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Technical News

System Updates & Development News

Hi! I'm Martin Paul Gardiner

Electronics and software development engineer and founder of GSA Golf

Regularly check out my tech news page for all our latest developments and free updates

if you have any questions

please feel free to contact me personally anytime at

Please note that GSA Golf is currently inundated with orders, production, development, sales inquiries and support appointments

and have thus had to reduce the number of hours per week we can devote to telephone sales and support in order to keep up with production and orders.

We've had to reduce our telephone sales and support line now to between 10 am and 3pm, Tuesday to Thursday.

Times from 8am to 10am and from 3pm to 6pm are now devoted to production

as are all day Mondays, Fridays and Weekends.

Sorry for any inconvenience these new reduced telephone sales and support times may cause.

As before, we have 9am to 6pm, Monday to Saturday E-mail sales and support.

GSA Golf Control Panel (CP) downloads

GSA Control Panel (CP) update V. - Windows 8 / 10 version

December 11 2017

Download VC redistributables hereHere

GSA Control Panel (CP) full version download

Note that the full version installation will overwrite any user settings if you have had any previous GSA Golf CP installations

Download standard configuration files hereHere

GSA Golf Game software download

Warning! if you already have the full version GSA Golf /RedChain software installed, downloading this free single course version will prevent the full version from running correctly

Note: If you encounter a windows error message stating that it could not find d3dx9_30.dll when starting GSA Golf,

download and copy the d3dx9_30.dll to your windows\SysWOW64 folder.

Download here d3dx9_30.dll

Full version GSA Golf/ RedChain software Download here GSA Golf Setup Note: USB dongle key required for this full version

Camera Viewer 2.11 33MB FlyCapture Viewer 2.11

Cam drivers PGRUsb

FlyCapture2-2.7.dll FlyCapture2-2.7.dll

Experimenting and testing shots with manually entered launch parameters

You can test shots by manually setting the launch parameters in the Control Panel.

Right or Left mouse click in the Edit fields to change the parameters.

To see the trajectory of the ball in flight just click the "Launch Shot" button while having the GSA Golf software running in the background.

In case of issues you can manually install the CP update .exe file by following these instructions

Note: The above update download is just an update for existing customers and not the full version Control Panel

CTS upgrade

If you have purchased a pre 2017 CTS system, we have a low cost upgrade to the flash controller / projector mount version for you.

The pre 2017 CTS upgrade includes all new circuitry, projector mounting and trigger mat sensors for just $199

In addition, there's a new variable frame delay dial that allows the user to adjust the CTS Pro's timing between frames to suit the players club speed

so that the distance the club has traveled between frames is set to the max and thus club path and speed is measured more accurately

Contact us for details






December 11 2017


PX3 / PX4 systems

There's now an option in the CP's "Sensor Settings" window that allows shots to be launched without ball track detection. i.e. in case the ball track wasn't detected but the club track was.


Fix: Possible initialization error fixed.

TGC status and error codes are now being displayed in the CP's main window.


Fix: CTS flash enable /disable not functioning correctly.

Fix: Carry not shown in CP when using PX2 and PX3 systems.

New free frame timing hardware upgrade for CTS Pro systems.

The CTS Pro captures 2 frames that are usually spaced 1 ms apart.

This upgrade allows the user to space the frames up to 5.7 ms apart for greater club path accuracy.

December 1 2017


Fixed assigns

Its been noticed that some customers forget to press the "Save Assigns" button before switching on "Fixed Assigns" in the Vcam window.

In fact, even I forgot this once. So now the camera function assignments are automatically saved when fixed assigns is switched.

What are Fixed Assigns?

To refresh:

Fixed camera assignments

Up until this version of the CP, camera assignments where automatically stored every time the CP was closed out in the sequence that the cameras were detected on the USB bus.

The problem with this is that if not all cameras connected to the PC were detected on the PC at CP start up or they are appear in different sequence on the USB bus, then a new - incorrect - assignment set will be saved

requiring the user to re-assign cameras when all cameras are detected on a later PC boot.

The new assignment method - which has taken over 20 hours to code - assigns cameras via their serial numbers to the functions ( i.e. Vcam, Hcam, CTS cams 1 and 2 and Ball spin cams 1 and 2)

e.g. if a camera with serial number 4820826 is assigned to be the Hcam, then this camera will always be the Hcam and will appear as the second camera in the CP's camera window.

Once stored, (via a manual button click) these assignments will never change unless the user wishes to change them.

The issue more concerns customers that have many cameras (i.e. a CX 6 camera system) but can also occur with just a 2 camera setup.

A new "Save Assignments" button in the CP's Vcam window is used to store the current cameras to their assigned functions. Click this button after all the camera assignments have been made.

November 21 2017


Spin axis and side spin now displayed and can be adjusted in the Hcam window

November 16 2017

New lower price for the camera sensor trigger array

As number of customers are still experiencing setup problems with the SX line scan camera - due to lighting and reflective turf carpeting -

we're now offering our trusted sensor trigger array for the same price as our line scan camera as an alternative.

Camera sensor trigger array

The unit is 5ft in length and features 48 sensors that detect any ball passing over them.

Its advantage over the SX line scan camera trigger is that it doesn't require a non reflective floor surface that usually requires black carpet to be placed under the SX camera, doesn't require any setup and works well in most lighting conditions..

New Price just $ 650.00

Product features sturdy acrylic glass casing that takes the full weight of anyone standing on the unit.

November 15 2017


Ball spin slave camera

Fix: if - for some reason - the ball spin slave camera couldn't measure the ball's spin rate (e.g. couldn't detect spin markings or logo on the ball) then it would calculate spin rates based on launch angle and speed of the ball.

As a slave ball spin camera doesn't see the LA and ball speed, then this ball spin calculation would be incorrect.

As of this version of the CP, the slave ball spin camera sends an error message to the master PC if it couldn't measure the ball spin so that the master PC can calculate the spin rate correctly from LA and ball speed.

LX launch monitor updates

The LX CP update are:

1. There are now user definable scan zone areas for all frames in case you need to block any light areas in the FOV of the cameras

2. The flash can now be turned off or on. The "Flash ON" must be turned on for regular use. OFF for testing.

3. Scaling factors are now user adjustable. Once the camera has detected a ball during the setup, adjust so that the size of the ball in mm is 42 mm

November 6 2017


Max camera de-activation time after a shot

This user defined variable is now in the "Setup" window of the CP

November 4 2017


Multi-PC updates

Lots more improvements to multi-PC setups in this version of the CP

Perfect Parallel


Interface integration to the Perfect Parallel golf game software will be completed by Monday with new lower GSA Golf activation fee of just $299

October 25 2017


Multi-PC fix

If slave PC's were set to E6, then data wouldn't be sent to the Master PC

CTS Pro club path camera rotation correction

No only do both cameras in the CTS Pro need to be aligned, but the cameras must also have the exact same mounting rotation.

If you find they are off a degree or so and you can't physically rotate the cameras in their mount to correct this, then you can now set a software path rotation factor that will automatically correct the mount rotation error.

October 20 2017


PX3 / PX4 update

There's major updates for PX3 and PX4 users in this new version of the CP.

Also, new lower prices on these models. PX3 now $3,199 - PX4 now $3,999

Kit prices : PX2 $1,499, PX3 $2,299, PX4 $2,999

Click above image to read more about GSA Golf kits

October 14 2017

Ball spin camera Lens focus when using IR light

Here's something you probably didn't know about and was new to me too:

Due to the different wave lengths of IR and visible light, lens focus is also different.

i.e. when a camera lens is focused on an object using visible light and you then take a picture using IR light, the object will appear out of focus.

The above images show just how out of focus the golf ball is when using IR light compared to the focus of the ball using visible light.

To correct this - as in the third image - the focus dial on the lens has to be turned very slightly anti-clockwise to the left after it has been focused using visible light.

Check the focus by grabbing new images using either the "soft trigger" with the IR flash ON or by waving an object over the trigger mat sensor.

Improved ball spin detection when using the ball logo as markings.


We've improved the ball logo detection in this version of the CP to work with out of focus ball images.

October 11 2017

New Multi-PC setup instructions

Line scan camera lens focus and new op-amp on/ff switch

We're adding a new op-amp on/off switch to the SX line scan camera so the user can choose which is more suitable.

The op-amp amplifies the line scan signal in order to better detect rolling or low shot balls on regular olive green turf carpeting but can be too sensitive to easily adjust.

The non op-amp method is easier to adjust and more stable and when the lens focus is set correctly, also picks up rolling balls easily.

See the Line Scan camera setup page (click above image) to read about lens focus.

October 8 2017


Multi-PC update !

If you're using multiple PCs, use this version of the CP.

A number of timing and synchronizing errors are now fixed

Bench testing the CX6 - 6 camera - 3 PC setup

To save us from constantly having to hit balls, we setup 6 cameras with 3 PCs in the office and used a 3 channel optical sensor trigger to simulate shots.

Some 50 hours were spent testing the CX6 multi PC system here

The 6 cameras were aimed close to a small black board and fairway grass panel with strips simulating ball traces and clubs, and a small white ball to simulate ball spin data capture.

September 29 2017


CTS: Improved club face edge detection

September 2 2017


A couple of smaller updates today:

1. the popup help is now in a translucent window.

2. We've had a number of customers now that press buttons in the Setup window without knowing what their function is and then calling us for remote support because their systems are no longer working.

e.g. they have a CX2 or higher but switch off the V cam in the setup.

This is no longer possible as - now - every time the user exits the Setup window it will reset any options that are conflicting with the product type. i.e. CX3, CX3 etc

August 31 2017

"USB over Cat" USB cable extender - up to 150ft

An alternative to running USB cables over long distances with powered USB hubs every 9ft, is to use Cat5 cables with a USB over Cat unit at either end.

Tests completed today showed that there are no problems using a Cat cable with the GSA Golf cameras.

Click the above image to purchase the USB over Cat Transmitter and receiver for around $62.00 - Don't forget to purchase your Cat5 cable too

August 30 2017

Mini slave PC tests are positive!

We're currently testing this super mini PC to see if it's suitable for use as a camera slave PC in multi PC setups.

Tests so far show that there are no problems with this amazing tiny Windows 10 PC running 2 cameras with the GSA Golf Control Panel.

It's super fast too. Not to mention whisper quiet. Windows 10 boots nicely, Internet connection worked perfect.

Graphics top notch. Will it run game software too? Yep! Runs RedChain without a glitch. Dare we try E6 or TGC?

Well, E6 install hangs on installing Visual Studio redistributables. Shame, but I guess that's a bit too much to ask from a $199 mini PC and no one will be running game software on this PC anyway.

August 29 2017

Putting scaling factors

The default scaling factors for a specific Hcam mounting height are:

7ft: 0.232 - 7.5ft: 0.242 - 8ft: 0.258 - 8.5ft: 0.275 - 9ft: 0.288 - 9.5ft: 0.311 - 10ft: 0.318

Note these factors are used to calculate the speed of the rolling ball as it passes within the FOV of the camera

which will be somewhat less than the initial speed of the ball as it leaves the putter club face.

i.e. the ball will be decelerating over time and if the cameras are 3 feet or so away from the putting position,

the ball will have decreased in speed by a factor of 10 to 30 percent by the time it is measured.

We therefore recommend adding 10 to 30 percent to these factors to compensate.

August 26 2017


Take a screen shot and automatically save it to a jpeg file

There's now a "Screen Shot" button on the left side of all the main screens in the Control Panel.

This function takes a clear screen shot of the current window and automatically saves it to a jpeg file that can be sent to us via an e-mail attachment for us to analyze.

A main reason for making this feature is that many customers are still sending blurred screen shots from photos made with their iPhones to us that are difficult to read.

We put videos on the web site on how to make screen shots but still many find it easier to just take a photo. So now there's no excusues.

August 19 2017


For PX5 users

Fix: Putting not functioning when the new "Allow putting without swing being detected" was ON

More popup help

More popup help added. F2 key toggles Popup Help on/off. Popup help automatically times out after 4 seconds. Move the mouse cursor to re-activate the help box.

Putting speed calibration

Putting speed calibration instructions are now on the Putting and Chipping page

Hcam ball speed

Usually ball speed is measured by the length of the ball trace in the floor mounted Vcam camera that views the ball from the side.

However, it is also possible to measure ball speed via the ceiling mounted Hcam that views the ball from above.

The advantage being that very high lofted wedge shots will be in the FOV of the camera whereas these shots may

may be too high to be in the FOV of the Vcam camera if the Vcam is mounted closer to the center line of the enclosure.

Note that this is a new feature that requires a complete new calibration table set and won't be ready until Fall 2017.

August 13 2017


Lots more popup help added.

Popup help for CTS added.

V and H cam calibration is now permanently ON.

A number cosmetic updates.

F1 key is now the link to the online help.

August 9 2017

For PX5 users

We've had a report from a customer that when the CP is not "Sent Back" (ie minimized), then 100 out of 100 shots are detected.

However, when the CP has been "Sent Back", then a number of shots are not detected.

Not sure what's going on here yet but if you too are experiencing such issues then we recommend leaving the CP in full window mode (ie not minimized) and then starting the game software.

When doing this, ensure that the option "Control Panel not on top of other windows" has been set ON in te "Setup Window" - otherwise the CP window may sit on top of the game software window.

If you can't see the PC's desktop in order to start the game software when the CP is running in full window mode then either move the CP window to the side or send it back and then,

after you start the game software, Alt/Tab back to the Windows desktop and then click on the CP's "Show Window" button,

Note that this issue may also effect other system setups (i.e. CX3) so if you are also experiencing occasional non detected shots then leave the CP in full window mode.

August 5 2017


More popup help added.

More info added to shot log file entries.

Improved swing detection for PX5 users that prevents inadvertent ball launches when retrieving balls.

Improved launch detection for PX5 users that prevents non detected shots

August 3 2017


Small error in calibration file

2 small errors were found in the "CalibLRex.csv" file.

This update includes the updated calibration table.

BTW there's an option in the Calibration table window (click Calibration Table to view in the Vcam) called "Double Degree path steps" and "Single Degree Path Steps".

"Double Degree path steps" should be selected.

More popup help added.

August 2 2017


System log file records every shot

A new system log file records every shot sent to the game software.

The file contains a time stamp accurate to within 1 second and a list of all shot parameters sent to the game.

It will be used to help debug any missed or non recognized shots in the game software (i.e. E6, RC or TGC).

The file is written to the folder "C:\Users\Public\GSAGolfSystemLogs\" and is named SLddmmyy.txt where ddmmyy is the current date.

Pop-up help

There's much more pop-up help in this version

For more experienced users, there's now the option to switch PopUp Help OFF. (Option is in the Setup window).

For those that are still using the "LA speed Inc / LA speed Dec functions: This has changed from using the RAW LA to the Calibrated LA.

July 30 2017


New "Pop-up help" for every Control Panel option and setting

We're in the process of adding pop-up help boxes for each and every option and setting in the Control Panel that will explain what the option or setting does and its recommended default value.

This will be quite a lengthy process but should be completed in a week or two. Each new CP update until then will include the latest pop-up help boxes.

New "Online help" link from the CP

There's now a link to the GSA Golf online help on the CP's main window

July 25 2017


New "Software Swing Detector" prevents inadvertent ball launches in game when retrieving balls

If you have a CTS club track camera with trigger mat or a PX2 club track sensor mat (as with the PX5) then you can optionally setup the system so that it will only launch a ball if a swing (or any movement) over the mat is detected.

You should see a new "Swing detected" message at the bottom right hand side of the CP's main window after a swing. This message appears for about 2 seconds.

Shots will only be detected by the V and H cams during this 2 second window so you can walk freely around the enclosure without any inadvertent ball launches.

Note that this option requires that all shots are made from the mat - including putting unless the "Allow putting without swing being detected on mat" is set on

Switch the "No ball launch without swing being detected on mat" in the CP's Setup window.

July 17 2017


We've received a couple of reports that the E6 game software sometimes does not launch the shot after the ball is hit.

This version of the CP checks for this condition and after a time-out of 3 seconds resets the game to accept the next shot.

Note that this issue seems to arise more when putting in E6 after the user picks up balls for the next putt.

Tests today showed we could reproduce the problem but after today's mod the problem was solved.


July 5 2017


Multi-PC software

The new muti-PC software is now active in this version

Camera Club tracking without tracking dots or stripes improved

Club face detection without tracking dots or white stripes now significantly improved

Printable and PDF versions of the installation and help pages


We're currently in the process of making printable and PDF versions of the installation and help pages

June 14 2017


CTS Pro camera frame 2 now has it's own valid FOV borders


Fixed camera assignments

Small modification to last week's CP update that allows users to change their system configurations on the fly (i.e. from CX2 to CX3 , CX3 to CX4, CX4 to CX6 etc or back again ) without having to save the assignments.

You can switch fixed camera assignments off so that cameras can be moved to their assignment positions before saving.

June 10 2017


Fixed camera assignments

Up until this version of the CP, camera assignments where automatically stored every time the CP was closed out in the sequence that the cameras were detected on the USB bus.

The problem with this is that if not all cameras connected to the PC were detected on the PC at CP start up or they are appear in different sequence on the USB bus, then a new - incorrect - assignment set will be saved

requiring the user to re-assign cameras when all cameras are detected on a later PC boot.

The new assignment method - which has taken over 20 hours to code - assigns cameras via their serial numbers to the functions ( i.e. Vcam, Hcam, CTS cams 1 and 2 and Ball spin cams 1 and 2)

e.g. if a camera with serial number 4820826 is assigned to be the Hcam, then this camera will always be the Hcam and will appear as the second camera in the CP's camera window.

Once stored, (via a manual button click) these assignments will never change unless the user wishes to change them.

The issue more concerns customers that have many cameras (i.e. a CX 6 camera system) but can also occur with just a 2 camera setup.

A new "Save Assignments" button in the CP's Vcam window is used to store the current cameras to their assigned functions. Click this button after all the camera assignments have been made.

May 27 2017

New 400 dpi sensor array for SX line scan camera

To further increase the performance of the SX line scan camera (i.e. to better detect rolling balls on regular turf carpet and increase range)

we're now using a new 400 dpi (dots per inch) SMD sensor array.

Line scan camera upgrades are available for $159

Upgrade includes new circuit board with 400 dpi chip and signal booster plus new wide angle lens

May 24 2017


Customer request

The user defined LA increment for both chipping and normal shots is now also active when Extended Factory calibration is on

May 21 2017


Spin factors for back spin , side spin and spin axis can now be adjusted directly in the "Show Club Angles" window

May 18 2017

Lower price options on F series simulators now available

May 17 2017

New CTS test images using clubs without tracking dots or white strips

May 5 2017

New flash activation sensor in the trigger mat for CTS systems

The new CTS flash sensor prevents the CTS from triggering flashes during a club waggle or when teeing up

The CTS flash sensor detects a club back swing and only then allows the flash unit to fire within a 3 second time window

Other than preventing possible annoying flashes, the CTS flash sensor extends the life of the flash unit 10 fold

CTS users can retro fit the sensor to their trigger mats if desired. Either DIY or we can fit the sensor and electronics for you for component cost price plus shipping

Price is $99.00

New power battery terminal block for the CTS flash units

The flash units in the CTS and ball spin cameras are commercial camera flash units that usually require batteries to run.

As we didn't want users to have to regularly replace batteries, the flash units in the CTS and ball spin cameras are powered by external power supplies.

In order to get power to the flash like this we had to solder on power leads to the battery terminals.

Until now, replacing the flash units required soldering on new battery leads to the battery terminals on the new flash which was a tricky job as the terminals are deep down in the flash unit.

This new power terminal block resolves this problem so that replacing the flash unit just requires inserting the terminal block in the new flash and re-connecting the power leads without any requirement to solder on new power leads.

Battery terminal blocks are available from us for $10.00 plus shipping

SX Line scan camera upgrade

Should you wish to upgrade your SX line scan camera with the new signal booster (op-amp) so that it better detects balls on regular turf carpeting without the requirement to use the usual supplied black carpet,

we also offer an upgrade service for just $49 plus shipping.

Contact us for details.

Two new Q&A sections on the Q&A page.

Q: How can I use the SX line scan camera without using the supplied black carpet?

Q: How can I increase the range left and right of the SX line scan camera ?

April 29 2017


April 26 2017

A chipping section has been added to the putting page with instructions on how to adjust chip distances

April 25 2017


A number of smaller updates including XD ball track shot recognition

April 20 2017

Extended calibration "Scale" factor = 0.2780

Note that the Scale factor for the calibration tables was set to 1 pixel = 0.2780.

This scale factor - used with the calibration tables - should result in exact ball speed measurements across the entire 0 - 60 degree launch angle and +/- 20 degree path range.

Increasing or decreasing this scale will result in decreased or increased measured ball speed across the entire range should you care to change it.

April 19 2017


April 17 2017

Non reflective turf

Well ... not exactly super non-reflective but this new "less reflective" turf carpet works really good. i.e. rolling balls / putting are picked by the line scan camera which means all other shots will do too.

This turf padded carpet is only available in 12 ft widths and is pretty heavy so we won't be supplying it as standard with basic camera systems - i.e. the black real non-reflective carpet will be supplied -

but will be available as an optional extra and will be supplied as standard with all new full scale F series systems at the new F series prices.

Price for a 6 ft X 12ft length is currently $299 plus $99 shipping for US customers. Due to it's weight and size, export shipping costs will be in the $200 to $300 range

Coming next week

Installation Q & A and general problem solving

We'll have an extensive installation Q & A and problem solving page ready in the next few weeks should you require help with your system

We'll have the test results of the new non-reflective padded turf that will replace the black carpet we currently use for under the LS and Hcam cameras

Extended XY setup calibration

All current GSA Golf Control Panel versions and updates now include a factory set camera extended calibration table

that negates any user requirement to calibrate the cameras themselves.

Go to the calibration page to read more


April 14 2017



April 13 2017

Chipping mode

Chipping mode now switches On/Off automatically or manually (press C key) depending on the ball distance to the pin.

Hcam path correction

To-date all calibration and linear adjustments where made for the Vcam camera which is responsible for ball speed and vertical launch angle calculations.

However, the Hcam ball path camera also requires either calibration or linear adjustment in order to calculate true ball path angles.

Calibration tests showed that the Hcam will only detect true ball path angles when the ball vertical launch angle is below 20 degrees.

As the vertical launch angle increases, the ball is getting nearer to the Hcam ceiling mounted camera and lens perspective distortions start to kick in.

Some examples are:

With a true ball path angle of 10 degrees left or right, the Hcam measured path without calibration was:

LA 20 degrees - path angle : 12 degrees

LA 30 degrees - path angle : 15 degrees

LA 40 degrees - path angle : 20 degrees

With a true ball path angle of 20 degrees left or right , the Hcam measured path without calibration was:

LA 20 degrees - path angle : 24 degrees

LA 30 degrees - path angle : 28 degrees

LA 40 degrees - path angle : 40 degrees

As can be seen, high lofted shots can result in ball paths being measured twice as much as they really are. i.e. a real path angle of 20 degrees, is measured as 40 degrees left or right without correction.

To correct this there's a new "Path correction" option in the Hcam window that linearly adjusts the path to it's correct value depending on the vertical launch of the ball.

An Hcam calibration table will be available shortly too

BTW, if you have noticed that some high lofted shots weren't being detected, then it was probably due to the ball path being measured by the Hcam exceeded the "Max ball path" setting in the Hcam window.

Without path correction it would be very easy for the ball path to exceed the limit setting with high lofted shots and then the launch would be declared as invalid.


April 12 2017

Extended XY setup calibration

A couple of small updates today on this.

1. Pressing the Z key resets the calibration on the active row to zero calibration (i.e. 1.0 correction factor)

2. Pressing the ESC key closes the calibration table

3. An index check is made with each auto calibration step to ensure that the correct table is being accessed

4. No beep is played if index is not in the correct range or when any other error occurs during the calibration process

Second factory set extended calibration table available

The calibration for 5ft Vcam distances was completed today.

Click the above image to download the calibration table.

Note that the latest factory set calibration table is now included in every CP update download.

The calibLRex.csv table is placed in the "C:\Program Files (x86)\GSAControlPanel\data" folder but won't be used if a " calibLRex.csv " file already exists in the "C:Users\Public" folder.

This ensures that any user calibrations are not overwritten with the CP update. To use the latest calibration table just copy the " calibLRex.csv " in the data folder to the User/Public folder


April 11 2017

Linear Launch Angle adjust

All the calibration work done recently has shown that un-calibrated measured launch angles are far lower than what they really are as viewed by the cameras. Usually around 25 to 30% less

For those that prefer linear adjustments over calibration we've added a linear launch angle adjustment in the Vcam window in this version of the CP

Just click multiple times on the new "Launch angle increase" option to set the LA increment to be 0, 5, 10, 15, 20,25, 30 or 40%

First factory set extended calibration table

A full extended calibration table was made today for you to try out. It covers ball vertical launch angles from 0 to 60 degrees and ball path angles of +/- 20 degrees.

If you haven't used any calibration before you'll probably notice a significant change in both vertical launch angle readings and ball speeds/ carry distances.

e.g a real launch angle of 40 degrees may be measured by the cameras as just 30 degrees without calibration.

The calibration table was made for a Vcam mounted on the right side of the enclosure and for a Vcam distance to the enclosure center line of 6 ft so ensure to select 6ft in the Vcam window even if your real Vcam distance is not this.

If your Vcam is mounted left than this should work as well but hasn't been tested yet.

Note that as calibration should negate the need for any linear ball speed and launch angle adjustments, these should all be switched off.

Click the above image to download the calibration table.

Place the table in the "C:Users\Public" folder on your PC if this file already exists in this folder. Otherwise place in the "C:\Program Files (x86)\GSAControlPanel\data" folder and ensure that you have the "Extended Calibration" option set in the Vcam window

Note that if you have already started to make your own calibration then this download will overwrite any own made calibrations so make sure you make a backup of the calibLRex.csv file in the "C:Users\Public" folder before downloading

Auto calibration mode - now even faster

To speed up calibration even further, you can now switch between the Vcam and Hcam by simply pressing the "Space" bar on the keyboard.

This saves you the time it would normally take to switch cameras with the mouse.

And instead of having to look at the screen to see if the auto calibration worked for each angle step every time, there's now an audible beep that tells you all is OK.


April 10 2017

Auto calibration mode

With the auto calibration mode ON, the calibration process will automatically set the trace distance and LA corrections for you.

All you need to do is place the pole at the -20 to +20 degree path angles in the Hcam window - which will automatically be set in video stream mode - then switch to the Vcam.

After switching to the Vcam window, the adjustments will be automatically calculated and and you're ready to go back to the Hcam window again for the next path angle and/ or launch angle.

Total calibration time in this mode should be less than 30 minutes for all 126 launch angle and path calibrations

Go to the end of the calibration page to read more about the Auto calibration


Extended XY setup calibration

Co-ordinate cross-hairs and angle calculations now also shown when camera in video stream mode.

This is particular useful when calibrating and adjusting the rod in the Hcam to change ball path

It was noticed during calibration here that it is easy to forget to soft trigger the Vcam after using the Hcam to set a new path angle with the pole.

To help with this, the Vcam is automatically triggered when switching from the Hcam and back to the Vcam.

Fix: "Edit mode ON" message not being displayed when editing the calibration tables

Fix: Incorrect trace length being displayed

Fix: Incorrect calibration table index for left ball path angles


Calculated carry in CP now adjustable

You can now adjust the CP's calculated carry to more match the carry in the game software (E6,TGC,RC etc).

Unfortunately it was not possible to exactly match the game's carry distance as this data is not being sent back to the CP.

Attempts to use the distance to the pin before and after the shot - which is sent back to the CP - to calculate the total carry+bounce+roll doesn't work well as any shots left or right of the pin will distort the figures greatly.

March 16 2017


Chipping Mode

Current distance from pin is now displayed in the Vcam window and can be adjusted for testing purposes if no game software is running.

If game software is running (i.e. E6,TGC or RC) then the current real distance from the pin is displayed.

Fix: Ball and club speed boost factors (now shown in percent BTW) were being used twice with real shots but only once when viewing the Vcam window.

Fix: Club face angle couldn't be manually adjusted in the "Show Angles" window.

March 11 2017



Chipping Mode

We've introduced a new "Chipping Mode" feature in today's CP update that allows you to set a ball speed factor for chips.

Chipping mode automatically kicks in when the ball is within the User Defined chipping mode distance from the pin but not on the green.

For tests purposes you can manually set to "Chipping Mode" by pressing the "C" key on your keyboard.

Holding the keyboard "Shift key" down converts the "Min ball spin rate" slider bar into a chipping ball speed adjust factor.

The above screen shot shows that the measured ball speed of the chip has been reduced by 65% and that the chip distance has been set to 54 yards.


March 4 2017


Individual club carry factors

Club specific carry factors can now be adjusted directly in the Vcam window

Club data with Rough and Sand panels

As both PX and CX systems require that the user play from the fairway mat in order to detect any valid club data,

any spurious club data detected from shots made from the rough and sand panels is now ignored and club data is then calculated from ball data.

If this is not preferred then the "Sand" and "Rough" panel options need to be switched off in the CP's Setup window.

Saving system settings

User system settings are stored when the CP user clicks on the "Exit" button in the CP's main window but a number of customers seem to prefer clicking the "Windows X" close button at the top right hand corner of the CP window to exit the CP.

Previously this close method bypassed the store user settings so we've added the save settings now to this close method now too.

Show club in Vcam window

The "Show Club" in the Vcam window is now default off.

New products

CTS Flash Controller

The optional extra CTS flash controller prevents the CTS from triggering flashes during a club waggle or when teeing up

The CTS flash controller is a line scan camera that detects a club back swing and only then allows the flash unit to fire for a 3 second period

Other than preventing possible annoying flashes, the CTS flash controller extends the life of the flash unit 10 fold

Price $ 299.00

February 28 2017

PX2 sensor mats now shipping

Finally - after a 5 week delay - the slotted grass mats have arrived and we're now shipping all PX2 back orders.

February 25 2017


Individual club carry factors

Individual club carry factors can now be adjusted directly from the CP's main window. Carry and all ball data is re-calculated after every adjustment.

Fix: CP not reading selected club in GSA Golf / RedChain game software

Nicer: Spin factors in Vcam window shown in Red

Nicer: As not everyone will want the club image showing in the Vcam image, you can now hide it.


February 23 2017


Manual club selection in CP Vcam window

You can now manually select clubs and adjust club specific spin rate factors in the Vcam window. The adjusted spin is immediately shown.

The Global spin rate adjust factor is now split in two : One for woods and the other for irons. Hold the shift key down to switch.

The adjusted spin is now also immediately shown.

Manual club selection in CP Main Window

You can now manually select club types in the CP main window.

The CP will automatically switch to "Manual Club Select Mode" when selecting a club and won't get updated from any game software club selection when in this mode.

Press any key to switch this mode off.

Smash factor

Smash factors can now be manually adjusted for PX1, PX2 or PX5 users that select the "Ball speed calculated from club speed" option.

The selected smash factor can either be a constant factor for all clubs or can be club type adjusted

CX6 updates

Fix: Left/Right LA adjustment values not being stored


Typical screen shots are as in the below images

The side mounted Vcam detects vertical launch angle and speed of the ball

The ceiling mounted Hcam camera detects ball path for normal shots

and ball path plus speed when putting



Remote Access Support


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