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VisTrak SCXi

VisTrak SCXi Track with external lighting, 3000 fps


Coming soon...

VisTrak SCXi with Panel lighting, 3000 fps


Coming soon...

VisTrak SCX

3 camera system with integrated IR LED and IR Xenon flash lighting

$ 3,999

VisTrak Stereo S

5 camera system using stereoscopic vision vertical launch angle detection

$ 5,499

The VisTrak Stereo S and SCX features dual Xenon IR flash units to capture hi-speed and hi-resolution images of the spinning ball

in addition to the stereo cameras and VIsTrak camera.

All cameras and lights are built into the ceiling mounted case.

The stereo cameras measure ball Launch angle, Spin rate and Spin axis.

The VisTrak camera measures ball speed, ball path, club face angle, club speed and path.

The VisTrak SCX and Stereo S has all the regular club and ball tracking features with video swing playback

In addition, users will be able to view a separate ball spin video - in the top right corner - of the regular shot playback video as shown above.

This feature allows the user to visible see how the ball is spinning and in what directing it is spinning for every shot.

In order to measure ball spin from ceiling mounted cameras, close up hi-resolution images of the spinning ball are required.

The image shows that the ball dot markings shifted back 31 px which equates to a 22.82 degree of rotation within the 1 ms time frame

which in turn equates to a spin rate of 3803 rpm.

As long as the ball is struck square to the club path (no matter if path is straight, in-to-out or out-to-in),

then no side spin or spin axis tilt is imparted on the ball.

If club face differs from club path, then side spin and axis tilt can be detected.

For those that would like to use their own sourced cameras

VisTrak SCXi software

$ 299.00

Spin dot balls

The Stereo S and SCX uses spin dot balls to measure ball spin.

15 pre-printed balls are supplied with every system.

You can also easily make spin dot balls using your own favorite balls from any manufacturer.

Using the supplied enamel black paint pen, you can create spin dot balls in seconds.

The advantage of using marked spin dot balls

The main advantage of using spin dot balls is that you don't have to bend down and adjust the ball

so that the ball logo or the applied metallic dot is facing in a certain direction.

BTW from what I gather, Trackman and Mevo systems do require you bend down and adjust the ball so that their metal dot

- that you are required to apply to the ball - is facing upwards or in the direction of play.

Another advantage is that you can visible see and thus verify the rate of rotation during the video swing playback with visible ball markings.

In contrast, you won't see this if the ball has no markings so you'd have to just believe that the measured ball spin rate is correct.

Note : Measured ball spin with balls without markings is currently in development at GSA Golf

No marking measured ball spin detection will be a free update so customers can start off with the marked spin dot ball method and upgrade at a later point for no extra charge.

After all, if the likes of Mevo and Trackman require users to apply a metallic dot to their balls and bend down to align the dot to the direction of play for every shot,

then spin dot balls - that don't require any of this - should be a very welcome blessing.

Also Note :

The Stereo S and SCX systems are designed to compete with the $7,000 Uneekor QED system that require both ball and club markings

However, the SCX and Stereo S systems also function without these markings.

In this case, ball spin and club data is calculated and not measured.

SCX Installation

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including comments about the advantages of the VisTrak over

SkyTrak, Mevo and Uneekor systems

VisTrak SCX vs...

VisTrak vs SkyTrak VisTrak vs Mevo

VisTrak vs Uneekor

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