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The VisTrak LX series

VisTrak LX1, LX3

Launch monitors

LX 3 3 hi-res USB3 cameras with club tracking, stand-alone launch monitor $ 2,999

The new VisTrak LX features dual hi-res USB3 stereoscopic cameras.

Data captured: Ball speed, ball launch angle, ball path and ball spin rate (plus club data with LX3).

The LX2/LX3 is designed to be used as a simple to use, stand-alone launch monitor .

LX 1 $ 1,499

If club data is required, you can add the VisTrak Eagle to the LX2


Adding the VisTrak hi-speed camera to the LX, adds club tracking to the LX2.

This system is designed and targeted to directly compete with the $16,000 GC Quad.

LX 3 3 hi-res USB3 cameras with club tracking, stand-alone launch monitor with configured LapTop

$ 4,999




How the VisTrak LX works ?

VisTrak LX

The LX1 uses a single USB3 hi-speed camera to capture mulitple frames of the ball and club before and after ball strike.

Data captured: Ball speed, Launch angle, ball spin, club speed and club AOA (Angle of Attack).

The LX1 is like the VisTrak Eagle, only floor mounted.

How the VisTrak LX2 works ?

VisTrak LX 2

The LX2 uses two USB3 cameras that are not running in free run mode. i.e. they are in Trigger Mode and require a software generated trigger to capture images.

Both cameras capture frames in hi-resolution (1280 x 960 pixels).

When started, the system first looks for the ball on the mat running at a low frame rate (50fps) using the Right camera.

During this period, the bright green LED on the unit will flash.

Once found, the Left camera grabs an image of the ball too and - using stereoscopic methods - determines the distance the ball is from the unit when placed on the hitting mat.

The Right camera is then switched to hi-speed mode (590 fps) with a reduced ROI (Region of Interest) and looks to see if the ball moves.

The system is then armed and ready for swing and the bright green LED will stay constant ON.

Once movement is detected (usually a ball strike), the Right camera is switched back to hi-resolution trigger mode.

Software triggers then trigger both cameras to capture 2 hi-res images of the ball in flight.

However, the Left camera is programmed to grab the image a certain time later ( usually around 1 ms later).

This trigger delay allows the system to grab the 2 frames at any frame rate (usually 1000 fps).

Image processing of the 2 hi-res images detects precise ball spin and ball speed; and stereoscopic methods determine the distance the ball in flight is away from the unit

and thus -- using the previously determined distance the ball was away from the unit when on the mat - the ball path can be accurately measured.

How the VisTrak LX3 works ?

VisTrak LX 3

The LX3 uses 2 hi-res cameras to capture ball spin, ball launch angle and ball speed and one hi-speed camera

that is used as a trigger to the other 2 cameras and detect club data and ball path.

The top-mounted hi-speed camera is used to locate the ball on the hitting mat and trigger the 2 hi-res cameras as soon as a ball strike has been detected.

This camera records 16 frames before ball strike and 16 frames after ball strike. These 32 frames can be used to show a video playback of the swing.

The 16 frames before ball strike are used to capture club speed and club face angle at contact with the ball, and the 16 frames after ball strike are used to capture ball path.

Ball spin detection test results


VisTrak LX3 - club tracking test images


VisTrak LX Setup


... more instructions to follow