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VisTrak SSi camera 1500 fps

Price $ 799.00

Price includes lens, camera mount, full version control panel software for use as video playback shot analysis and as a golf simulator tracking system.

Lighting not included.

Low distortion 3,5mm lens and lens adapter for GSA Golf cameras suitable for CX V and H cams .

Price $ 99.00

CS-Mount 4mm lens for GSA Golf CX cameras suitable for CX V and H cams.

Price $ 39.00

CS-Mount 8mm lens for GSA Golf Line Scan cameras

Price $ 39.00

CS-Mount Dual 8mm lenses for GSA Golf VisTrak IRV Stereo systems

Price $ 60.00

CS-Mount 12mm lens for VisTrak cameras

Price $ 39.00

25mm lens for GSA Golf Quantum cameras

Price $ 39.00

CS-Mount 35 mm fixed focal length lens suitable for Ccam, CTS and Bcam cameras

Price $ 249.00



VisTrak USB3 cable

Highest quality USB 3.1 locking cable

Price $ 35.00

USB3 powered extension cable

Highest quality USB 3 15ft active powered Extension Cable

Price $ 45.00

Hauteng camera accessories

Hauteng Camera GPIO cable with 12v power adapter

Price $ 25.00

Hauteng Camera mount

Price $ 25.00





The GSA Golf Control Panel is free with every camera purchased directly from us

however, for those that wish to purchase their own cameras

the Control Panel software can also be purchased separately.


GSA Control Panel full version with camera license

Price $ 399.00

Click above image to

Price includes the GSA Golf 18 hole single golf course software

World's first and only golf simulator camera tracking software

for use with low cost commercially available hi-speed(1500 fps) cameras

GSA Control Panel (CP) full version

$ 399.00

The GSA Golf camera tracking software can be purchased separately for those that are purchasing their own cameras.

1500 fps Cameras are available on Amazon for $280 each.

All additional products required to build your own high-speed golf simulator camera tracking system are available on Amazon.

Including cameras, cables and lights.


For those that have purchased the cameras only - i.e. without a case

If purchasing just the camera and decide later that you'd like a nice case to fit the camera and LED lights, we can supply these too.

Price $399

without LED lights

Price $599

with 2 LED lights

VisTrak SCX IR LED case panel

Add your cameras to the SCX case

$ 399

VisTrak SCX case without LED lights

VisTrak SCX case with 3 LED lights

Includes all 3 IR LED panels (72 LEDS), power supplies, camera mounts, IR front panel, ceiling mount and cables

$ 799


Monitor stand

Click above to

CTS tracking dots

60 club tracking dots and 18 squares are supplied with the system.

Price $ 50.00


Miscellaneous upgrades and costs

Upgrade $500


Upgrade $400


Upgrade $300


Upgrade $200


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