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GSA Golf develop and manufacture the world's most affordable, yet most advanced and comprehensive

hi-speed camera golf simulator tracking systems on the market today

Technical News

VisTrak SCX - our best selling 3000 fps hi-speed camera stereo ball and club tracking system

VisTrak LX2 - the world's first and only floor mounted launch monitor with a horizontal camera to capture full club face, path and speed

The LX2 is our best selling 3000 fps hi-speed camera floor mounted ball and club tracking system

Coming soon : The LX CL

System Updates & Development News

GSA Golf daily updates and news

Hi! I'm Martin Paul Gardiner

Electronics and software development engineer and founder of GSA Golf

Regularly check out my tech news page for all our latest developments and free updates

GSA Golf tech news is updated almost daily!

so make sure to check in for all the latest updates and news regularly

If you have any questions

please feel free to contact me personally anytime from M to F - 12noon to 3pm US ET via e-mail at

Please Note: We're closed on weekends and all US national holidays

If you are contacting us on the weekends or on national holidays,

then we'll make best effort to get back to you within 24 hours of the next working day.

Did you get a response to your e-mail?

We get really busy at times and e-mail responses can be late or even forgotten at times.

Please remind us again if you didn't get a response to your e-mail.

Note: we are not receiving or responding to emails

on weekends or on national holidays.

Weekends at GSAgolf are used solely for system development and product assembly

Emails sent to us after 3pm Friday will get answered to the following Monday

Emails sent to us after 3pm on work days are not read until the next day

Email responses are usually only made between 12 noon and 3 pm


GSA Golf Control Panel (CP) Updates

V June 16 2024

Click the above green button to download the latest CP update.

This is a fast download and installation,

suitable for most users that have done updates and initial installations within the last year or so.

How to install the CP (Control Panel) full version and updates

Try it before you buy it

GSA Golf Control Panel Full version download

The full version VisTrak software can be used to evaluate the system with real time image processing

from sample shot videos sent to us frome customers.

Download includes sample shot videos of the SCX, EVi and LX2

Technical Support



June 20 10:45 am

LX CL development

Raising the LX CL unit 3ft off the ground fixes the below mentioned issues

June 18 6:00 pm

LX CL development issues

The LX CL shot frame capture is now working.

However, there are still a number of issues that may take a lot more time to resolve than expected.

Issue 1: Trigger method

The first method was to scan the area above the to see if the ball raises.

Problem with that is that the club can block the view of the ball during the swing follow through.

Second method was to watch the ball on the mat to see if it suddenly disappears (as is done in all other VisTrak systems).

Problem with that is that as soon as the player addresses the ball, the ball will seem to have dissapeared even though it still there.

I was hoping that the reflection off the back of the club would produce sufficient brightness so that the system would still assume that the ball was still on the mat

- and this method actually works great - but only if the back of the club is sufficiently reflective.

As this is not always the case - and we can't ask users to apply reflective tape to the back of their clubs - this method is not adequately suitable.

Issue 2: Club covering ball in flight

This issue is a real bummer. I've even seen low shots where the club blocks the view of the ball during the entire flight of the ball in all frames.

As these issues will probably take a considerable amount of time to resolve, the release date of the LX CL has been dialed back until the end of the summer.

A possible solution

One solution to the above issues would be to raise the mounting height of the unit so that the cameras look further down on the ball,

but I'm not sure how that would look as the unit would have to raised to at least 3ft. i.e.it would look like a tower.

I've probably spent the best part of 180 hours on the development of this project so far, so I'm reluctant to let it go just yet but at some point in time I might have to.

June 16 2:15 pm


New 1 : LX CL Stereo camera calibration completed

Click above image to see the accuracy comparison of the single camera LXCL and the dual camera LXCL Stereo

New 2: New customer camera registrations

New 3: A number of smaller improvements


Beep not always sounding when ball is detected on mat.

Smoother Green LED strip pulsing

June 14 4:50 pm

1. New LX CLS calibration completed

CP update due tomorrow

2. GSA Golf AI

Currently looking into integrating AI technology into GSA Golf tracking systems


June 13 3:40 pm

New LX 2 carry case version overhang IR LED light

This is really looking good now. New IR LED 90 degree lenses are producing far brighter ball and club images too.

LX2 with optional overhang IR lighting

The LX2 comes complete with the overhang lighting, however, it can be removed.

LX CL and LX CL Stereo

Development of these systems coming along nicely.

Expected beta version releases on schedule for the end on this month

June 9 4:30 pm

New LX system carry cases

Manufacturing and assembly details of the new LX Carry Case range worked out and tested today.

Systems have built in IR lights, cameras, power supplies and electronics.

Biggest issue was the new LX2 overhang IR Light (not shown here). Problems worked out okay now though.

Compared to the previous LX case designs (or lack of them), these carry case versions look really great.

June 8 9:20 am

New carry cased version of the LX CL Stereo

New carry cased versions of the LX1 and LX2

June 7 12:30 pm


Creative Golf integration with GSA Golf producrts now completed in this version of the CP

Click above image to read more about Creative Golf

June 6 5:10 pm


New 1 : Alpha test release of the new LX CL Stereo now available with this CP update

New 2: New customer camera registrations

New 3: A number of smaller updates and improvements

LX CL Stereo Alpha test

Coding of the LX CL Stereo camera version of the single camera LX CL is nearing completion.

Expected Alpha test release due this coming weekend.


June 3 5:55 pm


LX CL Alpha test

The above image is a screen shot of the LX CL editable calibration table

(click above image for latest LX C: development news)

More details later...

May 31 1:55 pm


LX 1 update

Numerous LX1 improvements in this CP update.


LX CL panel coding complete in this CP version

LX CL first Beta release due later this weekend

May 27 6:15 pm

LX CL development

Basic system coding is nearing completion now.

Live shot testing and calibration is now underway.

First Alpha test release for testers should be available in a couple of days.

Final production release expected late July.

May 26 12:50 pm

LX CL development

New 1: Line Laser ball on mat detected indicator and camera alignment tool

As this unit is placed behind the player, a laser line would seem to be more appropriate than having a green strip light on the unit itself,

and thus saving the user from having to look behind to see if the system has detected a ball on the mat.

The laser line also doubles as a ball placement guide and can be used to align the unit down the center line when first setting the unit down.

The laser pulses when the system is looking for a new ball on the mat and either switches constant ON or OFF (user definable)

when the ball has been detected

New 2: New LX CL image format (480 x 480) is now being used for the LX CL

The LX CL is still using the same camera as with all other VisTrak systems but the image format is wider and not so high.

There were some issues with the camera offset recently, requiring the camera to have to be aimed off-line but this is now fixed.

With the new 480 x 480 resolution and ROI, the camera is aimed directly down the center line.

New 3: New - improved - camera mounting method (looks better and is more rigid)

May 22 2:29 pm

LX CL development - first shot images

First real shot images of the LX CL.

The above images show just one frame of the 32 frame video shot capture

May 21 1:55 pm

LX CL development

Development and coding of the new LX CL image processing software is coming along nicely.

There's a new trigger point array that will generate a video capture sequence as soon as a ball enters into the array.

The trigger array is dynamically positioned a certain distance above the ball on the mat in order to help prevent the club addressing the ball activating a trigger.

As soon as trigger point is activated,

a check is made to ensure that the object in the array is a indeed a ball and not the club or a part of the club addressing the ball

or a club during the swing though.

May 20 4:00 pm


Fix: frame 0 showing blank when entering the camera panels after a shot instead going first to the video panel

New: LXCL Trigger code completed and tested.

May 19 2:40 pm


New 1: LX CL system activated

First release of the LX CL is expected to be ready sometime later this coming week

New 2: New trigger zone for LX CL

The usual method used to trigger the video capture sequence is to monitor the ball on the mat for any movement.

This won't work with the LX CL though as the image of the ball will be blocked as soon as the player addresses the ball.

To fix this, the LX CL features a trigger zone area above the launch zone.

As soon as a ball in flight is detected in this area, the video capture trigger will be generated.

As the camera is pointing slightly downwards, even a rolling ball will enter into this trigger zone area.

New 3: Yesterday's fix for frame 0 being showed blank when entering the camera panels has been removed as this is causing issues with standard operation.

Standard operation would be to first go into the video panel and then the camera panel if required.

BTW the reason why frame 0 is showing bank when entering the camera panel first instead of first entering the video panel after a shot

is because the system is automatically searching for a new ball on the mat after a shot and - in the process - overwriting frame 0

which is the frame used in searching for the ball.

I'll probably have a fix for this (low priority issue) later though.


May 18 5:30 pm


New 1: System now detects if a camera goes off line during play

To test it: Click the minimize button as usual from the CP's main panel. The system then starts looking for the ball.

Then pull the plug on one of the cameras.

The screen will then revert to its full size with the above error message

Fix 1: If going directly to the camera panels after a shot, frame 0 occasionaly showed a blank frame


May 17 6:50 pm


Couple of small fixes:

1: 4 second white screen when starting the CP without cameras connected

2: EVi Sample video cam 2 not detecting ball

May 17 11:35 am

First test image of the LX1 CL

The above test image is being used as a proof of concept for the floor mounted LX CL

System was mounted 5ft away from the ball down the line using an 8mm lens.

First software release expected sometime next week.

For those that are making their own LX CL, you will require a 24 LED CM Vision light with 15 degree lenses.

Plus a base of some kind and brackets to mount the camera on top of the CM Vision light as shown above.

May 16 6:10 pm


New 1: Improved club face detection for LX2 putting

May 16 12:30 pm

coming soon...

Introducing the new LX CL

The LX CL (center line) functions for both LH and RH players and captures:

Ball Vertical launch angle, Ball Path left and right, Ball Speed and Spin

Club tracking camera can be added

Price $999

Club tracking can be added too

May 15 5:20 pm


New 1: Total Spin

Total spin ?

Total spin is the vector sum of back and side spin rates which can be calculated as follows:

Total spin = square root of (back spin squared + side spin squared)

New 2: Improved side spin detection

New 3: Numerous smaller system and cosmetic improvements

May 12 4:30 pm


New : Improved ball spin detection for all types of ball markings on balls for all systems

i.e. Spin dots, ball logos and lines for SCX, EVi and LX2 systems

May 11 1:50 pm


Fix: System occasionally switching cameras to idle mode when in chipping mode.

The effect caused the appearance that the system couldn't detect a ball on the mat.

May 10 2:16 pm

Coming next week: Ball spin accuracy test results using the pre-recorded test ball spin videos

All ball spin test videos were recorded at 1500 fps with the ball rotating at 2500 rpm,

so the results should always show a spin rate close to the 2500 rpm

May 9 6:55 pm


New 1: Overlay text in the sample shot videos.

New 2: If no cameras are detected, then the 3 (SCX, EVI and LX2) sample videos will be automatically loaded

May 7 3:32 pm

Introducing the new LX2 Lite

All the same great features of the regular LX2 but without the closed casing

May 6 4:52 pm


New : Ball spin video now shown in camera 2 when using an LX2 or EVi

Fix : Club face incorrect when using club strips on top edge of irons

Coming up this next week:

Over layed explanation text in the sample shot videos to show how all the data was derived at.

May 5 9:20 am


New 1: Improved club face angle detection with excessive in-to-out club paths.

New 2: LX2 sample video

New 3: Improved ball spin detection in Vcam for LX2 and EVi systems when using a ball logo or line

(see LX2 sample video)

May 4 2:20 pm

New narrow beam IR LED lenses for the SCXir

Camera exposure time can now reduced to just 80 us instead of the standard 300 us when using the new narrow beam IR lights

This very short exposure time practically eliminates ball motion blur

which is essential in order to capture clear images of the ball's markings for measured ball spin.

Light spread using the 8 degree lenses on the IR lights is a bit critical.

As you can see, the light is fading on the edges.

I'll be ordering 10 degree and 15 degree lenses to increase the light spread later this week

New: GSA Golf adapted narrow beam IR lights

New: lower priced SCX IR kit

May 3 5:25 pm

On the agenda for this weekend:

1. To determin how fast we can set the camera exposure time with the SCX IR using the new IR LED lenses

and if 2 instead or 3 24 LED CM Vision lights can be used.

75 to 100 micro second exposure time would be the traget.

2. Ability to detect club face angle with excessive in-to-out club paths.

May 3 4:40 pm


New 1: Important vertical Launch angle accuracy update for LX and EVI systems

Fix 1: Inability to switch off the option to show shot replay videos

Fix 2: TGC/GSpro test shot videos being unnecessarily saved


Fantastic results with the new narrow beam IR LED lenses for the SCXir


I can't tell you how pleased I am with the test results of these new narrow beam lenses for the SCX IR.

This is night and day!

In fact, I'm over the moon about it.

A real game changer for IR lighting for the SCX IR

It's been a long, tiring and expensive search (years) to find a good IR light for the SCX IR in order to reduce the camera exposure time that reduces motion blur

and finally it's all over now.

All ceiling mounted IR systems (SCXIr, Eagle IR, EV IR) will now be fitted with these lenses on the CM Vision lights.

I've consulted numerous well established machine vision experts and companies of the years to come up with a solution to this problem

and none could come up with a solution despite all their efforts, time and sample IR lights they have sent me.

Maybe I should drop them a line on how to do it or start a new line of business with my new long distance machine vision IR light solutions.


May 2 3:36 pm


New 1: New customer camera registrations

New 2: 1500 fps camera frame rate option is now default ON.

May 1 12:30 pm

New narrow beam IR LED lenses for the SCXir

After yesterday's super disappointment with the so called "2 million candle power" IR LED light,

I decided to check out if the wide angle CM Vision lights currently being used in the SCXir can be converted from wide angle beam angle to narrow beam.

While CM Vision doesn't offer this option, the lenses themselves can be swapped out for narrow beam lenses.

The new narrow beam lenses are on order and I will report the test results later this weekend.


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Recent customer comments

Hi Martin, I just wanted to drop you a note to say how amazing the new VisTrak camera is.

I am still playing around with the settings and learning but the video capture and being able to see the frame by frame impact is awesome!

I also really like the way you show the ball ready/playback buttons as an overlay on the TGC.

The best part of my day is going to the tech page and seeing your latest updates - keep up the good work!

Richard L. Illinois 12/17/2020

Hi Martin- I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your efforts.

I could have bought any of the expensive and well-known golf simulators, but I’m glad I ultimately took the chance and bought your products.

It wasn’t an easy decision, as it takes a leap of faith to take the road less traveled, but it has made all the difference.

I love that your products are not perfect (no one's are) but that you strive for perfection while pushing innovation.

You’re clearly never satisfied. As soon as you develop a new software feature, or build a new camera system, you're immediately back at it working on the next iteration.

You’re a true inventor and engineer. Almost every day I download the latest beta and see how it enhances the simulation.

It's like Christmas morning everyday.

Sometimes there’s a marked improvement. Sometimes the new feature “breaks” something else.

But over days and weeks, I feel how the collective innovations are improving the overall experience.

Your products aren’t for everyone but they are a clear alternative to the high-margin corporate products that have an arm's length association with their user base.

Buying a GSA product is buying into you and becoming part of your user community.

You listen, you care, and you explore. I know many of us appreciate it but perhaps not enough of us say thanks.

Martin, thank you for an enjoyable and rewarding journey with your products in 2020.

You’ve made a COVID 19 year more endurable.

Eric P. Burien, WA 12/25/2020

Matt P. 1/15/2021

Hello Martin, I have had 2 weeks of excellent play and stability in Eagle Mode! This has been very enjoyable! Matt T.

Matt T. 1/14/2021

Hi Martin, I see your daily updates on the Tech News page and I just want to say thank you for all your hard work and dedication.

Your passion for golf and engineering clearly shows and thank you!

Mike B. 05/03/2021

Thanks Martin……..

I appreciate the excellent customer service and fair pricing! And the very informative website!

Have a great day!


Note that all GSA Golf software is written in the C++ programming language, which isn't particularly easy.

As they say, while it's easy to shoot yourself in the foot with the standard C language,

you can blow your whole leg off in C++. : )

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Martin Gardiner

Founder of GSA Golf

These days, when I'm not developing golf simulators, you'll find me in my keyboard music studio

Hi! I'm Martin Paul Gardiner

Electronics and software development engineer and founder of GSA Golf

Regularly check out my tech news page for all our latest developments and free updates

if you have any questions

please feel free to contact me personally anytime from M to F 10am to 3pm US ET

Currently looking into integrating AI technology into GSA Golf tracking systems

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