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System detects fades, draws, hooks, slices, pulls and pushes

Note that the F3 simulator is available with either the CX3 3 camera system with Ccam club tracking or PX2 club tracking

F3 with PX5 tracking systems and full version E6 or TGC :


Note: if purchasing online with a credit card then the limit per transaction is $10,000.

This product requires then two transactions :

Payment 1. $10,000

Payment 2. $4,495

Note that this system uses camera club tracking cameras that require white tracking strips or dots to be applied to the clubs.

If this is not suitable then we can supply the F6 with optical sensor club tracking that doesn't require any tracking strips or dots

F3 with CX3 tracking systems and full version E6 or TGC :


Payment 1. $10,000

Payment 2. $2,995

F3 Price with CX3 all camera ball and club tracking w/o PC and only 15 course TGC software $ 9,995



Note that most people have a low ($2000 to $4000) credit card transaction limit on their cards to prevent fraud.

Please contact either us or your credit card bank to purchase this product if your credit card limit for this purchase is too low