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Click the above image to watch how conversing with an AI computer (HAL 9000) was envisaged in 1968.

Today, this is a reality.

Hi, as there seems to be a lot of talk about AI these days and, as it is of particular interest to me personally,

I'm tentatively looking into the possibility of integrating AI technology into my tracking systems.

I'll post any any news about this on this page as it comes in.

The above video was of particular interest to me too as it shows a few of the current expectations

including self-replicating super intelligent robots using 4D printers (already in tests by MIT and NASA)

and how to turn your $50 start up business into a $30 billion mega company.

Very well made considering it was done while Mathew was just sitting in his car in the drive way.

I've been following the progress of AI now for over 15 years and am surprised to see how fast this technology is developing.

15 years ago, it was estimated that AI would produce machines that are over 1 million times more intelligent

than the combined intelligence of all mankind that ever existed by 2045.

This estimation has bow been reduced to 2035 by many in this field.

As far as golf simulation is concerned, I expect AI to make major advances in both ball and club tracking systems

as well as CGI produced golf courses.

Club detection using AI

Currently, I have no idea how ProTee's VX system is using AI to capture club data but apparently they do.

I haven't recently looked to see if the above green club cross hairs are actually shown on all the post shot video feed playbacks

but if they are, then that's amazing!

Club detection using the VisTrak system

My VisTrak club detection method doesn't use any fancy AI methods but works really well

All data is captured including face angle, path and speed

And because you see the cross hairs on the actual club images, the data is user verifiable

The above video clip illustrates how an AI computer could possibly turn against you.

I was first introduced to the vision of artificial intelligence with the 1968 film "2001: A Space Odyssey"

Still by far the most important and best SciFi film ever made in my opinion.

Just a vision of the future back then but it's finally here now.

AI and Music

I'm well expecting AI to be producing practically all new music in the not too far future as well.

From Pop to new Bach fugues and symphonies.

BTW my barrage hardware synthesizers shown above have all been replicated with software synthesizers now.

I have them all too but still like the physical touch of the real thing.

AI and Medical breakthoughs

This is particularly exciting to me.

There's no doubt that AI will play a major role in curing all known illnesses and diseases soon.

Including Cancer and even Old Age.

Yes, even Old Age as Old Age is nothing more than a disease that will probably be curable in the not too distant future.

BTW The term disease actually means "Lack of ease or Comfort"

A Trip To Infinity

While on the subject of theoritcal and philisohical predictions of the future

I'm way out on a tangent here I know, but I really liked this Netflix dodocumentary

AI and Quantum Computing

Where did the universe come from?

The answer to that is simple : It didn't come from anywhere because it's always been there.

Either in the form of mass as we see it today (i.e. after the big bang) or in the form of energy before the big bang.

In the infinite realms of space and the cosmos, there was no beginning of time and there will be no end of time.

Say what you will, but at the end of the day, there's no other logical answer to this question.

While religions may say there was an almighty creator, they would still have to answer to the same basic question:

i.e. who or what created the creator?

And as the only only answer to that is the same: i.e. the creator has always been there,

then we're (religions and science) are both on the same page.

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