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VisTrak Vcam Setup

The VisTrak Vcam's main purpose is to detect the vertical launch angle of the ball when used with the VisTrak Eagle.

In our CX2 systems the Vcam is also used to measure ball speed by measuring the length of the ball trace

but when used with the VisTrak Eagle, it's only used to measure vertical launch angle.

i.e. it's not imperative that the full length of a ball trace is detected. Just any part of the trace will suffice.

Note that the super bright green LED on the Vcam is the same "looking for ball" and "ball detected" indicator as on the ceiling mounted VisTrak Eagle.

As the Vcam cam is floor mounted, this indicator will be more visible to the player.

The Vcam, together with its two IR LED lights, are mounted on a single base platform.





1. Place the VisTrak Vcam camera and IR LED lights around 3 ft or 4 feet ahead of the ball strike zone

on either the left or right hand side of the enclosure.

2. Connect the Vcam camera USB 2 cable to a port on the PC

The Vcam vertical launch angle camera views the ball from the side and - due to its long exposure time -

the image of the ball is a white trace.

The camera field of view is actually far greater than what is actually required

and captures the player (on the right), the projection screen (on the left) and the floor.

The blue border lines dictate the valid field of view - i.e. the area where the system will be looking for the ball -

and the red line dictates the maximum ball height a ball will have to be considered as a rolling ball or sculled shot.

Note that the length of the ball trace is directly proportional to the ball's speed

and providing the camera's exposure time (10 milli seconds here) and the pixel to cm scale (0.2 here) is constant - which it always is - this correlation is constant and consistent.

i.e. no matter what the launch angle is, the length of the ball trace will always be the same for a given ball speed and will always be directly proportional to the ball's speed .

Note the strong contrast between the background and the ball trace.

This is achieved by setting the camera gain high which amplifies the contrast.

The ball is illuminated by the overhead and / or side mounted IR LED lamps.

The two main windows are the VisTrak Video window and the Camera window.

The VisTrak window is used to view the swing playback.

The camera windows are used to adjust camera settings like gain and shutter speed

When VisTrak Vcam is selected, camera 1 in the Cameras window becomes the Vcam and camera 2 the VisTrak camera.

... more instructions to follow