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GSA Golf develop and manufacture the world's most affordable, yet most advanced and comprehensive

hi-speed camera golf simulator tracking systems and Golf Launch Monitors on the market today

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Game software options



Functions with TGC, E6, CG3DI and GS Pro game software

Stereo hi-speed camera ball and club tracking system

VisTrak SCX

Ceiling mounted hi speed stereo camera Launch Monitor

VisTrak SCX

with internal Panel IR lighting plus LED track lighting and 3000 fps cameras


Nearest competitor: Uneekor QED at $7,000

Data captured: ball spin*, ball speed, ball path, club speed, club path, club face angle.

* clear ball markings and additional lighting required if spin measured and not calculated

The SCX Track LED lighting is included

Choose between color or monochrome cameras

Laser Ball Placement Indicator

Optional extra laser ball placement guide

Laser automatically switches off when ball is located.

Indicates to user that the ball has been detected in the launch zone area on the mat and ready for swing


SCX Cameras and software only - without case and lighting

System comes complete with 2 hi-speed cameras, camera mounts, lenses and 40ft long cables,

SCX Control Panel and 18 hole course game software.

Just add IR LED or Halogen lighting


Price $1,399

Usually ships within 24 to 48 hours

SCX with LED Track Lighting

Hi-speed ceiling mounted stereo camera tracking system

IR monochrome cameras

Usually ships within 24 to 48 hours

Price $1,599

SCX Color Cameras with LED track lighting

World's first and only hi-speed camera tracking system in color

2 Stereo Color cameras with LED track lighting

Price $1,699

Dual hi-speed shot playback videos

Using the non-cased SCX allows you to setup your cameras to capture full hi-speed 32 frame shot videos from top and side mounted cameras

The new "Mini" shot videos are immediately displayed in the game software after every shot.

The video window can be positioned anywhere in the game software.

Click above images to see a YouTube video of the feature

Software only - without cameras and lighting

SCX Control Panel and 18 hole course game software.

Purchase your own cameras and lighting

Runs with E6, TGC, GSpro, CG3D and ProX game software.

Price $299


VisTrak SCX xenon


Expected release date:3rd quarter 2023

Nearest competitor: Uneekor Eye XO at $10,000

Note: the regular SCX can be upgraded to SCX Xenon specs at a later date for $1,000

How the SCX Xenon measures ball spin without real dot markings.

The method compares and matches dimple patterns of two ball images.

Using two fast hi-resolution images of the ball in flight,

a dot matrix is used to sample the gray-scale level of every virtual dot in the image of the ball.

Thereafter, a series dot pattern matching processes of the two ball images

- involving multiple rotation and x,y shifting steps - are performed.

The result of the matching process then determines the amount of ball rotation and its direction within the time of the 2 frames.

From these results, spin rate, side spin and spin axis can be calculated.

Note that in order to obtain very sharp images of the ball without any motion blur,

the camera exposure time has to be set very low (around 90 micro-seconds).

At this very short exposure time, regular IR lighting will not be able to illuminate the ball sufficiently.

Thus, IR Xenon flash units are used.

SCX to SCX Xenon upgrade

Purchasers of the regular SCX will be able to upgrade their system to SCX Xenon specs

at a later date by adding the IR Xenon flash unit if desired.

SCX IR dual flash unit


The VisTrak SCX has all the regular club and ball tracking features with video swing playback

In addition, users will be able to view a separate ball spin video - in the top right corner - of the regular shot playback video as shown above.

This feature allows the user to visible see how the ball is spinning and in what directing it is spinning for every shot.

Ball spin is usually calculated from ball and club data so that you can use regular unmarked balls.

However, you can also use marked balls in order the view the spin in the shot video playback

and optionally choose that the system measures ball spin from the markings.

Note that in this case, the system will require additional IR or LED light in order to measure ball spin from spin dot markings on the ball.

Optional Ball markings

24 Bridgestone spin dot balls

$ 59.98

Optional Club markings

How the AOA strip works:

The AOA strip has an overall known length and a known length when viewed from overhead with a known club loft.

If striking the ball on the down swing, the length will appear to shorter, and appear longer if hit on the up swing.

Based on this, AOA can be calculated.

One or two white strips can be applied to the leading edge of irons and the top edge of woods

in order for the system to detect more precise club face angle, speed and path.

However, the system will also function with regular clubs without these markings.

You can use sticky-back white glossy photo paper as club strips

Measured Ball Spin and Club detection without markings on balls and clubs

The new ASD and ACD software detects both ball spin and club data without markings

Note: Ball spin detection without markings requires the IR Xenon Flash

SCX Dynamic ROI (Region of Interest)

The Dynamic ROI feature allows the user to place the ball in a 2ft wide area on the hitting surface

VisTrak AOA

AOA launch angle and club loft comparisons are shown

The red balls show what the launch angle would be if ball was struck square to the ball so that the LA would equal the loft of the club

The white balls show what the actual LA was for the shot.

VisTrak SCX/Eagle ball spin calculation

Note that ball spin is usually calculated from ball and club data so that you can use regular unmarked balls.

However, when using dot marked balls and additional lighting,

spin rate can be calculated by measuring the distance and direction the dots have moved from one frame to the next.

SCX Installation

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Game software

GSA Golf 18 hole course game software included free of charge

Optional extra Game software




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For those that have purchased the SCX cameras only - i.e. without a case

VisTrak SCX IR LED case panel

Add your cameras to the SCX case

$ 399

VisTrak SCX case without LED lights

VisTrak SCX case with 3 LED lights

Includes all 3 IR LED panels (72 LEDS), power supplies, camera mounts, IR front panel, ceiling mount and cables

$ 799

Add the optional extra protection panel for a cleaner look

Price $149


Technical Support

Email and remote access support is available for all original purchasers of GSA Golf systems.

E-mail support is free of charge for all original purchasers of GSA Golf systems.

Remote access support is available for all purchasers for $75 per session (max 1 hr per session)

Note that your 1 hour session can be divided up to 2 sessions of 30 min or 4 15min sessions

Remote support sessions are available 7 days a week (including weekends i.e. Sat or Sun) at 2pm ET

Remote access support requires that you have "TeamViewer" installed on your PC

Go to www.teamviewer.com to get your free team viewer installed

Buy GSA Golf remote support 1 hr session for

Price: $ 75.00

SCX Track Lighting

All SCX systems come with the extra 4 head LED lighting track that vastly increases image brightness

For those just purchasing stand alone cameras, you can purchase the LED Light Track separately


4 LED zoomable track light system 800 Lumens per light

LED Track Lighting Track

Price $199

GSA Golf system minimum PC requirements

Intel i5 or above Processor

Warning! Do not use PC's with AMD processors!

8GB RAM Nvidia 1070 Graphics Card or equivalent

25GB of Hard Drive Space

Windows 10 or 11 (Required)

Internet Connection

(Required if using 3rd party game software such as E6, TGC or GSPro)

USB3 port (Required)

Note: The cameras are USB3 cameras

and will only run at the correct speed when connected via USB3 cables directly to separate USB3 ports on the PC


If using 2 cameras, do not connect the cameras together with a Hub !

All cameras must be directly connected to separate USB3 ports on the PC

Use only powered USB3 extension cables if the supplied cables are not long enough

Hi! I'm Martin Paul Gardiner

Electronics and software development engineer and founder of GSA Golf

My primary objective with the SCXi is to produce

the most comprehensive ball and club tracking system on the market at the lowest possible price.

Priced at just $2,499, it has all the features of systems costing more than 2 times the price

and the super hi speed 1500 fps cameras run at twice the speed of its competitors.


Our most accurate and comprehensive camera tracking system

You may also be interested in the EVi system.

The VisTrak EVi combines the overhead mounted VisTrak Eagle

and a floor mounted Vertical launch Vcam camera.

The VisTrak EV captures full 32 frames of the shot viewed from both the overhead and side mounted cameras.

The GSA Golf EVi and KX systems feature dual hi-speed camera 32 frame shot playback videos from both the top and side cameras after every shot

Priced from just $1,599.00

Click above image to read more ...

Difference between the SCX and the EVi systems

The SCX is a ceiling mounted stereo camera system.

Its advantage is that all cameras and lights are mounted on the ceiling so that it functions for both LH and RH players.

The disadvantage is that the camera video replay of the shot won’t show vertical launch angle

and the club and ball path angles in the video may appear distorted.

The Evi, on the other hand, shows exact vertical launch angle and ball path in the shot video replay.

In addition, the Evi measures ball spin whereas the SCX can only calculate it.

Disadvantage is that the Evi requires one camera to be mounted on the side wall of the enclosure

which may not work for both LH and RH players playing in the same flight.

Other GSA Golf Vistrak systems

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GSA Golf reseller inquirers welcome

Contact me - Martin - for details

Tel: 239 529 3060




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