9 3:38 pm

- V

You can now select a club by right clicking on the Show Swing Video icon

April 5 12:45 pm

- V

The below new feature now also working for non-Vistark users. i.e. CX2. PX5 etc

April 5 10:30 am

- V

Last data sent to game

When you hover the mouse over the data boxes, the last data sent to the game will be displayed in red text.

Use this to confirm that data being used and displayed in the game software matches this last data sent to it.

April 4 11:30 am

- V

New Data source "Video"

The VisTrak video files include all ball and club data calculated at the time of the shot.

When loading a video, the ball and club data source is shown under the value.

The source name is prefixed with "Vid." when loading a video but you can still see the original data source.

The user can opt to re-calculate the data by clicking the "Re-Cal Angles" button.

When switching from the VisTrak window to the Camera window and then back again, the video file will be automatically re-loaded so that data remains constant.

If the "Re-cal Angles" is activated and stereo images have changed since the original shot

(either by the ball bouncing back or a user retrieves a ball and thus the line scan camera re-triggers the camera) then the results will greatly differ.

April 3 1:55 pm

- V

Shot Analysis file for CX and PX5 users

To better support CX and PX5 users, there's now a shot analysis feature that stores the current CX camera images and all the camera settings into a single file.

In case of issues, the user just sends this file to us for analysis.

The embedded camera settings allow us to setup our systems the same as the users.

Fix: when loading the old style videos, the system wasn't calculating club face angle

April 1 11:00 am

- V

User support: VisTrak Manual Video Record feature

This CP update will includes a manual video record feature.

This feature is for new VisTrak users that are still working on the basics and can't get the system to detect a shot or even detect a ball in the launch zone.

In this case, an automatically generated video will not be produced and thus we can't see what is causing the problem.

i.e. the system will only record a video if a shot has been detected

The new Manual Video Record feature will always generate a video which can then be sent in to us for analysis and thus we can inform the user on how to correct the problem.

March 30 3:00 pm

All customer setup data now stored in the Video files

- V

This feature - together with the stereo camera shot images - will greatly assist us with support as we can now exactly replicate the customer's system setup

in conjunction with all the shot data including frame time stamps

March 30 1:15 pm

Faint traces

- V

This version of the CP has been modified to pick up very faint traces.

The new Shot analysis software is not yet included. Probably ready tomorrow though.





Based in Naples, Florida,

all GSA Golf products are meticulously assembled and tested by hand to meet the highest industry standards

GSA Golf golf simulator components and kits

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at a far lower price than the ready made system prices

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About Martin Gardiner

Founder of GSA Golf

I've been in the golf simulation business for over 20 years now

These days, when I'm not developing golf simulators, you'll find me in my keyboard music studio



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