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GSA Golf flooring layout

Recommended flooring layouts when using our 4ft square mats


16 x $160 = $2,560 ----- 12 x $160 = $ 1,920

9 x $160 = $ 1,440


Alternatively, you can use our full size turf carpeting for the flooring

Padded grass turf

15ft * 15ft Price $899 + $269 shipping



12ft * 15ft Price $799 + $269 shipping

12ft * 12ft Price $499 + $269 shipping



All F series golf simulators include simulated rough,sand and fairway surfaces

Additional fairway, rough and sand panels are available at www.Fiberbuilt.com for around $60 each




The flooring area directly under the line scan camera, IR lamp and Hcam camera should be relatively dark and non reflective.

It may be possible to treat the floor turf area so that it is non-reflective but most use the supplied black carpet strip (3ft * 6ft)

Note that treating the flooring in the scan area requires masking off the area and spray painting with a matt ( flat ) black spray.

In addition, you have to use visible halogen lamp lighting as the IR LED illuminator is too strong.

The above image shows what the spray painted scan area treated method looks like.

It's advantage is that there is no lip in the flooring.

When using the supplied non-reflective black carpet,

you can use 4 inch wide black felt tape to transition the carpet edges to the turf flooring