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System Installation & Setup Links




What installation pages do I need to read?

CX1 - Vcam - Camera and LineScan

CX2 - Vcam + Hcam Camera and LineScan

CX3 - Vcam + Hcam + Ccam Camera and LineScan

CX4 - Vcam + Hcam + dual CcamCamera and LineScan

CX6 - Vcam + Hcam + dual Ccam + dual Bcam Camera, LineScan and Ball Spin

PX1/PX2 - sensor mat PX mat

PX3 - sensor mat PX mat, LX Installation

F1 / PX4 - Vcam + Hcam + PX1 sensor mat Camera , LineScan and PX mat

PX5 - Vcam + Hcam + PX2 sensor mat Camera , LineScan and PX mat

CX Camera Systems


New control for Fade / Draw / Push / Pull / Hook / Slice ball trajectories with CX2

Click the above button to read how to setup the CX2 for fades and draws


LX Camera Systems

Software installation and PX1, PX2, PX5 sensor mats


Club track camera installation


Ball Spin camera

KX installation and setup

VisTrack installation and setup

Multiple PC setup

Flooring Layout

GSA Golf software

Installation Instructions

How to make screens shots

We often require customers to make screen shots of their camera windows in the Control Panel during the support period

Click the above video to see how to make screens shots


Typical screen shots are as in the below images

The side mounted Vcam detects vertical launch angle and speed of the ball

The ceiling mounted Hcam camera detects ball path for normal shots

and ball path plus speed when putting