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Hi! I'm Martin Paul Gardiner

Electronics and software development engineer and founder of GSA Golf

Regularly check out my tech news page for all our latest developments and free updates

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GSA Golf Control Panel (CP) downloads

GSA Control Panel (CP) update V. - Windows 8 / 10 version

August 7 2018

Download VC redistributables hereHere

Don't forget to run the download after it's downloaded!

A number of customers don't realize that a CP update is a dual process

i.e first download and then run the download

Note that anti-virus programs will probably try to block the GSA Golf CP update download but - be assured - there's no malicious software in the download update

so just ignore any warnings from your anti-virus programs and choose the "More options" and "Run anyway" option.

GSA Control Panel (CP) full version download

Note that the full version installation will overwrite any user settings if you have had any previous GSA Golf CP installations

Download standard configuration files hereHere

GSA Golf Game software download

Warning! if you already have the full version GSA Golf /RedChain software installed, downloading this free single course version will prevent the full version from running correctly

Note: If you encounter a windows error message stating that it could not find d3dx9_30.dll when starting GSA Golf,

download and copy the d3dx9_30.dll to your windows\SysWOW64 folder.

Download here d3dx9_30.dll

Download d3dx9_30.dll 64 bit version here d3dx9_30.dll

Full version GSA Golf/ RedChain software Download here GSA Golf Setup

Camera Driver 2.11 33MB FlyCapture Viewer 2.11

Your GSA Golf cameras require that the camera drivers are installed. If you missed this during the initial installation process then download and install the above linked software

Experimenting and testing shots with manually entered launch parameters

You can test shots by manually setting the launch parameters in the Control Panel.

Right or Left mouse click in the Edit fields to change the parameters.

To see the trajectory of the ball in flight just click the "Launch Shot" button while having the GSA Golf software running in the background.

In case of issues you can manually install the CP update .exe file by following these instructions

Note: The above update download is just an update for existing customers and not the full version Control Panel






Click the above image for latest CX Surround news

August 7 2018


Minimum ball speed reduction when in Chipping Mode now limited to 50% instead of 2.5% as number of customers reported ball distances when in chipping mode were only a couple of feet.

A remote support session showed that their chip ball speed reduction was set to 2.5%.

The "What's in the Box" page has been completely updated.

Lots more info and ideas on how to raise flooring on the flooring page.

August 4 2018

CX Surround production

CX Surround assembly is starting this month.

First shipments going out on the 15th.

CX Surrounds will be using the new IBS image processing too.

CX Surround casing updates

Update 1. For a super cool look, the CX Surround will be using acrylic glass edge lighting at the front and back of the unit instead of individual LEDs.

Update 2. The entire front panel (facing down) is now entirely made of IR filter acrylic glass instead of cut-outs.

Update 3. For the moment at least, the wood sides are optional extras as the black anodized aluminum framing looks just great too.

August 3 2018

USB over CAT5

There's a new wiring diagram for the PX5 system using USB over CAT cabling on the wiring page now

July 30 2018

New IBS - Image Background Suppression method


IBS has been significantly improved in this version of the CP.

The above test image shows a ball trace with a very bright background. Without IBS, the CP can't detect the ball trace. i.e. it picks up pixels in the background.

With IBS ON, the background is reduced in brightness to reveal the ball trace.

Click above to read more about IBS

July 14 2018

Dual club tracking mats


The software update for those using a dual lane PX5 system is now complete.

The system automatically switches from left mat to right mat and vice versa when a left or right handed player is up.

New "Carry Adjustments" page

One of the most asked questions is how to adjust the carry distances in GSA Golf.

I've thus made an extra web page just for this.

July 11 2018


Fix for TGC sometimes not excepting shots

The fix for the above issue is now available in this CP update.

July 11 2018

TGC sometimes not excepting shots

We've noticed that TGC can sometimes seem to hang and not except shots.

We are currently seeking a solution to this problem with ProTee and a fix will be available shortly.

In the meantime, if you find that during a game TGC suddenly stops excepting shots, press the "ESC" key and select "Rewind shot" in TGC.

July 3 2018

Lens Hoods prevent lens ghosting

A retractable lens hood is now fitted to all new GSA Golf cameras that wil prevent lens ghosting from the overhead and floor mounted lights.

June 30 2018

All GSA Golf enclosures and full version simulators now include wood turf carpet transition trim and all frame tubing.

GSA Golf monitor stands

Click the above image to read more about our new selection of kiosk style monitor stands

Golf simulator Lag times.

I've put a couple of YouTube links on my "Buying a golf simulator" advice page about this.

I know SkyTrack has a serious problem with this but I was surprised to see that a $50,000 Trackman system has a problem with this too.

Click the above button to see the lag time YouTube videos.

June 18 2018


Bcam and LX systems.

Measuring ball spin using the ball's logo.

New logo matching end detection.

An issue with measuring ball spin using the ball's logo is that the correct matching ends of the logo must be detected in order to correctly measure the amount of rotation within the time frame..

i.e. if one end of the logo is found in image 1 then that same end has to found in image 2. Failing to do this can result in very different ball spin rate measurements.

The above two images show a ball spinning at a rate of 8321 rpm. We know this because the amount of rotation within the 2 ms frame delay was 149.78 degrees.

And we only know the correct amount of rotation because the Letter "C" in the Calloway logo has been detected correctly in both frames. This is shown by the two red cross hairs over the letter "C".

Without this new "Matching logo end detection" feature, the CP image processing may well get the ends mixed up and then a totally different amount of rotation will be measured

(i.e. 30.22 degrees here) and thus a totally different and false ball spin rate will be calculated. (Note that the two sets of images are from the same shot.)

As can be seen from the above two images, the letter "C" in the Calloway logo has not been detected in image 2 (i.e. there's a green cross hair on the "C" instead of a red cross hair).

And thus a false spin rate measurement was calculated (i.e. 1678 rpm instead of the real 8321 rpm).

It should be noted that not all ball logos have a dominant end and thus it may be required to use a black magic marker or black ink pen to accent one end of the logo.

Note that measuring ball spin using the logo (or any marked balls like those with A systems) is the only way a camera method of ball spin detection is able to do this in real time. i.e. without a long 2 to 4 second or so lag time (SkyTrak / GC2 etc).

While radar systems (Trackman, FlightScope etc) require metallic dots be applied to the ball and the ball be placed with the dot facing upwards.

June 15 2018


LX & Bcam ball spin calculation error now fixed

An error causing incorrect ball spin measurements was detected today in the LX and Bcam products.

The occasional error caused very high spin rates to be calculated (usually capped at 9999 rpm). This is now fixed in this update.

June 12 2018


CX Surround club tracking now implemented

Both the PX2 optical sensor club tracking and the CTS camera club tracking are now functioning with the CX Surround.

PX5 timing error

A timing error in the PX5 was causing occasional shots to be launched without club data. This is now fixed.

TGC stuck in putting mode issue

We are now checking the current surface lie and club type every 2 seconds in TGC. This fixed the problem.

June 08

GSA Golf FSR commercial show room golf simulators - suitable for any show room environment

Hotels, Cruise ships, Sports bars, Golf home communities etc, etc ...

or for anyone that wants a super easy, reliable system without the complexities of a camera setup

and that just wants to enjoy a basic round of indoor golf

Full systems available from just $ 10,995

PX2-A tracking systems from $ 3,499

June 07 2018


Club wait count for PX5 users

The amount of time the CP should wait for the slower PX2 sensor mat data to arrive is now user adjustable from the main CP window.

Note that as the cameras are faster than the PX2 club tracking sensor mat, the CP has to wait a few milliseconds for the club data to arrive before launching the shot with just V and H cam ball data.

CX Surround putting

The putting is now working with the CX Surround.

Camera exposures should be set to around 7000 ms with the CX Surround instead of the usual 10,000 in the V and H cam setups in order to reduce the length of the ball traces with hi speed shots.

Error causing the shot data to be incorrectly measured when not in a camera window fixed.

CX Surround test screen shots

There's some test screen shots of the CX Surrounds images on the Surround page today.

The tests outline a faint trace issue that we expected.

May 31 2018


TGC auto connection update

If the TGC server is started but a game isn't running, the message "TGC Connected: Game not running" will be shown instead of "TGC not running".

Manual speed adjustment

When setting up the CP launch parameters manually to test a shot using just the mouse, you can now adjust ball speed in10mph steps by holding the shift key down.

May 30 2018


TGC auto connection update

The CP now automatically connects to TGC when TGC is started.

The CP now PINGs the TGC server every 10 seconds to see if the connection is still live.

If no response from the PING then a re-connect is automatically made.

TGC surface lie

The CP now picks up the current surface lie in TGC and displays it in the main window.

Last game software now stored

The CP now stores and retrieves the last game software used (i.e. TGC, E6 ,PP or GSA) and connects to them automatically.

May 10 2018


Hcam ball speed calculation speed control

When using the new Hcam launch feature for high lofted shots that are out of the FOV of the Vcam, you can now adjust the Hcam scaling factor and thus the ball speed for these shots.

Screen shot message appearing in screen shots

This is now fixed in this version of the CP

May 4 2018

CX Surround - Accuracy now within +/- 0.1 cm !

Using a correction and scaling table, we now have the stereoscopic cameras in the CX Surround detecting 3D ball positions in 3D space to within an accuracy of +/- 0.1 cm.

(Feels a bit here like working on the correction software that the Hubble telescopic had to undergo at the time it was first launched.)

April 28 2018


Hcam launch for high lofted shots that are out of the FOV of the Vcam

As it's possible that the ball trace with very high lofted shots will be out of the FOV of the Vcam camera, we've added a new feature that will allow the ball to launch with just the H cam data.

Switch this feature on or off in the Hcam window (lower right side of screen).

Note that this feature has 3 modes. 1. OFF, 2. only ON when in chipping mode, 3. Always ON

Default is 3. Always ON

When ON and a valid shot is detected in the Hcam but no valid trace is detected in the Vcam, the speed and direction of the of the ball will be measured just from the Hcam.

Vertical launch angle will be taken from the loft of the selected club.

Low trace brightness

The Vcam ball trace brightness can be substantially increased by using high intensity narrow beam IR lamps next to the Vcam that are pointed at the trace capture area.

The above 200 LED IR lamp is just $69 on Amazon. The ball trace on the left of the above image was captured without a floor mounted IR lamp. The same ball trace is on the right but with the narrow beam high intensity IR lamp.

As you can see, there's an amazing difference in ball trace quality.

January 15 2018


Dual lane hitting surfaces for Left / Right handed players not playing down the center line.

Customers Jim and Chris - who called within and hour of each other last week - request that the software be able to allow playing the ball off the center line of the enclosure

when the enclosure width is too small and to allow both left and right handed players to play the ball from the center line of the enclosure.

If your enclosure width is too small for you to always play the ball down the center line of the enclosure

then you can select the new "Dual Lane" mode of play if the simulator is to be used by both left and right handed players.

Click "Left handed player" ON in the Hcam window to set the Left handed player's ball launch position.

Switch "Left handed player" OFF in the Hcam window to set the Right handed player's ball launch position.

When playing, the left and right handed player will be automatically set by the game software as the player comes up.

Note that dual lane hitting mats require that two line scan cameras be used and if club tracking is required for both left and right handed players

then dual club tracking systems will be required.

December 1 2017


Fixed assigns

Its been noticed that some customers forget to press the "Save Assigns" button before switching on "Fixed Assigns" in the Vcam window.

In fact, even I forgot this once. So now the camera function assignments are automatically saved when fixed assigns is switched.

What are Fixed Assigns?

To refresh:

Fixed camera assignments

Up until this version of the CP, camera assignments where automatically stored every time the CP was closed out in the sequence that the cameras were detected on the USB bus.

The problem with this is that if not all cameras connected to the PC were detected on the PC at CP start up or they are appear in different sequence on the USB bus, then a new - incorrect - assignment set will be saved

requiring the user to re-assign cameras when all cameras are detected on a later PC boot.

The new assignment method - which has taken over 20 hours to code - assigns cameras via their serial numbers to the functions ( i.e. Vcam, Hcam, CTS cams 1 and 2 and Ball spin cams 1 and 2)

e.g. if a camera with serial number 4820826 is assigned to be the Hcam, then this camera will always be the Hcam and will appear as the second camera in the CP's camera window.

Once stored, (via a manual button click) these assignments will never change unless the user wishes to change them.

The issue more concerns customers that have many cameras (i.e. a CX 6 camera system) but can also occur with just a 2 camera setup.

A new "Save Assignments" button in the CP's Vcam window is used to store the current cameras to their assigned functions. Click this button after all the camera assignments have been made.

November 21 2017


Spin axis and side spin now displayed and can be adjusted in the Hcam window

August 19 2017


For PX5 users

Fix: Putting not functioning when the new "Allow putting without swing being detected" was ON

More popup help

More popup help added. F2 key toggles Popup Help on/off. Popup help automatically times out after 4 seconds. Move the mouse cursor to re-activate the help box.

Putting speed calibration

Putting speed calibration instructions are now on the Putting and Chipping page

Hcam ball speed

Usually ball speed is measured by the length of the ball trace in the floor mounted Vcam camera that views the ball from the side.

However, it is also possible to measure ball speed via the ceiling mounted Hcam that views the ball from above.

The advantage being that very high lofted wedge shots will be in the FOV of the camera whereas these shots may

may be too high to be in the FOV of the Vcam camera if the Vcam is mounted closer to the center line of the enclosure.

Note that this is a new feature that requires a complete new calibration table set and won't be ready until Fall 2017.

July 25 2017


New "Software Swing Detector" prevents inadvertent ball launches in game when retrieving balls

If you have a CTS club track camera with trigger mat or a PX2 club track sensor mat (as with the PX5) then you can optionally setup the system so that it will only launch a ball if a swing (or any movement) over the mat is detected.

You should see a new "Swing detected" message at the bottom right hand side of the CP's main window after a swing. This message appears for about 2 seconds.

Shots will only be detected by the V and H cams during this 2 second window so you can walk freely around the enclosure without any inadvertent ball launches.

Note that this option requires that all shots are made from the mat - including putting unless the "Allow putting without swing being detected on mat" is set on

Switch the "No ball launch without swing being detected on mat" in the CP's Setup window.

May 21 2017


Spin factors for back spin , side spin and spin axis can now be adjusted directly in the "Show Club Angles" window

February 23 2017


Manual club selection in CP Vcam window

You can now manually select clubs and adjust club specific spin rate factors in the Vcam window. The adjusted spin is immediately shown.

The Global spin rate adjust factor is now split in two : One for woods and the other for irons. Hold the shift key down to switch.

The adjusted spin is now also immediately shown.

Manual club selection in CP Main Window

You can now manually select club types in the CP main window.

The CP will automatically switch to "Manual Club Select Mode" when selecting a club and won't get updated from any game software club selection when in this mode.

Press any key to switch this mode off.

Smash factor

Smash factors can now be manually adjusted for PX1, PX2 or PX5 users that select the "Ball speed calculated from club speed" option.

The selected smash factor can either be a constant factor for all clubs or can be club type adjusted

CX6 updates

Fix: Left/Right LA adjustment values not being stored

Typical screen shots are as in the below images

The side mounted Vcam detects vertical launch angle and speed of the ball

The ceiling mounted Hcam camera detects ball path for normal shots

and ball path plus speed when putting



Based in Naples, Florida,

all GSA Golf products are meticulously assembled and tested by hand to meet the highest industry standards

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