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VisTrak Installation VisTrak Eagle VisTrak EVS VisTrak Vcam VisTrak Vcam B VisTrak KX VisTrak LX VisTrak Stereo Camera Installation Installation and setup

VisTrak Systems and Installation

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VisTrak Installtion and Setup Videos


Click the above images to watch the VisTrak installation and setup videos

GSA Golf system minimum PC requirements

Intel i5 or above Processor

8GB RAM Nvidia 1070 Graphics Card or equivalent

(Dedicated GPU with DirectX 11 Support)

25GB of Hard Drive Space

Windows 10 (Required)

Internet Connection (Required)

When using VisTrak systems - Native USB3 ports (Required)

( i.e. no add-on PCie USB3 adapters for PCs that don't come with USB 3 ports as standard )

VisTrak camera installation video


VisTrak problem solving.

Click the below button to find solutions to common VisTrak user issues

Installation and setup instructions

VisTrak Eagle with Vcam


VisTrak Eagle with Vcam and Spin Cam

VisTrak EVS

VisTrak EVS Installation instructions

VisTrak SCX

VisTrak IR VC

Quantum F

The VisTrak Hi Res and the VisTrak Stereo when floor mounted are the same other than the case.

Quantum FB

VisTrak LX

VisTrak KX

VisTrak Stereo

VisTrak Stereo Bar

Click above image to goto VisTrak Stereo Bar setup instructions

What's this?


GSA ball and club tracking systems (both camera and optical sensors) are controlled by the GSA Control Panel.

The control panel is a multi-process application that constantly monitors the tracking systems for a valid shot.

When a valid shot has been detected the club and ball shot parameters

- i.e ball speed, path, launch angle, club speed, club path and face angle -

are passed to whatever golf game system is being used.

There are two main windows in the control panel for the VisTrak systems

1. The VisTrak Video window which is used to view the swing playback

2. The Camera window which is used to adjust camera settings

PC requirements.

Important ! USB 3 only

The VisTrak camera is a USB 3 camera and must be connected to a USB 3 port on your PC.

You can identify a USB 3 port by the SS symbol next to the port

The VisTrak hi-speed camera will require a PC that is capable of running hi-speed cameras.

While most good desktop gaming PCs featuring i5 or i7 CPUs can do this, laptops are not suitable.

Warning !

GSA Golf does not guarantee that the system will function with an older PC that does not feature a USB 3 port from manufacturer

and which has to be upgraded with an an add-on PCIe USB3 adapter.

VisTrak Wiring

VisTrak lighting options

Studio LED spot light (60w $134 to the "Big Bertha" 150w studio lamp $299)

Click above image to purchase on Amazon

Studio LED spot light lens

Optional extra IR LED panel lighting

Optional extra IR LED individual illuminator lighting

If not using the VisTrak IR with built in IR LED lighting,

then 4 individual LED lamps should be mounted either around the Quantum unit

or somewhere close to it.

Aim all 4 lamps directly towards the hitting mat.

Note: If you have purchased the Quantum without IR LED lighting, then the recommended IR light is the CM vision 200.

You can also use a single visible light spotlight like the SL60W

GSA Control Panel (CP) full version download

For new installations,

download and run the following CP full versions from the supplied link

Please note that software download links are no longer available directly from this website

Software download links are sent to you via email after product purchase.

Contact us if you haven't received them

After you have downloaded and installed the full version GSA Control Panel, download and install the below GSA Golf Control Panel updates

Click the above button image to download the very latest Alpha CP update

Note: the above are links to Control Panel updates only.

They require that the full version has previously been installed.

Without the full version installation, the CP application will not function.

GSA Golf Game software download

Note: If you encounter a windows error message stating that it could not find d3dx9_30.dll when starting GSA Golf,

download and copy the d3dx9_30.dll to your windows\SysWOW64 folder.

Download here d3dx9_30.dll

ProX Driving Range - update

Please note that software download links are no longer available directly from this website

Software download links are sent to you via email after product purchase.

Contact us if you haven't received them

Start the Control Panel and select Vistrak (or VisTrak Eagle) in the Control Panel's setup window.

Go to the Camera window and to see the camera settings.

Camera settings should be as (or similar) as shown above

Go to the "VisTrak" window from the Control Panel's main window and click on any of the Video files to view and play the videos

Example VisTrak LX video


Click above to download the sample VisTrak LX VisTrakVideo2.vid file.

Copy to the "C:\GSAgolf" folder.

(Note: ensure you are running the latest GSA Golf Control Panel update that creates this folder)

Start the Control Panel and - in the Setup window - select "VisTrak LX"

In the Camera window, set the camera settings as shown above ( or just click the "Defaults" button).

Then go to the "VisTrak" window in the Control Panel and click on the "Video 2" button to load the video.

You can then run and step the video back and forth.


VisTrak Golf Game Play

VisTrak interfaces with TGC (The Golf Club), GSA ProX, RedChain, Perfect Parallel, E6 1.6 and E6 Connect golf game software.

Select the game software you are using from the radio buttons at top right corner of the Control Panel's main window.

Click the large "Minimize Window" button to show the two button overlay window.

This small window will show at the top left hand side of the game software.

Click the GSA Golf Control Panel button to bring back the full size Control Panel window.

Click the Show Video button to display the last shot video in the game software.

There are a number of options for the overlay buttons in the Setup window.

In order that overlay buttons are visible in the game software,

the setting "Control Panel window not on top of other windows" must be set OFF.

Running VisTrak and the Game software on one PC with two monitors

VisTrak setup videos


VisTrak problem solving.

Click the below button to find solutions to common VisTrak user issues

VisTrak Help Q & A


Q 1

Q 1: The cameras are connected to the PC but the Control Panel states "No cameras detected"

A: The cause of this is most probably that the camera drivers haven't been installed or if they were, then the "USB Pro" option wasn't de-selected.

Go to the "Auto method of installing the camera drivers" on the camera installation page here

see below for a repeat of these instructions

The above SDK installation program FlyCapture_2_4_3_11_x86 is located on the supplied DVD and must be started before any cameras are connected.

All camera drivers are now installed automatically with this new Camera Control Software

Select "I will use USB cameras" and select "Install PGRUSBCam driver" when prompted.

Do not select the "USBPro" option !

If you have previously run this install program and think you may have selected the USBPro option then you must uninstall the SDK and re-run it

Other possible causes of this issue:

After down loading and installing a new CP version that overwrites a much older CP version

the "Fixed Assigns" option in the Vcam window was set ON.

To Fix: Switch the "Fixed Assigns" option OFF, exit and restart the CP.

Once the cameras have been re-assigned to their corresponding function (i.e. Vcam, VisTrak etc)

you can switch the "Fixed Assigns"back ON again so that they will always appear in the CP in the correct order.

Q 2

Q 2 : When I hit a shot nothing happens and no ball is launched in the software

In order for the system to detect a shot, the following criteria must have been met.

1. The ball must have been detected within the Launch Zone area

2. The ball must have left the Launch Zone area after the ball strike. ( This prevents inadvertant shots occuring when moving the ball to re-positiion).

3. Either the club or ball or both must have been detected

Note. Even though ideally both and club data should be detected in a shot, the system has been designed to launch a ball in the game software even if one of the two are not detected.

i.e. if the club is not detected but the ball was, then club data will be calculated from ball data.

And, Vice Versa, if the club was detected but the ball not, then ball data will be calculated from club data.

A: Check the following

1. Check the camera settings in the camera window

Ensure that the "Floor gray scale" is set such that its value is lower than the club gray scale. i.e. the club face must be brighter than the floor brightness.

If you are using dark clubs (usually woods and drivers) then a white sticker strip has to be applied to the top of the club.

2. Using just the Control Panel, strike a ball to see if the Launch Data has been sent to the game software.

You should see the message "Launch Data Ready for Game to Read"appear for a few seconds after the shot.

Q 3

My shot carries are not correct

GSA Golf tracking system accuracy

Thouands of hours have been spent over the years checking the accuracy of the VisTrak systems.

All math calculations have been confirmed to be as accurate as can be,

so if the game software is not showing carry distances that are consistent with the users expected carry distances,

then one of the following could be the cause.

1. A CP carry or ball speed factor has been applied. (either negative or positive).

Ensure all ball speed and carry factors are set to 100%.

Press shift R in the club dependent Carry factors window to set all carry factors to 100%


Click all global carry factors to 100% in the "Adjust speeds / carry distance" window.

Set the LA Speed adjust to 0.

2. The system you are using doesn't feature Vertical Launch Angle detection

True accurate ball speed detection is not possible without accurate vertical launch angle detection.

However, reasonably good ball speed results are obtained using the either the selected club loft or user defined club loft as the vertical launch angle.

3. The system is not detecting the ball from one or more of the cameras correctly

i.e. the system is picking up other objects in the FOV of the camera that is not a ball.

4 The scaling factor hasn't been set correctly

If the scaling factor is not set correctly, then measured ball speed will be totally incorrect.

The scaling factor is used to convert measured distances in pixels to real world distances in meters (cm and mm)

Use the "Set scale" button to set the scale after a stationary ball has been detected on the mat.

The scaling factor is a global speed adjustment factor for all clubs and only has to be set once during the system setup.



VisTrak Installation Check Lists

1. VisTrak Camera and Light mounting

1. You have mounted the camera on the ceiling (no more than 10ft high) pointing at the ball strike zone?

2. You have either mounted a LED 65 watt plus visible light video spotlight with lens on the ceiling

or 4 high powered IR LED illuminators next to the camera pointing at the strike zone?

2. VisTrak Camera cables and USB 3 ports

1. You have confirmed that the VisTrak is connected to the PC with an active powered USB 3 cable ?

2. You have confirmed that the VisTrak is connected to a USB 3 port on the PC ?

The VisTrak camera is a USB 3 camera and must be connected to a USB 3 port on your PC.

You can identify a USB 3 port by the SS symbol next to the port

3. VisTrack camera operation

1. You have downloaded and installed all the software as described on the VisTrak Installation page ?

2. You have confirmed that the camera is running ?

In the main window of the Control Panel you should see the "Camera 1 running" message

4. You have confirmed that the camera is operational ?

To confirm that the camera is operational, select the "Video Stream Mode"

or click the "Soft Trigger" button in the Camera window.

You should then see that new images are being grabbed and displayed

5. You have confirmed that the camera is operating at the correct speed ?

To confirm that the camera is running at full speed, click the " Test camera speed FPS" button.

After a few seconds, you should see that the fps rate is at least 590.

6. You have confirmed that the camera goes into "Looking for Ball In Launch Zone" after you have started the VisTrak camera?

7. You have confirmed that the camera detects the ball when placed in the launch zone

after you have started the VisTrak camera ?

To start the VisTrak camera, click the "Stop/Start VisTrak" button from the Control Panel's main window.

Note: when clicking the "Minimize Window" button, the camera is automatically started

If the ball is located, then you should see the above message in the CP's main window.

8. After striking the ball, you see the

"Shot Launched" and "Launch Data Ready for Game to Read"

messages in the Control Panel's main window ?


Connecting to E6

Select GSA Golf in the Settings / Simulator options in E6 Connect


Select E6 CONNECT in the GSA Golf Control Panel's main window

After the installation and setup, you can protect the Control Panel system from being changed or manipulated from others

with a system administrator password

Password protected system Administrator mode

The password is encrypted and stored in a secret location on the PC and is never visible after it has bee created, so is very secure.

Technical Support

Email and remote access support is available for all original purchasers of GSA Golf systems.

For all non original purchasers (i.e. purchasers of used GSA Golf systems) remote access support can be purchased separately.

Click above images for more information.