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3 optional camera setup configurations

1. Classic X,Y 2. Stereo 3. Surround stereo

When only the best will do, build your own golf simulator with any GSA Golf CX camera systems

All data can be verified with real photographic evidence after each shot.

All CX camera systems include all cables, lighting and golf game software

Camera systems from $2,699 !


All data can be verified with real photographic evidence after each shot !

Note that this feature is unique to only GSA Golf systems. No other golf simulators on the market can provide this.

With all other golf simulator systems on the market, the player is forced to take the manufacturer's word that the data captured is correct.

There is no way for the player to verify that their measurements are in anyway correct.

All CX and CTS camera systems run with all these golf course software versions


Note that all GSA Golf systems are completely modular - start with just 1 camera or sensor mat and add more cameras and features as and when requirement or budget allows.

CX camera product overview

Dual camera 3D ball tracking system

CX2 detects ball launch angle, ball path, ball speed, fades, draws, hooks and slices

Camera casings

Standard camera casing

Lux AIO casing

The CX2 can be setup as Vertical and Horizontal camera system or as a Stereoscopic system

CX2 : $ 2,699 (Std) / $ 3,299 (Lux)

System includes TGC 15 course software !

plus E6 trial and GSA Golf single course

The number 1 best value all camera system on the market today offering both ball and club tracking.

Functions for both left and right handed players in the same flight!

No one else even comes close to our CX3 priced at just $3,999

Closest competitors are in the $18,000 to $25,000

Professional 3 camera system with camera club tracking and 3D dual camera ball tracking



Fairway true feel grass hitting mat 24" * 12"

System detects fades, draws, hooks and slices!

Standard camera casing

System includes TGC 15 course software plus E6 trial and GSA Golf single course

The CX3 can be setup as Vertical and Horizontal camera system or as a Stereoscopic system

CX3 : $ 3,999 (Std) / $4,999 (Lux)

CX3 cameras include : V Cam for ball Vertical launch - H Cam for Horizontal ball path with line scan camera trigger -

and C Cam Club Tracking System camera

Note that camera club tracking systems require the supplied tracking dots or white strips to be applied to the clubs


Click the above button to read more about the Ccam club tracking system

The CX4 includes all the above mentioned CX3 features plus the addition of 4th camera that measures

ball spin, side spin and spin axis

CX4 : $ 5,499

Click the above bu

Warranty and Support

One year full warranty plus life time free e-mail support

Life time free GSA Golf software updates

No maintenance costs. No subscription fees.

CX Camera Vcam & Hcam

The CX V and H cam cameras are used to measure

ball launch angle and speed (Vcam) and ball direction or path (Hcam)

View camera images of your shots in the GSA Golf Control Panel camera windows

CX2 draws and fades

The floor mounted V cam measures ball vertical launch angle and ball speed

The ceiling mounted Hcam camera detects ball path for normal shots

Hcam ball path plus speed when putting

Ccam club path, speed and face angle

Ball back spin, side spin and spin axis detection System

All CX cameras can be setup in a stereo configuration

Click the above image to read more about stereo camera setups

CX Surround 3D stereoscopic ball and club tracking

The CX Surround has all cameras and lights built into one long (8ft) case

CX2 Surround : $ 3,299

2 camera ball tracking - calculated spin and spin axis

CX3 Surround : $ 4,299

3 camera ball and club tracking - calculated spin and spin axis

CX4 Surround : $ 5,299

4 camera ball and club tracking- measured spin and spin axis



Advantages of camera systems compared to low priced optical sensor pads

Thinking of purchasing one of those low priced optical club tracking sensor pads on the market?

  • Here is a short list of the main disadvantages
  • Those low cost sensor pads on the market do not see the ball at all so cannot possible calculate any realistic ball flight.
  • All ball data from launch angle, speed and direction to ball spin are only - at best - estimated and are mostly way off.
  • In fact, the all important ball launch angle is just fixed from the loft angle of the club you or the system has selected and bares no relation to reality what so ever.
  • No matter if you strike the ball on the down swing or upswing - or even top the ball so that is just rolls along the ground - you'll always get a perfect launch angled shot.
  • You can even just kick the ball with your foot and you'll still get a perfect launch angle.
  • Likewise, realistic ball direction or ball speed cannot be obtained by just looking at the club direction and speed.
  • In addition - and in contrast to GSA Golf camera systems that provide photographic evidence of all data - there's no way for the user to verify any of the data produced
  • by these low cost optical pads.
  • You are forced to ether just take the manufacturer's word for it and/or believe a paid golf professionals endorsement who would probably say anything
  • if they are given enough money.
  • So buyer beware, low cost optical sensor pads are essentially just play station toys compared to true camera tracking systems.



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F series Full scale systems from just $9,995 !


Advanced camera tracking systems

Note that our advanced camera systems are complex specialist systems that require considerably more time to setup, maintain

and install compared to our regular CX2 and CX3 systems and require multiple PCs to run.

As such, the (CX4 - F4) and (CX6 - F6) systems are not suitable for commercial installations or for the non-technical persons.

Click above to read more about CX4 and CX6 Color club tracking cameras and Ball spin cameras

Minimum enclosure sizes


Check out our bargain basement for possible lower prices

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CX golf simulator components and kits

CX components can be used to build the complete GSA Golf golf simulator camera tracking system at a far lower price than the ready made system price

Click above to read more about GSA Golf components and kits

Click above to read about the GSA Golf F3 - our best selling full scale system

GSA Golf reseller inquiries welcome

Contact Martin for details



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