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Buy VisTrak Beta

Please note that due to demand and the camera manufacturer's current inability to keep up with this demand,

all VisTrak systems have increased in their published price by $1,000 until further notice

VisTrak quick overview

VisTrak Beta test versions

While GSA Golf has made best effort to ensure that the VisTrak Beta version functions as expected, we cannot guarantee that it is fault free.

However, we can guarantee that the video playback works very well at or near 600 fps.

So if you're just adding the VisTrak as an add-on to another tracking system like SkyTrak, Trackman, GC2, Flightscope etc in order to view your

swing for club path, club face angle at impact to the ball, ball contact position on the club, ball direction etc, then we are sure you will be very satisfied with the results.

Beta versions vs Regular versions: What's the difference?

There is no difference between the two versions of the VisTrak systems.

It's more an introductory offer that will generate customer feedback that allows us to improve the product line over time.

Note that VisTrak Beta version purchasers get free software updates and support for life.

GSA Golf VisTrak sales agreement

All purchasers of GSA Golf VisTrak Beta version products will be required to digitally sign a legal binding sales agreement

that outlines that the purchaser agrees to all its stipulations and conditions.

Thus, we recommend reading the sales agreement before making the on-line purchase.

Click the below image to read the sales agreement.

Your sales agreement will be sent to via Adobe Sign

VisTrak order lead-time

GSA Golf is only just starting production of the VisTrak series and some components are not in stock yet.

Depending on demand, some component suppliers (for cameras, cases, cables, lights etc) may run out of stock which can cause a back log of orders and significant delays.

We' ll be checking in with them regularly and will publish any component shortages and expected ETAs

At present we expect lead-times to be between 7 and 10 days, however, please check in with us for a more accurate shipment date before purchasing.

What's in the box and what software is included?


VisTrak systems include the VisTrak camera in the case with ceiling mount (Eagle case of LX case),and a 50 ft long active USB cable with power supply.

If purchasing with the spot light: The 65 watt LED spot light with remote control and power cable plus ceiling mount hardware.


VisTrak includes the GSA Golf Control Panel with the VisTrak video playback panel, plus 1 18 hole GSA Golf (RedChain) game software package.

All software is only available as a download from this web site.

Additional courses can be added starting from $299. see the Software page for more details.

If I don't buy the spot light, can I use any other light?

You can as long as the light is bright visible light (i.e. not IR) , super powerful

with a lens on it to concentrate the beam spot down to around a 2 to 3 ft area.

If it's LED then it must be at least 65 watts.

If halogen, then you'll probably need 4 to 6, 50 to 75 watt narrow beam lights all pointing to the hitting mat.

Suitable LED spot lights can be found on Amazon for around $150.

What is the warranty period?

1 year

What kind of support do I get ?

Unlimited e-mail support for life

Remote access support is available for $50 per 1 hour session

Are there any maintenance costs, subscription and software update fees ?


There are no maintenance fees, no subscriptions and all software updates from GSA Golf software is completely free of charge for life.

When will the final version of the VisTrak be available ?

The official release and launch date of the VisTrak series of products

is planned to coincide with the 2020 PGA Show on January 21.

Order cancellations

Please be sure you know what you purchasing before using the credit card buy now buttons on this page.

If you you use your credit card to purchase an item and then later cancel the purchase, a 3% credit card refund fee will be charged.

i.e. that's the 3% we have to pay for the transaction.

Can I return the product for a refund if I'm not satisfied ?

Unfortunately GSA Golf is (presently at least) only a small company (i.e. we're not Amazon.com) and so can't offer any immediate refunds

However, we can offer to re-sell your returned product at a lower price - depending on condition - at some later date.

International customers!

Please note: This product is only available for these prices for US resident customers only.

Contact us if you are outside the US for a shipping quote to your country.

If you're an international customer and ignore this warning and still click the "Buy Now" button to process the transaction

then the product will not be shipped and a 10% refund charge will be applied.

PC requirements.

Important ! USB 3 only

The VisTrak camera is a USB 3 camera and must be connected to a USB 3 port on your PC.

You can identify a USB 3 port by the SS symbol next to the port

The VisTrak hi-speed camera will require a PC that is capable of running hi-speed cameras.

While most good desktop gaming PCs featuring i5 or i7 CPUs can do this, laptops are not suitable.

Warning !

1. PC's not using Intel processors (i.e. i5, i7, i9) but instead use AMD processors may not function with the VisTrak camera

2. GSA Golf does not guarantee that the system will function with an older PC that does not feature a USB 3 port from manufacturer

and which has to be upgraded with an an add-on PCIe USB3 adapter.

1. VisTrak Eagle

Single overhead or floor mounted camera

VisTrak Overhead mounted data: Ball speed and path, club speed, path and face angle.

Estimated spin and launch angle.

VisTrak Side mounted data : Ball speed, launch angle, ball path, club speed, club angle of attack and measured spin.

Estimated club face and club path.

"VisTrak Eagle" price $ 2,499.00 with LED spot light and tracking for game software

The tracking feature of this version allows you to use the VisTrak as a ball and club tracking system for use with

golf simulator software such as TGC, E6 etc

International customers - Please note!

Unfortunately we cannot export the spot light for the VisTrak Eagle.

You should be able to purchase LED spotlights with lenses on your local Amazon online store though for around $200.

VisTrak Eagle Base camera

The camera includes mount and lens and 15ft USB3 cable.

Just add the spotlight with lens or use your own lighting.

The camera is registered and licensed to be used with all versions and updates of the GSA Golf Control Panel for life.

VisTrak Eagle Base without LED spot light

Price $ 1,899.00

VisTrak Eagle Base with LED spot light

Price $ 2,099.00

2. VisTrak Vcam

Side mounted add-on camera for vertical launch angle detection



Vcam Base

Price $ 1,799.00

Same Vcam as above but without the additional camera casing.

Includes USB cable and IR LED light

3. VisTrak Eagle-Vcam

2 camera system: Single overhead mounted camera plus vertical launch angle detection camera

Ball speed, ball path and launch angle, club speed, club path and face angle. Estimated spin.



VisTrak Eagle-Vcam Base

Same as above but without the additional camera casings.

Includes USB3 15ft cable, LED spot light and IR LED light


4. VisTrak Surround or VisTrak CX2 Stereo

All cameras ceiling mounted

3 camera system: Single overhead mounted camera plus dual stereo vertical launch angle detection Surround cameras

VisTrak CX2 Stereo

$ 5,499.00


VisTrak Surround

$ 6,499.00

Ball speed, path and launch angle, club speed, club path and face angle. Estimated spin.


5. VisTrak Surround B

$ 7,899.00

Ball speed, path and launch angle, club speed, club path and face angle. Measured spin.

3 camera system: Single overhead mounted camera plus dual stereo vertical launch angle detection Surround cameras with ball spin detection


6. VisTrak CX2 Stereo

3 camera system: Single overhead mounted camera plus dual ceiling mounted stereo vertical launch angle detection CX cameras

Beta price $ 6,499.00 with LED spot light


7. VisTrak Eagle VcamB

3 camera system: Single overhead mounted camera plus dual vertical launch angle detection cameras with ball spin detection

that can be used for both LH and RH players witout having to move the unit


Ball speed, ball path, launch angle, club speed, path and face angle. Measured ball spin.

VisTrak VcamB

The Vcam B adds vertical launch angle detection and ball spin detection to the VisTrak Eagle

without the requirement to move the unit for LH and RH players

$ 4,999.00

Add-on to VisTrak Eagle


8. VisTrak LX

Single hi-speed camera launch monitor

$ 2,799.00

Stand alone launch monitor - i.e. not an add-on to the VisTrak Eagle

Ball speed, launch angle, ball path, club speed, club angle of attack. Measured spin. Estimated club face and club path.

Note that this system has to be moved if swapping from RH to LH players

VisTrak LX: two systems in one !

The VisTrak LX can also be ceiling mounted so that it functions as a regular VisTrak Eagle

VisTrak LX $ 3,799.00

Add-on to the VisTrak Eagle

Data captured : Vertical launch angle and ball spin.

Note that this system has to be moved if swapping from RH to LH players

LX HiRes hi-resolution camera launch monitor -

add-on to the VisTrak Eagle

LX Hi-Res $ 2,999.00




VisTrak lighting options

Click left image for Spot light on Amazon. Right image for lens on Amazon.

Note: Unless otherwise stated, all VisTraks come with the above spot light and lens.

VisTrak lighting options

Studio LED spot light (60w $134 to the "Big Bertha" 150w studio lamp $299)

Click above image to purchase on Amazon

Studio LED spot light lens $54.00.

Click above image to purchase on Amazon

Laser ball detected indicator

Optional extra laser "ball detected - ready for swing" indicator

for those that only use the VisTral Eagle and don't want to hear audible signals and don't want to have to look up.

Note: The green light indicator is already featured in the LX and Vcam VisTraks which are floor mounted units.


Not yet available

Spot light anti glare drape

The spot-light anti-glare fire retardant drape prevents possibly irritating glare from the over-head mounted spot light from the players view

Note that the LED spot light only gets warm to the touch so there's no real need

for this heavy drape to actually be fire retardant but that's the way it comes anyway.

$ 69.00

GSA Golf VisTrak systems can also be used with any other launch monitor or golf simulator

for video swing analysis play back


i.e GC2, GC Quad, GC Hawk, SkyTrak, Trackman, FlightScope, OptiShot, p3proSwing etc, etc...