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The world's first and only golf simulator specific tracking software

Use your own sourced cameras

Our CP software license is $299 for use with up to 3 GenICam (Generic Interface Camera) compliant cameras

The base price for the GenICam Control Panel Software is a one time fee

Your camera serial numbers or PC Machine ID must be registered with GSAGolf for use

Cameras cost around $400 each, IR Lighting around $69 each, cables around $30

GSA Control Panel GenICam version

$ 299.00

The software allows you to build your own camera tracking system

including: VisTrak SCXi, CXi, Eagle i, Stereo, EV and KX 1,2 or 3

590 to 1500 fps

Suitable cameras

GSA SSi cameras - 1500 fps

(SSi = Super Speed Innovation)

Price includes tripod mount adapter, lens, USB3 and trigger cables

Price $599

GSA Golf Super Speed SSI camera suitable for use in all VisTrak camera systems

Price $499

High speed camera suitable for use in all VisTrak camera systems

Suitable lenses

Price $16 each

Use 12mm lenses for VisTrak Eagle

4mm lenses for CX & Vcam cameras

8mm lenses for Stereo system cameras

Suitable mounting



Suitable cables

USB3 locking cables and USB3 15ft extension cable

Suitable LED IR Lighting

$ 70 each

2 to 4 required ceoling mounted cameras

LED 800 Panel

Includes all IR LED panels (800 LEDS), power supplies, projector mount and cables

$ 800

Video LED Spotlight

visible light for color cameras

Studio LED spot light 150w lamp

Game software included

Free 18 hole golf course game software included

TGC and E6 Game software interfaces included

GSA Golf product manufacturing and resale licenses

Using the GSA Golf GenICam CP with your own hardware,

you can manufacture and resale any GSA Golf tracking system and brand it under your own name

Big discounts for GenICam CP bulk orders too.

e.g. 10 licenses for $199 instead of $299 each

Custom Control Panels

We can also make a custom camera Control Panel for your own specific requirements and needs

Hourly programming rate is $35.00

One time setup for your own version of the CP


Contact us for further details

Technical Support

Email and remote access support is available for all original purchasers of GSA Golf GenICam software.

Click above images for more information.


More Info coming...