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Technical News

System Updates & Development News

by Martin Paul Gardiner

Electronics and software development engineer and founder of GSA Golf

The GSA Golf range of golf 3D graphics software and electronic hardware is being updated with new features continuously. 

New Features are being added and mods being made on nearly a daily basis so please check here regularly for your free updates.

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GSA Control Panel (CP) update V. - Windows 7 / 8 version

April 26 2015

Important !

Please be sure to read the download and update instructions before updating your GSA Golf CP (Control Panel)

Note: The above download is just an update for existing customers and not the full version Control Panel

Download Visual Studio Windows 8 x86 runtime components here

Click the above image to download the full version of the GSA Golf Control Panel (V.

Click the above image to download the GSA Golf single course software.

Course can be played with the Control Panel via either a mouse or manual launch parameter setup for evaluation.

Note: If you encounter a windows error message stating that it could not find d3dx9_30.dll when starting GSA Golf,

download and copy the d3dx9_30.dll to your windows\System32 and Windows\SysWow64 folders.

Download here d3dx9_30.dll

The above API / SDK can be used to interface GSA Golf products to other golf game software

Click above button to download the CP Beta with the new Swedish LX image processing

You may require this too for a first time install of the CP Sweden : Download Visual Studio Windows 8 x86 runtime components here

CP Sweden update V. - Windows 7 / 8 version

April 26 2015

Sales or Support ?

Due to the heavy work load on at the moment with development and fulfilling orders we may not be able to get to the phones.

If you have questions or require support please e-mail and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

Remote access support is free of charge so please contact us if you are having setup problems. Click above "TeamViewer" image to download free of charge.

Please also note that we are closed on weekends and national holidays

(we need this time for new developments and testing)

Note! All GSA Golf software and hardware updates (yes! product hardware updates too) are free of charge for life

GSA Golf are constantly researching and working on improvements to their product line.

If we find better methods and improvements for any processes we pass them on to our customers free of charge to ensure that their investments are secured.

April 24 2015


Evaluating E6 V 1.6 by launching shots using the mouse

E6 1.6 demo software includes the Wade Hampton Golf Course with 18 playable holes.

If you don't have a tracking system but would like to see the ball physics in E6 you can use the GSA Control Panel in "Game Mouse Mode" to launch balls and play the course with the mouse.

Note that this feature is only available as of today's version of the CP.

Download the E6Golf v1.6 Simulator Software Demo now.

Demo includes Wade Hampton Golf Course with 18 playable holes, Practice area including Driving Range, and 36 styles of play.

Software can be played with any GSA Golf product.

If you don't have a GSA Golf system, you can also play with the GSA Golf Control Panel in mouse play mode.

Don't forget to switch the CP to E6 mode (at top right hand corner of the CP main screen) when running E6

Go here to purchase and read more about E6 V1.6

Online Game Software

with 58,000 ! courses

Online game software for GSA Golf products is expected to be available later next month

April 21 2015

Alternative panel casing for LX

Moving the second camera in the LX Pro's carry case casing requires an extra external casing for the camera which is not so ideal. A better solution would be to mount both cameras in a new panel type casing.

LX Pro C ball path tests are being carried out at present and some results are being published on this web site. Click above button to read more.

April 19 2015

LX Pro

stereoscopic vision cameras

The above two images are from the LX Pro with the new stereoscopic vision camera layout. One camera views the ball from the side to capture ball launch angle, speed and spin

and the other views the ball from a higher position facing down at an angle of 45 degrees. Using data from both cameras allows us to accurately calculate the ball path.

Previous versions the LX Pro attempted to determine ball path viewing the ball from the side and comparing ball image sizes.

This method could only be used to estimate the ball direction or path whereas the new LX Pro with the C mod (LX Pro C) accurately measures ball path.

Note that the new LX Pro software captures 4 frames instead of 3.

The LX Pro C software will be released this week.

April 17 2015

New revision proposal for the LX Pro

Tests today using the trigger mat and a single camera in the LX went extremely well.

Using the trigger mat every shot was detected and because it's a single camera, there's no issue with camera alignments.

Launch angles and speeds detected were perfect and now the LX is a breeze to setup too.

The new revision proposal entails relocating the second camera to a higher externally cased position so that it points down at a 45 degree angle and is thus capable of detecting accurate ball path.

This mod - like all mods to the LX - is free of charge to all LX customers that would like to upgrade.

Together with the new Swedish functions - that don't require any parameter setup adjustments - and the trigger mat - that doesn't require any sensitivity adjustments (like the mic and IR sensor did) -

make the LX a very reliable, accurate and super easy system to use.

Price for the LX Pro with ball path camera remains the same at $2,499. LX Lite replaces the current LX Pro and - together with it's trigger mat - cost's $1,699.

April 16 2015

Free trigger mats for LX customers

If you have an LX Launch Monitor and are experiencing shots not being detected and/or having problems setting the sensitivity of the mic and IR triggers, then let us know and we'll send you a free trigger mat.

The LX Trigger mat uses a single IR reflex trigger sensor (ie it doesn't require an overhead light source) and is guaranteed to trigger the LX cameras for all shots.

Note: All LX's are now being supplied with the trigger mat that you can optionally use instead of the internal IR Beam or Microphone triggers.

The mat is a low profile 12*24 inch fairway grass hitting mat with tee holder.

Ensures perfect camera triggering with every shot - from the smallest of putts to the fastest drives.

Possible C Mod for LX Pro

In addition to the above, we're testing a new hardware modification that will vastly improve ball path detection for the LX.

Presently - we and our partners in Sweden - are doing our best to improve accuracy of ball path detection when viewing the ball from the side but this is proving to be a very difficult task.

The solution would be to mount the second camera in the LX Pro higher so that it is viewing the ball down at a 45 degree angle and use this camera as a pure ball path camera.

Tests later this week will show whether or not a single camera can measure accurate ball speed, launch angle, spin and spin axis using the trigger Mat - and I'm sure it can - and - if so - will free up the second camera for use as a ball path detection camera.

Stay tuned this weekend on this tech news page for results.

LX plug & play

With the new Sweden functions built into the LX now, setup parameter settings are no longer required - and using the trigger mat eliminates all requirements to adjust any sensitivity of mics and/or IR sensors. If all tests next week go well, then the LX will no longer feature any sensitivity dials on the back of the unit and will - other than installing the software - be plug & play.

April 9 2015

CP Sweden update V.

CP Sweden now processes both spin dot balls and regular balls with only a line or logo on them.

Remember to switch the ball type option in the main CP window from "Spin Dot Balls" to "Balls with line/logo"

April 9 2015

New Sweden CP update for LX Pro and LX Lite

CP Sweden update V. now also for LX Lite!

Today's CP Sweden has been updated to also work with the LX Lite.

A few smaller mods were made for both LX Lite and LX Pro so that ball path is more accurate.

Ball path accuracy still needs some work though. Updates will be coming for this later next week.

BTW: at present, the CP Sweden is only working with our spin dot balls as it is assumed that most will be using the system indoors and won't want to use regular golf balls that require the player to have to bend down and align the ball logo to the cameras for every shot.

For outdoor use - or for those that would prefer to use their own regular balls - the ball logo will be used to measure spin. This update will be coming this weekend.

April 8 2015

New Sweden CP update for LX Pro

CP Sweden update V.

New update includes Sweden spin axis calculations.

See above video for details

Note that the object of the game here - with our collaboration with the Swedish image processing experts - is to make the LX as near as plug and play as possible and - of course - as accurate as possible.

i.e Other than installing the software, there'd be no need for any setup or adjustments.

Tests are showing that the only obstacle to overcome now is ball path accuracy. And I'm confident we'll have this sorted within the next week or so.

BTW. I love the new MovAvi screen capturing video software. Compared to AVS Video screen capture - which is garbage in my and so many other's opinions (just Google it) - MovAvi is a dream.

It's quite fun to do as well, so instead of just writing about CP updates, I'll be posting videos as well now too. At least 4 or 6 videos a week, now that the golf simulator season is coming to an end and we have more time.

April 7 2015

New Sweden CP updates for LX Pro

CP Sweden update V.

New Sweden Launch Param calculations. Switch "New Launch Params" ON to use the Sweden calculated launch parameters (speed, launch angle and path) and OFF to use the older version.

For this Beta version and while we're still testing, this version allows you to switch individual launch parameters from being either calculated with the new Sweden method or the standard method. These include: Path, Launch Angle, Speed, spin rate.

Radio button switches are in the camera window.

Note: New Sweden Launch params today now include spin rate and fixed speed calculations. Using these, no scaling factor adjustments are required and no min/max gray scale adjustments are required (i.e. they are not being used)

CP Sweden update V.

Improved ball path detection.

Ball detection improved over a wider range of image brightness. (Lower Threshold increased from 40 to 45)

We recently changed the acrylic glass front panel on the LX from Gray tinted to IR Filter.

LX's with Gray tinted windows (i.e. where you can see the cameras and LEDs) block more IR light and thus the images appear somewhat darker

whereas the IR filter window (which appears totally black) allows all IR light to pass and the images appear brighter. Today's version of the Sweden CP functions well with both now.

First user feedback from today's Sweden CP

The new beta CP seems to be working well. All shots were detected. I only had one over-run out on the GSA Golf simulator that wasn't consistent with the reported ball speed. I suspect the spin rate may have been way off on that shot.

I am seeing fades and draws in the ball flight, which I wasn't on earlier beta CP versions. Dave, KS / LXPro


Hcam putting ball trace coordinates extended to outer ends of trace to improve speed measurements.

New !

CTS Pro Color

Club tracking without tracking dots using dual USB 3 Full color cameras.

CTS Pro Color price $ 2,799

Production start in June

April 1 2015

New Sweden CP updates for LX Pro

CP Sweden update V.


CP Sweden update V.


the new Sweden CP is best yet with better ball dot matching and ball size detection.

March 29 2015

CX Hcam putt detection

A few more updates were made today on this method of detecting ball putts and rolls.

PX2 / PX5 systems


Possible isssue with PX2 or PX5 systems not polling sensors in the last update located and fixed.

CX2 systems soon available in selected stores

See Business News for details

March 28 2015

CX Hcam putt detection


The first version of the Hcam putt detection is now complete and ready for testing.

Switch "Hcam putt detection" on in the Hcam camera window (bottom right hand side of screen). When this is on you can move the Ball Min Height further up so when a ball rolls it is not detected by the Vcam camera.

LX CP Sweden updates

There are updates from the guys in Sweden for this version but as the above new feature took all day to code and test I haven't had time today to update and test them yet.

March 27 2015

CX putting with just the Hcam

Setting up putting on the CX systems is a bit intricate so I'll be adding a new feature this weekend that will allowing putting using just the overhead Hcam camera and greatly simplify the setup. i.e. there'd be no putting setup required at all.

The method is quite simple: If no vertical launch is detected but ball path detected then it will be assumed that the ball rolled and the path and speed will be calculated from the Hcam.

This feature requested by Mark and Al.

Remote access support now free of charge!

I've been doing quite a bit of remote access support over the past days and I must say I actually quite enjoy it.

Seems I can get customer's CX and PX setup issues sorted in minutes instead of days of back and forth with emails which cost me more time as with RAS.

Thusly, RAS (Remote Access Support) is now free of charge.

March 22 2015

New LX Pro / LX Lite image processing software

New CP Sweden download error


An incorrect version was linked to the download on Friday which probably wouldn't run on PC's other than ours. Now fixed.

You may have to run the "vcredist_x86" which is included in the download as we've moved up to Microsoft's latest Visual Studio compiler.

Possible LX issue causing shots not to be detected.

Recently a mod was made to the CP to deactivate cameras for 5 seconds after a shot.

This is fine for CX systems - ie for people who want to see the camera images of the shot and prevent the ball rebounding off the screen and re-triggering the cameras -

but not for LX's as the user would have to wait 5 seconds if triggering cameras with hands when teeing up or placing the ball on the mat.

LX camera deactivation time for the LX is now down to 1 second.

New videos using better screen capture software

The videos to date were done with the AVS Video software which - it turns out - has notoriously bad quality screen capturing (i.e. plays back too fast and very bad image quality)

I just tested the "MOVAVI" software and it's really good. Very clear video image quality playback speed is as recorded and not sped up.

Apart from the image quality of the current videos - which isn't my fault - I received a number of complaints about there not being any voice narration.

They were done in a bit of a rush and I must admit I don't like instruction videos without voice narration either (hate them actually)

- so as they say " do unto those as you would have them do unto you" (or something like that) I'll be redoing the videos with the MOVAVI software and voice narration in the coming weeks.

March 16 2015

LX Pro / LX Lite new image processing software

First phase of the new LX software integration was completed this weekend. Second and last phase should be ready later this week or weekend.


improved production method

I must have made over 1000 of these club tracking sensor mats over the many years it's been in production and it's still selling strong (also in the PX5 systems).

They're very time consuming to assemble (8 hours plus) but I've come up with a few production improvements that'll make assembly easier and faster and thus keep the price down.

Subsequently, price of the PX2 comes down to $1,499 and PX5 down to $3,499.

PX2 new system clock

The last 3 PX2's that were shipped have a new system clock that runs at double the speed of the old one.

If you have recently purchased a PX2, please use CP V8.2.2.4 or higher as older versions didn't use the new double speed clock and would result in half club speed calculations.


March 13 2015

New LX Pro customer issue solution today


New CP mods:

1 (as described on the above LX issue page)

2. Cameras not being deactivated for 5 seconds after shot although message displayed stated otherwise.

New Dual IR Illuminator lighting

Dual 198 large 10mm LED IR illuminators suitable for V and H cams. (wave length 850nm)

These IR LED illuminators keep the enclosure dark so that projected screen image is best quality

with no visible light getting in your eyes or on the screen and - in comparison to Halogen lamps - stay cool and last much longer.



CX Camera Systems

Software installtion and PX2/PX5 sensor mat


Club track camera installation


Ball Spin camera