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GSA Golf simulators are available in 4:3 or 16:9 (wide screen) formats

All our F series golf simulators and enclosures are custom made

to fit your available room size and desired format !

Tired of finding your ideal golf simulator on the Internet but only to find that the starting price is a crazy $49,000 ?

Your problems are solved with our new F series state-of-the-art all camera based full system golf simulators.

No other golf simulators on the market come even close to our F series even at 4 times the price !

GSA Golf - World class golf simulators you can afford

GSA Golf make world class golf simulators for a 1/4 of the price of our competitors

GSA Golf full version golf simulators start at just $9,995

while our competitors start at a crazy $ 49,000

Data captured: Ball speed, ball path and launch angle plus single color camera club tracking

System detects fades, draws, hooks, slices, pulls and pushes

$ 35,000

F3 with CX3 all camera ball and club tracking w/o PC and only 15 course TGC software $ 9,995

F3 with CX3 all camera ball and club tracking w. PC & full version software $ 12,995

F3 with PX5 tracking w. PC and fulll version software $ 14,495

Note that when choosing the CX3 tracking system with camera club tracking cameras, tracking dots need to be applied to the clubs.

If this is not suitable then choose the F3 with PX5 optical sensor club tracking that doesn't require any tracking dots

The F3 includes both the E6 and the TGC golf game software

Note: If ordering with E6 15 course software then the TGC software supplied is also limited to 15 courses.

If ordering without the E6 software then the supplied TGC has over 100,000 courses.

Our recommendation:

order without E6 and TGC full version first.

Then try the free supplied TGC 15 course software and download the free 30 day trial E6 software.

Only after trying both E6 and TGC, make the final decision as to which game software you prefer.


The GSA Golf F-Studio is the complete GSA Golf Studio enclosure

including PC, 23 inch monitor on monitor stand and projector but without any tracking system or software.

The F-Studio is for customers that will be using their own sourced tracking system

such as GC2, SkyTrak, FlightScope, TrackMan etc.

The F-Studio is custom made to fit your size requirements. 4:3 standard screen ratio or 16:9 wide screen ratio

Price : $6,995

The GSA Golf F-Studio enclosure without PC and projector

Price $4,499


Note that you can add, subtract or replace any of the items in the F series systems


What's included ?


Standard camera casing

In addition to the tracking system

Hi-end Computer with touch screen, 3000 lumens Projector, all cables and lighting

Padded turf grass flooring

Oak turf carpet wood transition trim

Custom size high quality 3 layer premium impact projection screen with bungee cords


Impact screen frame and fittings plus screen valance rolls

Enclosure track drapes

Hi-end software options with over 100,000 golf courses

All F series golf simulators include fairway grass hitting mat surfaces

All F series golf simulators from F3 upwards include simulated rough and sand surfaces

Tracking systems

Click the above button to see what's included with your tracking system

Warranty and Support

One year full warranty plus life time free e-mail support

Life time free GSA Golf software updates !

No maintenance costs ! No subscription fees!

Other than the tracking cameras and or sensor, cables, lighting and software

(which are listed in the camera shipping lists)

The F series golf simulator additionally includes the following:

Minimum enclosure size requirements

10ft wide - 12ft deep - 8.5ft high

All systems are custom made to fit your size requirements but sizes shouldn't be much less than the minimum sizes as stated above.

Minimum distance cameras should be mounted from the screen: 5ft

If cameras are mounted closer to the screen than 5ft then light reflected from the screen will / may get into the line scan camera and thus won't function correctly.

It may be possible to mount the cameras a bit closer than this but we cannot then guarantee that the system will work

Click above image to read more about monitor stands

Note: Standard monitor stand included on F-series models.

Optional extra stance mats

If you are not wanting to raise the flooring but still want the hitting mats to be at the same -or very near - the level as the flooring

then you can simple add our 1 1/4 inch high stance mats

Set of all 3 stance mats

2 x 3ft X 4ft left and right stance mats

plus 1 x 5ft X 5ft - front mat

$ 750- free shipping


2 x 4ft X 4ft left and right stance mats

plus 1 x 5ft X 5ft - front mat

$ 836 - free shipping

Stance mat holding frame

Stance mat holding frame from $149

Click above image to purchase


Dual lane hitting surfaces for Left / Right handed players not playing down the center line.

If your enclosure width is too small for you to always play the ball down the center line of the enclosure

then you can select the new "Dual Lane" mode of play.


All F series GSA Golf Simulators include high end PC's and Projectors

All F series GSA Golf Simulators come complete with full padded turf flooring

Note that raised flooring is not included

see the Raised flooring options on the Turf Grass Flooring page

All GSA Golf PC's come with a 23 inch monitor and PC/monitor stand

The GSA Golf Control panel can be installed on multiple PC's and monitors so that you can view all data simultaneously


All F-series golf simulators come with hi-end high definition projectors

Click above to read more about Projectors

All our CX & F systems are available with 5 different game software packages

F series system software

All our F 2 - 4 systems come complete with the latest E6 1.6 15 course software and/or The Golf Club 100,000 course software

Click above image to go to The Golf Club software with stunning graphics and over 98,000! golf courses for just $999





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