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Initial Setup after unpacking

VisTrak LX/KX Installation

Installation Steps

Step 1.

Download and install the Control Panel software


Download and Run the latest CP update after installing the full version from the tech news page

Please note: the LX2 requires CP version or above to function correctly.

If not already installed, download from the Tech News page.

Step 2.

Install the camera driver software from the supplied USB drive

Click the above button for detailed camera installation instructions

Step 3.

Connect the cameras to USB3 ports via the USB cables on your PC

and plug the unit into a power outlet via the 15ft power cable

Switch the unit ON

Step 4.

Start the Control Panel and ensure that both cameras are running

(i.e. there's no error messages and you see the message that 2 cameras are running)

Step 5.

Go to the Setup panel and select Vistrak LX2 from the list of systems on the right hand side of the screen

Step 6.

Go to the camera 1 (the Hcam ) panel and right click on the "Defaults" button to set all settings to their default values.

Step 7.

With a ball placed on its normal launch position on your mat,

select the "Show Full Ball Frame" option and the "Video Stream Mode" option and aim the camera so that it appears close to the center of the screen

Step 8.

Do the same for camera 2 - The Vcam .

Step 9.

Go to camera 2 in the camera panel and switch OFF "Show Full Ball Fame"

Click on the "Soft Trigger" button to grab a new image of the ball on the mat and click the "Set Scale" button.

Step 10.

Click on the Start Cameras button in the Control Panel's main window

(or click the large Minimize button at the top right side of the panel)

and wait a second or 2 until you see the message " ball detected, ready for swing"

Step 11.

You are now ready to play the ball

after a ball strike, you should see the message "Ball launch detected. Launch parameters sent to the game software"

Step 12.

Start you golf game software (E6, GSpro, TGC, CG3d or GSA Golf) and click the large minimize button at the top right of the screen .

You are now ready to play a round.

If using a KX system, attach the unit to the base of the monitor stand using the supplied Velcro strips.

Steps 1 and 2

SSi camera driver installation

Click above button to read

Step 3.

Unit and Ball placement

Place unit and ball as indicated (i.e. around 12 to 15 inches from the unit)

Go to Camera 2 in the camera panel

Click on the "Show Ball Frame" and click on the "Video Stream Mode" to start the camera.

Aim the horizontal camera on the flexible arm so that the ball appears close to the center of the image.

Aiming the laser

Switch the laser dot ON in the setup panel

Once the ball is detected in the Hcam, aim the laser to the spot where the ball is.

The CP's main window

Step 4.

Click on the Launch CP to start the Control Panel

After the camera drivers are installed and you start the Control Panel (CP) with the cameras connected to the PC

you should see that cameras 1 and 2 are running.

The CP's setup panel

Step 5.

Go to the Setup panel and select Vistrak LX2

Ensure the option " Using SSi cameras" is selected ON

The CP's camera windows

Step 6

Right click on the "Defaults" button in both cameras 1 and 2 to set all settings to their default values.

Step 7 and 8.

Checking the camera aiming

With the "Show Full Ball Frame" and "Video Stream Mode" options switch on in the camera window,

ensure that the ball in both cameras appears approximately in the center of the images as shown above.

It doesn't have to be exact as the cameras will position the ball automatically.

Step 9.

Click on the Start Cameras button in the Control Panel's main window

and wait a second or 2 until you see the message " ball detected, ready for swing" and/or hear the ball detected beep sound

The CP's status messages.

After clicking the Start / Stop VisTrak button or clicking the Minimize button,

the CP will start looking for a ball in the Launch Zone area.

When a ball is detected, a beep will sound.

If a valid shot has been detected, the system will send the shot data to the game software.

After the ball has landed, the CP will automatically cycle back to the Looking for Ball mode

After Clicking the large "Minimize Window" button in the CP,

2 small buttons will show at the top left hand side of the game software.

Click on the minimized Control Panel to go back the full size CP window

Click Show Swing Video to see the last shot video

You are now ready to play the ball

VisTrak Camera installation Video

VisTrak Golf Game Play




VisTrak interfaces with TGC (The Golf Club), GSA ProX, GS Pro, RedChain, E6 1.6 and E6 Connect golf game software.

Select the game software you are using from the radio buttons at top right corner of the Control Panel's main window.

Click the large "Minimize Window" button to start the cameras and connect to the game.

The CP Shot Replay Video panel

The KX features dual swing playback videos after every shot

The video shot video panel allows you to replay any recorded shot video.

The new "Mini" shot videos are immediately displayed in the game software after every shot.

The video window can be positioned anywhere in the game software.

Laser setup

Place ball on the usual position on the hitting mat.

Switch to "Laser always constant ON" in the CP's Setup panel.

Manually aim laser to point at the ball.

Switch back to "Laser ON or Pulsing when looking for ball"




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