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E6 and TGC 150,000 course game software compatible

GSA Golf simulators are available in 4:3 or 16:9 (wide screen) formats

All our F series golf simulators and enclosures are custom made

to fit your available room size and desired format !

Tired of finding your ideal golf simulator on the Internet but only to find that the starting price is a crazy $49,000 ?

Your problems are solved with our new F series state-of-the-art all camera based full system golf simulators.

No other golf simulators on the market come even close to our F series even at 4 times the price !

featuring VisTrak, Mevo+, SkyTrak, GC3, GC Quad, GC Hawk and Trackman systems

Tracking Systems

VisTrak SCXi ball and club tracking system - 3000 fps

GSA Golf - World class golf simulators you can afford

GSA Golf make world class golf simulators for a 1/4 of the price of our competitors

GSA Golf full version golf simulators start at just $6,999

while our competitors start at a crazy $ 49,000


Click above to see buying options

Free remote access installation and support sessions per new customer are included

from $ 6,999

1500 fps camera

In stock!

Note: Price excludes Projector and PC

1 or 2 camera system using VisTrak CX ball and club tracking cameras

for ball and club tracking with video swing playback

E6 or TGC 150,000 course game software compatible

VisTrak CX1 B

Budget CX1 golf simulator

Nylon wall self standing Enclosure

12'x9'x5' 4:3 ratio with premium 3 layer screen

Please note:

Flooring, stance mat, hitting mat, PC, Projector NOT included

System includes 1500 fps Camera, lights and cables.

Single golf course software included.

Full control panel software included.

Functions with E6 and TGC software

F-CX1 B $ 2,999


$ 10,999

3000 fps stereo camera system using VisTrak SCXi IR Panel ball and club tracking panel

with video swing playback

TGC 150,000 course game software included

Note: Price excludes Projector and PC

$ 9,999

TGC 150,000 course game software included

3000 fps camera system using the SCXi Track camera ball and club tracking system

VisTrak SCXi

Please note:

when ordering a GSA Golf F series golf simulator Online

we'll need the following information from you:

$ 8,999

TGC 150,000 course game software included

Single camera system using VisTrak IR ball and club tracking

1500 fps camera

Self standing enclosures for all our F series tracking systems are also available

for an additional $1,500

Click above to

Optional extra

entire enclosure raised flooring

Custom size raised platform flooring also available

for $28 per square ft

Contact Martin for a quote.


TGC full version with over 150,000 courses included

In addition

Optional extra game software packages:

E6 Connect course software package $300 per annum

Free additional game software: RedChain and ProX

Buy the FCX, F1, F2 or F3 GSA Golf Hi-end golf simulators here

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F series - software

Includes TGC 150,000 golf course software

F-series flooring upgrades

Monitor stand system upgrades

Contact us for sales.

Contact us


F Series

What's included ?


F 3 / F2

The F3 and F2 uses the VisTrak SCXi Track or Panel camera system

for both club and ball tracking.

F 1

The F1 uses VisTrak Eagle camera single camera system

both club and ball tracking with estimated vertical launch detection

Balls must be played from the same hitting position

Video Swing playback

The above image shows a typical VisTrak video screen shot.

When the video playback is run, you can see the club path, face angle, ball on club contact and ball direction precisely in every frame.

VisTrak's swing playback videos show your club path, speed and face angle plus ball speed and direction

in slow motion for every shot.

What's included

Padded turf grass flooring is included

Note ! Max turf roll width is 15ft for regular padded turf carpeting.

If using our camera systems then the special (low reflective) turf carpet we use roll width is only 12ft.

This means that if you want a greater width than this (e.g. 16ft wide) then extra pieces will be shipped to make up the full width and there will thus be joins.

Oak turf carpet wood transition trim (not avaialble for export)

Dual LH/RH Stance mat system with raised platform and fairway grass hitting panels

Custom size high quality 3 layer premium impact projection screen with bungee cords


Impact screen frame and fittings plus screen valance rolls

Note: The 1inch diameter conduit steel required to build the frame is supplied by Home Depot.

If you do not have a local Home Depot store near you then they will not offer shipping.

In this case you will have to make arrangements to pick up the order yourself.

Note: Piping not available for export outside the US

Enclosure track drapes

Game software

TGC 150,000 golf game software included !

GSA Golf 18 hole course game software with driving range included

plus E6 Connect 18 hole course trial included

Game software optional extras

Minimum enclosure sizes

Click the above button to see what's included with your tracking system

Warranty and Support

Email and remote access support is available for all original purchasers of GSA Golf systems.

For all non original purchasers (i.e. purchasers of used GSA Golf systems) remote access support can be purchased separately.

Click above images for more information.

Life time free GSA Golf software updates !

No maintenance costs ! No subscription fees!

2 free remote access installation and support sessions per new customer are included

F Series

What's included ?

Other than the tracking cameras and or sensor, cables, lighting and software

(which are listed in the camera shipping lists)

The F series golf simulator additionally includes the following:

Minimum enclosure size requirements

10ft wide - 12ft deep - 8.5ft high

All systems are custom made to fit your size requirements but sizes shouldn't be much less than the minimum sizes as stated above.

Minimum distance cameras should be mounted from the screen: 5ft

If cameras are mounted closer to the screen than 5ft then light reflected from the screen will / may get into the line scan camera and thus won't function correctly.

It may be possible to mount the cameras a bit closer than this but we cannot then guarantee that the system will work

Optional PC Monitor stands


Click above images to read more about monitor stands

Optional extra tower Hi-Fi speaker audio system

Optional extra Tower Hi-Fi audio

Price: $ 999.00

Click above to purchase the Tower Hi-Fi audio system


Note that raised flooring is not included

see the Raised flooring options on the Turf Grass Flooring page

All GSA Golf PC's come with a 24 inch touch screen monitors and PC/monitor stand

The GSA Golf Control panel can be installed on multiple PC's and monitors so that you can view all data simultaneously

PC's and Projectors

Note: F-series golf simulators are not supplied with PC,s and projectors

These standard items are best sourced on Amazon for best prices.

Click above to read more about PC's and Projectors

All our CX & F systems are available with 5 different game software packages

Note that most of our competitors offer just one game software package, whereas we offer 5 !

TGC Golf software is included in all F-series GSA Golf full simulators

VisTrak with TGC video

VisTrak with E6 Connect video

Click above to watch a selection of setup and intro videos


Contact us

Tel: 239 529 3060



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