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GSA Golf FSR commercial show room golf simulators - suitable for any show room environment

Hotels, Cruise ships, Sports bars, Golf home communities etc, etc ...

Available from just $ 9,995

System includes drape enclosure with premium impact screen, stance mat and grass turf flooring, PC and monitor,

high-end projector (1080p), basic tracking system with 15 course TGC golf game software

Base FSR systems come with track drape enclosure, dual stance mat and turf grass flooring for 15 x 12 feet,

fairway grass fiber hitting mat,

mid range gaming PC with monitor and speakers, 3500 lumens 1080p high definition projector,

PX2 tracking system, lighting and cables, TGC 15 course software plus RedChain single course software.

Optional extras:

E6 15 course or TGC 98,000 course software : from $999

Please note that the FSR system comes with basic club tracking only.

There are no complex camera tracking systems involved.

Ball speed and ball path direction are derived from the club tracking

and ball launch angle is set to the club loft of the automatic club selected in the game software.

As such the FSR is intended for basic fun golf game play only

and not intended for indoor golf facilities where golfers want to extract precise ball and club parameters for each shot.

Thinking of opening an indoor golf facility ?

Here's our recommendation

Return on investment

There's not much point in investing $30,000 to $50,000 per bay unless you are convinced that they will be used at least 50% of the time.

If you're thinking of opening 4 to 8 bays then that will be an investment of $120,000 to $400,000 just on the simulators alone

without the costs of the premises and staff.

At that rate, it will take quite a while to see any substantial returns.

In fact, we know of many that have tried using high end simulators in their facilities and that have failed miserably.

In some cases, even had to file for bankruptcy afterwards

If, however, you ARE convinced your indoor golf facility in your location will attract many customers then we recommend using only

VisTrak, CX2 or CX3

tracking systems in combination with our drape enclosures.

VisTrak systems from $ 999.00

More about opening an indoor golf facility.

Quote from golf sim forum member Ookie

You need to start the business plan with:

1. What can I reasonably charge per hour, per station?; and

2. How many hours per week can I reasonably expect the simulators to be utilized?

Next consideration is operating costs. Rent, employees, utilities, advertising, and most importantly insurance.

In addition, you have to think about the other build out costs (e.g. a front counter, making it look nice inside, etc).

Will this be a stand-alone facility, or will it also be a bar and grill? I have mixed thoughts on that.

Golf alone is tough as a single source of income. But insurance may be an issue if you serve alcohol.

Then, circle back to sim equipment.

I will say this. If you plan to go $140-$200K in the hole on four simulators alone, you better be located in or near an ultra-high-net worth zip code.

Think NYC, Greenwich CT, Scottsdale, etc. Otherwise, not a snowballs chance in hell that you don't lose your shirt.

Strongly consider the suggestions about left-hander friendly options like ProTee, GSA or other ceiling-mounted, camera bases stuff.

If you do something like Skytrak, GC2 or Trackman, you need a quality video surveillance system, period. Stuff like that can walk out the door VERY easily,

especially in a location that gets crowded with bar business.

As much as we may like it, golf is declining in popularity, and is perhaps not the best vehicle for business ventures.

Even more about opening an indoor golf facility.

To add to Ookie's quote

There are basically two types of indoor golf facility users:

1. Those that just want to enjoy a round of indoor golf with their buddies over a few beers

2. Those that want to seriously work on their game and require very precise data feedback and analysis of their swings and shots.

The first will probably be quite content with a SkyTrak system or similar in the $3,000 range

whereas the second will require a far more sophisticated tracking system more in the $10,000 range.

Note that these price estimations are just for the tracking system alone and not the full enclosure with flooring, PC, projector etc.

Note that our F3 system using either the VisTrak, CX2, CX3 or Surround tracking systems are the most suited system we offer for use in commercial setup in the $5,000 range.

Use the Trackman ($25,000) with our Studio Enclosure ( $4,500)

or the GCquad ($15,000) with our Studio Enclosure ( $4,500)

GSA Golf - World class golf simulators you can afford

or our own CX3 ball and club tracking complete with our Studio Enclosure for $12,995


These are just a number of the international countries GSA regularly ship to other than our home USA country


Business opportunities with GSA Golf

GSA Golf reseller inquiries welcome

Contact Martin for details

GSA Golf is a supplier of golf sim component and systems to other golf simulator manufacturers

Currently GSA Golf components and systems are being used by 3 famous top brand name golf simulator manufacturers

and a host of other smaller golf sim companies.

Contact us if you are interested in using any of our systems for your company

Golf Simulator Resellers

Enjoy huge earnings and great markups by using our cameras and software for your system installations or just offering any of products for direct sale.

Home theater installers can add a new dimension to their sales too

Contact us for more details

Name branding

You can even brand our systems as your own without any additional cost

All our logos and company names can be replaced by yours!

Profits on typical hi-end home installations using our systems are in the $10,000 range

Reps and start-up resellers

Looking for a new lucrative product line?

GSA Golf offer great commissions on sales on all our systems

Financial investors and business partners

GSA Golf are looking for financial investors and business partners

Estimated sales volume of the VisTrak series alone is 1,000 units per year

with a gross profit of between $500,000 and $ 1 million per year.

GSA Golf is offering 25% return on investment per annum to investors.

Contact us if you're interested in being a GSA Golf financial partner

BTW did you know that VisTrak's main competitor -SkyTrak - have sold over 20,000 units?

At a margin of $1000 per system, they have grossed over $20 million in profits already.

And that for a system that VisTrak far exceeds SkyTrak's features.

Become a VisTrak reseller and earn cash

Become an official VisTrak reseller and earn 25% on MSRP retail prices.


earn $475 on every VisTrak Eagle sale listed at $1,899

earn $375 on every VisTrak Vcam sale listed at $1,499

earn $1000 on every VisTrak Vcam B sale listed at $3,999

How to become a VisTrak reseller ?

Anyone outside of Canada ( Canadian sales are exclusive) can become a VisTrak reseller

simply by purchasing a minimum of 3 VisTrak Eagles at the reseller price of $1,424 at one time.

Not an established golf equipment reseller and don't have a website to sell the products?

No problem. We'll list you on our website (page one Google listing) as an official VisTrak reseller and drive customers to you if they are in your area.

Who knows, maybe you can give up that mundane day job you have and start to have fun making serious money.

Note that SkyTrak estimated sales are in the many thousands per year (currently exceeding 20,000 sales with an estimated profit of $20 million )

and VisTrak beats SkyTrak hands down.

You are an established golf equipment reseller and have a store and/or website?

If so, you can get on the VisTrak reseller page for free and without having to purchase any system just to test the market interest.

Drop us a line with your contact info and we'll publish it. Hey! if nothing else, it's great free advertising for your company.

Terms and conditions:

No discounting. All retailers and resellers must sell the products at or above the MSRP prices as published on this web site.

Those that violate this strict condition may have to appear before the GSA Golf disciplinary committee and possibly face a public flogging !

(Just kidding. But you'll loose your GSA Golf reseller license that's for sure)

Technical support. We provide all necessary technical support via e-mail free of charge

Maintenance and software update fees. There are no maintenance or software update fees. All software updates are free of charge and there are no subscription fees.

Shipping and packaging: free of charge within the US.

Payment: all orders have to be pre-paid at this time.

Contact us for more details.


GSA Golf exclusive resale contracts

If you're looking to be the exclusive GSA Golf reseller in your country

i.e. Any European country (UK, Germany, France, Italy, Netherlands etc)

or any other country like Australia, Russia, South Africa or any Far East country etc

then you can get our iron clad contract for this for just $10,000

Note that all products can be branded as your own

plus we can provide any custom software integration

What's my markup on GSA Golf products ?

25% on MSRP

What the most successful golf simulator companies earn

The two most popular low cost golf simulator pad manufactures have sold to date 50,000 to 75,000 units each at a retail price of between $500 and $900

Assuming both operate on just a $100 to $200 profit margin

then that equates to $ 7.5 million to $ 15 million profits each

Note that we have very reliable sources confirming these numbers

It has been estimated that SkyTrak sales have exceeded 20,000 so far

with a gross profit for the company of $1,000 per unit.

That would then equate to a gross profit of $20 million.

Likewise, the two most popular high-end golf simulators selling in the $30,000 to $50,000 range

have sold well over 5000 units each with an average of $10,000 profit per sale.

This equates to around $ 50 million in profits per company

Golf simulator prices falling

Today, this old ad from the 60's, would probably read

"If you can afford a motor scooter, you can afford a golf simulator"



Based in Naples, Florida,

GSA Golf products are meticulously assembled and tested by hand to meet the highest industry standards

Hi! I'm Martin Paul Gardiner

Electronics and software development engineer and founder of GSA Golf


New GSA Golf showroom opening later next year in Naples, Florida