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GSA Control Panel (CP) full version

$ 299.00

Available on Amazon soon too

The GSA Golf camera tracking software (i.e. the Control Panel) can be purchased separately for those that are purchasing their own cameras.

All additional products required to build your own high-speed golf simulator camera tracking system are available on Amazon.

Including cameras, cables and lights.

32 frame shot Video shot from the overhead camera

World's first and only camera tracking system with dual camera angle 32 frame shot playback videos

The new "Mini" shot videos are immediately displayed in the game software after every shot.

The video window can be positioned anywhere in the game software.

Price includes

Interfaces to E6, TGC, GSpro, Creative Golf 3D, RedChain and ProX

golf simulator game software

Video Swing Capture software

(use with any webcam cameras)

Click above to read more about the Webcam Series

Plus GSA 18 hole game software

Great for evaluation with the GSA Golf Control Panel - playable with the mouse.

Plus E6 Connect Trial software

Plus GSA Golf Driving range software

$ 299.00

For those that would like to use their ownameras

Our CP software license is $299 for use with 1 camera and $399 for use with 2 cameras

The base price for the Control Panel Software is a one time fee

Your camera serial numbers or PC Machine ID must be registered with GSAGolf for use

Cameras cost around $250 each, IR Lighting around $69 each, cables around $30

This software processes captured frame images to calculate

ball spin, spin axis, ball speed, ball LA, ball path, club face angle, club path and speed

and interfaces with game software like E6, GS Pro, Creative Golf 3D, ProX and TGC.

GSA Control Panel full version

$ 299.00

The software allows you to build your own camera tracking system

including: SCXi, VisTrak Eagle, Stereo, EV and KX 1 or2

The software is geared to all those golf sim companies, entrepreneurs and DIY individuals that will be purchasing their own cameras

so that they can get up and running without having to spend a fortune on development and equally save an enormous amount of time.

Custom Control Panels

We can also make a custom camera Control Panel for your own specific requirements and needs

Hourly programming rate is $35.00

One time setup for your own version of the CP


Contact us for further details

Game software

GSA Golf 18 hole course game software included free of charge with every GSA Golf tracking system

Optional extra Game software

TGC 150,000 course game software

TGC full version with over 150,000 courses $999

Single one time payment

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E6 Connect golf game software

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E6 Connect course software package $300 per annum

GS Pro software

GS Pro $250 per annum

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Creative Golf 3D

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Free E6 Connect trial software

Download here

Great for evaluation with the GSA Golf Control Panel - playable with the mouse.

E6 Connect can be played with the Control Panel via either a mouse or manual launch parameter setup for evaluation.


How to play E6 Connect with the GSA Golf Control Panel (CP)

The lataest full version of E6 software

with 12 to 27 courses

from $300 per annuum

Please note: The GSA Golf version of E6 Connect is only licensed to function with GSA Golf products

i.e. it will not function with any other tracking systems

Click the above image to read more

E6 1.6

E6 Connect


Creative Golf 3D

Creative Golf 3D for GSA Golf products

GS Pro


GS Pro $250 per annum

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GSA Golf offer an amazing selection of golf simulation software

Choose from 5 different software systems

E6 Connect, TGC, RedChain, GS Pro, Creative Golf 3D and ProX

Choose from all these state-of-the-art golf course software versions

with over 150,000! golf courses




Choose from all these state-of-the-art golf course software versions

GSA golf simulators use the world's best software found only elsewhere on hi-end $50,000 systems


E6 Connect

add-on to full to GSA Golf systems - 12 to 27 courses

price from $300 per annum

Golf Simulator Online Game Software

The Golf Club software with stunning graphics for just $ 999

Click above image to go to The Golf Club software with stunning graphics and ball physics

Buy TGC Full 2019 version

$ 999.00





GSA Golf's own in-house developed game software

ProX Driving Range - update


GSA Golf Multi-Sport

GSA Golf Multi-Sport game software is currently in development

Swing Analysis software

Video Swing Capture using the VisTrak hi resolution color camera.

200 FPS, unlimited video storage, auto playback, export to AVI, WMV formats, video editing and drawing,

up to 1000 frames per video, plus link to VisTrak ball and club tracking system.

Software is free of charge, no subscriptions.

(Unlike others, like Swing Catalyst, who charge $490 a year plus for this)

System can be used outdoors on the driving range or with any other golf simulator tracking system like Trackman, GCquad etc.

Seperate USB3 compatible PC or LapTop required.

Camera with software and foot switch from $249

Game softwareVideos

Click above to watch a selection of setup and intro videos

The GSA Golf Control Panel is free with every camera purchased directly from us

however, for those that wish to purchase their own cameras from Flir.com

the Control Panel software can also be purchased.

Go to the Kits and Companents page to read more.


GSA ball and club tracking systems (both camera and optical sensors) are controlled by the GSA Control Panel.

The control panel is a multi-process application that constantly monitors the tracking systems for a valid shot.

When a valid shot has been detected the club and ball shot parameters -

i.e ball speed, path, launch angle, club speed, club path and face angle - are passed to whatever golf game system is being used.

Experimenting and testing shots with manually entered launch parameters


You can test shots by manually setting the launch parameters in the "Show Club Angles" window of the Control Panel.

Right or Left mouse click in the Edit fields to change the parameters.

To see the trajectory of the ball in flight just click the "Launch Shot" button while having the GSA Golf software running in the background.


GSA Golf Control Panel

Courses can be played with the Control Panel via either a mouse or manual launch parameter setup for evaluation.

View camera images of your shots in the GSA Golf Control Panel camera windows

The side mounted Vcam detects vertical launch angle and speed of the ball

The ceiling mounted Hcam camera detects ball path for normal shots

and ball path plus speed when putting




The GSA Golf camera tracking software is available to

all OEM golf simulator manufacturers and/or DIY enthusiasts for just

$ 299.00

Just purchase your own cameras and lighting

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Red Chain GSA Golf Courses




Contact us at

Hi! I'm Martin Paul Gardiner

Electronics and software development engineer and founder of GSA Golf

Regularly check out my tech news page for all our latest developments and free updates

if you have any questions

please feel free to contact me personally anytime


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