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The Vcam Spin is a hi-resolution dual camera dual IR Xenon flash system that meausres ball spin, spin axis tilt and ball launch angle.

It is used with the VisTrak Eagle to make up the EVS system (Eagle + Vcam + Spin cam)

It is used in conjunction with the VisTrak Eagle to meausre vertical launch angle as well as ball spin rate.

VisTrak Vcam Spin

Add-on to the VisTrak Eagle for LA and Spin detection


Measuring ball spin with spin dot markings

The Vcam S (Spin) uses balls with spin dot markings.

The big advantage of using balls with dot markings around them, is that you don't have to bend down and align the ball logo to the camera for every shot.

i.e. you can just place the ball on the hitting surface willy-nilly - guiding it with your club or foot - and the system will still detect the correct spin rate and axis


You can either use our own pre-printed spin dot balls

GSA Golf pre-printed Spin dot balls

Price $ 25.00 for 10

Or make them yourself using your own balls in seconds

Using the supplied enamel black paint pen, you can create spin dot balls in seconds.

First press down on the tip for a few seconds so that paint is absorbed into the hard felt tip.

Then just dab black paint dots into the golf ball dimples in any random fashion all around the ball while holding the ball with your finger tips.

Leave overnight to dry.

Note that in contrast to the (comparatively) very large dots that have to applied to the ball with Uneekor systems,

the dots for GSA Golf spin detection systems are really tiny and so fit into the depression of the dimple.

Thus there is little direct contact with the club and screen with them and thus last far longer.

Trigger frame and trigger delays

The Vcam Spin is triggered to capture 2 freeze frames from the VisTrak Eagle camera.

It is important to set the cature distance so that the Vcam S ball images are within the FOV of the Vcam S cameras.

Data captured:

Ball speed, ball path, Club speed, club path,club face angle

Measured ball Spin and LA

Functions for both LH and RH players without having to move any cameras.

Includes video swing playback after every shot.

Functions with TGC and E6 Connect software and more

Single 18 hole Golf course game software included

plus E6 Connect one year trial software with driving range included

$ 2,999 MSRP price $4,199,


You may also be interested in our VisTrak Stereo S and SCX systems

VisTrak SCX

$ 3,999

VisTrak Stereo S / SCX- The VisTrak Stereo S and SCX

features dual Xenon IR flash units to capture hi-speed and hi-resolution images of the spinning ball

in addition to the stereo cameras and VIsTrak camera.

All cameras and lights are built into the ceiling mounted case.

The stereo cameras measure ball Launch angle and spin rate.

The VisTrak camera measures ball speed, ball path, club face angle, club speed and path.

$ 4,999

Available 3rd quarter 2021


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