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VisTrak Installation VisTrak Eagle VisTrak Vcam VisTrak Vcam B VisTrak LX VisTrak HiRes LX Camera Installation Installation and setup

Swing video playback after every shot in game software such as E6 and TGC


While the VisTrak camera is a ball and club tracking system in its own right

that can be used as a stand alone golf simulator using E6 and TGC game software,

the VisTrak camera and software also integrates with any other launch monitor or golf simulator on the market

to provide video swing playback analysis after every shot.

The world's first truly affordable hi-speed camera club and ball tracking system

Destined to be the all time number one selling high speed camera tracking system on the market


$ 1,999

VisTrak finance price from $ 999 down

VisTrak VS

VisTrak VS (Video Swing play back only)

$ 990 !


Optional extra VisTrak camera case with LED indicators ($120)


IR LED lamps or the visable light LED spotlight is included with both the VisTrak Eagle and VisTrak Stereo.

VisTrak IR

VisTrak IR

$ 2,799

The new VisTrak IR features 4 IR LED boards, cables and power, Laser type LED ready indicator and the VisTrak camera all in one slim line light case.

VisTrak KX

VisTrak KX

For those that prefer a portable system rather than it be fixed mounted on the ceiling,

the LED IR light and camera can be on a PC monitor or speaker cabinet platform.

Click above to read more about the VisTrak KX

from $ 1,999

VisTrak Stereo

The VisTrak Stereo features 3 full frame ceiling mounted cameras to capture

club face angle, club speed, club path and ball speed, ball path and ball launch angle.

VisTrak Stereo

$ 3,999

With Line Scan Camera

Stereo cameras now feature built-in USB over CAT extenders

VisTrak IR Stereo

VisTrak IR Stereo with the VisTrak IR LED panel and the stereo cameras mounted on the sides of the IR Panel

The VisTrak IR Stereo has all components mounted in one case and captures vertical launch without the need for a line scan camera.

$ 3,999

VisTrak Surround Stereo

$ 5,999

Use the GSA Golf VisTrak as a ball and club tracking system and play GSA, TGC or E6 game software

or use as an add-on to any other launch monitor or golf simulator on the market

for video swing analysis playback.


e.g. GC2, GC Quad, GC Hawk, SkyTrak, Trackman, FlightScope etc, etc...

VisTrak VS

$ 999

VisTrak quick overview

Each VisTrak system comes with an

E6 Connect

18 hole golf course and driving range software package

plus GSA Golf 18 hole course software and driving range

Integrated video swing playback after every shot on the VisTrak Driving Range

Optionally display the VisTrak swing playback video after every shot in E6 and TGC game software

Play a complete round of indoor golf with just the stand alone GSA Golf VisTrak Eagle system

or add the VisTrak to your existing launch monitor or any other golf simulator

(i.e. GC2, GC Quad, GC hawk, SkyTrak, Trackman, FlightScope, OptiShot, p3proSwing etc...etc..)

to capture real time video of your swing showing precise club and ball data after every shot.

Confused ? Not sure what system to buy ?

Start with just the VisTrak Eagle or VisTrak IR first.

You can add on more cameras as and when requirements arise and/or budget allows

The VisTrack system uses a single high speed camera to capture club face angle, club speed,

ball path and ball speed with video swing playback.

The video play back features 32 frames of the club swing before, at and after contact with the ball.

The video will show club path, speed and face angle plus ball path, ball spin rate and speed.

Note that the VisTrak system - in contrast to other camera based launch monitors -

can be used for both left and right handed players !

Video Swing playback

The above image shows a typical VisTrak video screen shot.

When the video playback is run, you can see the club path, face angle, ball on club contact and ball direction precisely in every frame.

VisTrak's swing playback videos show your club path, speed and face angle plus ball speed and direction

in slow motion for every shot.

See video playback of your swing after every shot showing club face, path and speed, ball speed and direction.

If you're working on your game, then the VisTrak will be an invaluable aid.

Are you a golf pro instructor ?

If so you'll love the VisTrak's video swing playback feature showing every step of the swing before and after impact

in super slow motion or in frame step mode.

Vertical launch angle detection

Add the Vcam vertical launch camera to the VisTrak for more accurate launch angle detection


Over 500 videos can be stored and retrieved

VisTrak video playback controls

The new VisTrak video playback window features the following video controls:

Go to end, go to start, run at full speed, 1/2 , 1/4, 1/8, 1/16 and 1/32 speeds

Stop, Start, fast forward and backward, loop, save and load.

The new VisTrak USB3 camera captures images at over 600 frames per second using the standard frame grabbing timing

At 600 plus fps, images of the club are captured every 8cm (3 inches) at a club swing speed of 100 mph

and images of the ball are captured every 16 cm (6 inches) at a speed of 200 mph.

And VisTrak's image processing software measures all club and ball data in real time!

VisTrak functions for both left and right handed players

VisTrak voice audio

VisTrak voice audio system and club messages now available

VisTrak club:

path into-out or out- to-in and face angle in degrees

VisTrak messages :

"Looking for ball", "Ball detected - waiting for swing" etc.

These voice feedbacks are optional and can be individually switched on or off in the VisTrak window

VisTrak runs and interfaces with E6, E6 Connect, TGC, Perfect Parallel, Red Chain and ProX game software

Each VisTrak system comes with an E6 Connect

18 hole golf course and driving range software package

add The Golf Club full version software with

150,000 courses for just

$ 999

VisTrak systems run with all the above software options

All VisTrak systems come with 2 standard single 18 hole golf course game software packages

and the VisTrak Driving Range at no extra charge.

Note that every hole in the standard software can be used as a driving range too!

GSA Golf VisTrak systems are available in various versions

All versions feature swing video playback

1. VisTrak Eagle Base camera


Single overhead or side mounted camera

VisTrak Overhead mounted data: Ball speed and path, club speed, path and face angle.

Estimated spin and launch angle.

VisTrak Side mounted data : Ball speed, launch angle, ball path, club speed, club angle of attack and measured spin.

Estimated club face and club path.

The tracking feature of this version allows you to use the VisTrak as a ball and club tracking system for use with

golf simulator software such as TGC, E6 etc

The VisTrak Eagle Base camera is the same as the regular cased VisTrak camera.

The camera includes mount and lens and 30ft USB3 cable.

Just add the spotlight and Lens ( available on Amazon for around $185) or use your own lighting.

The camera is registered and licensed to be used with all versions and updates of the GSA Golf Control Panel for life.

$ 1,999


GSA Golf VisTrak systems can also be used with any other launch monitor or golf simulator

for just video swing analysis play back


i.e GC2, GC Quad, GC Hawk, SkyTrak, Trackman, FlightScope, OptiShot, p3proSwing etc, etc...

VisTrak VS

Price $ 699

VisTrak VS (Video Swing play back only)

Note: The VisTrak VS is video swing playback only and cannot be used as a tracking system for a golf simulator

2. VisTrak Vcam

Side floor mounted add-on camera for vertical launch angle detection

Note that the Vcam functions for both left and right handed players without having to move the unit

as it is mounted some 3 to 5 ft ahead of the player and some 5ft or more to the left or the right of the enclosure.

Price $ 999

Same Vcam as above but without the additional camera casing.

Includes USB cable and IR LED light

3. VisTrak Eagle-Vcam

2 camera system: Single overhead mounted camera plus vertical launch angle detection camera

Ball speed, ball path and launch angle, club speed, club path and face angle. Estimated spin.

VisTrak Eagle-Vcam Base

Same as above but without the additional camera casings.

Includes USB cable and IR LED light

$ 2,498

4. VisTrak IR

VisTrak IR $ 2,199

The new VisTrak IR features 4 IR LED boards, cables and power,

Laser ready indicator and the VisTrak camera all in one slim line light weight case.

Single camera system

Ball speed, ball path, club speed, club path and face angle. Estimated LA and spin.

5. VisTrak IR plus Vcam

$ 3,199

6. VisTrak Stereo

from $ 2,999

7. VisTrak KX

KX $ 2,899

KX Lite $ 1,999


GSA Golf will soon be presenting all the VisTrak features on its own dedicated web site


The GSA Golf F2 full scale golf simulator featuring the VisTrak ball and club tracking system


VisTrak video capturing for swing analysis

Note that this feature is still in development and will be coming later this year

The VisTrak camera can also be used to capture video of your swing.

Note that your average camcorder will only be capturing frames at around 30 fps.

In contrast, the VisTrak camera will be capturing your swing at 20 times this rate. i.e. 600 fps


Advanced VisTrak Products

VisTrak Installation

PC requirements.

Important ! USB 3 only

The VisTrak camera is a USB 3 camera and must be connected to a USB 3 port on your PC.

You can identify a USB 3 port by the SS symbol next to the port

The VisTrak hi-speed camera will require a PC that is capable of running hi-speed cameras.

While most good desktop gaming PCs featuring i5 or i7 CPUs can do this, laptops are not suitable.

Warning !

GSA Golf does not guarantee that the system will function with an older PC that does not feature a USB 3 port from the manufacturer

and which has to be upgraded with an an add-on PCIe USB3 adapter.

GSA Golf system minimum PC requirements

Intel i5 or above Processor

8GB RAM Nvidia 1070 Graphics Card or equivalent

(Dedicated GPU with DirectX 11 Support)

25GB of Hard Drive

Space Windows 10 (Required)

Internet Connection (Required)

When using VisTrak systems - Native USB3 ports (Required)

( i.e. no add-on PCie USB3 adapters for PCs that don't come USB 3 ports as standard )

Please note - GSA Golf camera systems are not plug'n'play

GSA Golf camera systems have to be setup and that this setup procedure may take some time to complete.

Check the above link to read more.

VisTrak Q & A


Order cancellations

Please be sure you know what you purchasing before using the credit card buy now buttons on this page.

If you you use your credit card to purchase an item and then later cancel the purchase, a 3% credit card refund fee will be charged.

i.e. that's the 3% we have to pay for the transaction.

Can I return the product for a refund if I'm not satisfied ?

Unfortunately GSA Golf (presently at least) is only a small company (i.e. we're not Amazon.com) and so can't offer any immediate refunds

However, we can offer to re-sell your returned product at a lower price - depending on condition - at some later date.

VisTrak Base - the new "Game Changer" ?

I'm really excited about the new VisTrak Base hi-speed camera that captures both club and ball data from a single overhead mounted camera with video swing playback.

Regarding affordability and features, I don't think any other system on the market today can even get near competing with the VisTrak Base.

In theory at least, the market potential for this system should be enormous.

Especially considering that it can be used as an add-on video swing playback system for all other launch monitors and golf simulators that have been sold to date (millions maybe?)

as well as a ball and club tracking system in its own right for use with standard golf simulator software like TGC, E6 and RedChain etc.

While those with more financial means don't blink an eye about spending $6,000 to $22,000 for just a tracking system,

others less fortunate will greatly appreciate a far more affordable system that does essentially the same thing as those crazy high priced systems do.

Dare I say that the VisTrak Base is today's new Game Changer? I like to think so at least.

After all, the likes of GC2,s and GC Hawks with prices in the $8,000 to $18, 000 plus range (the GC standing for "Game Changer" I presume)

aren't - in my opinion - much of a game changer anymore these days.

We've still got a bit more work to do on the software but these issues will be solved over time.

The official VisTrak release or launch date (i.e. the non Beta version ) is now set to coincide with the PGA 2020 show dates.

VisTrak Free Game software


Each VisTrak system comes with an E6 Connect

18 hole golf course and driving range software package

In addition

VisTrak Driving Range

Multiple ball tracjectory traces with 3D grid

VisTrak Driving Range - with built-in swing video playback

Video swing playback is built into the VisTrak driving range.

This saves you from having to switch applications (i.e. from game software to the VisTrak control panel and back)

after every shot wanting to view the swing video.

Nearest to Pin and Longest Drive contests.

In addition to all that

GSA Golf single 18 Hole golf course software package is included

VisTrak Example swing playback videos

GSA Golf partner Keith made a set of 8 example swing playback video files that you can try out (even without having a VisTrak system).

Go to the lower half of the VisTrak installation page to download and play these swing playback videos.

VisTrak Beta Test Development Videos

Note that these videos are not supposed to be professional product promotional videos as such but do give

an insight into what stage of development the VisTrak system is in at present.


We'll be producing a number of VisTrak videos soon.

Click above to view a VisTrak chipping video

The above are some first VisTrak Beta version videos done by GSA Golf partner Keith.

Note that Keith is left handed so shots seem reversed if you are a right handed player.

Hi! I'm Martin Paul Gardiner

Electronics and software development engineer and founder of GSA Golf

Regularly check out my tech news page for all our latest developments and free updates

if you have any questions

please feel free to contact me personally anytime from M to F 10am to 3pm US ET

GSA Golf reseller inquirers welcome

Contact me - Martin - for details








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