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VisTrak Alpha Release setup


1. Mount the VisTrak camera and IR LED light around 3 ft ahead of the ball strike zone on the ceiling.

Mounting height should be around 9ft.

2. Connect the USB 3 extension cable to the VisTrak camera

and connect the cable power supply to a power outlet.

Disconnect all other cameras and

connect the active USB 3 cable to a USB 3 port on the PC

Start the Control Panel and select Vistrak in the Control Panel's setup window.

From the Control Panel's main window, you should see the "Camera 1 running" message

and that the VisTrak status is "Idle"

i.e. not grabbing frames

Go to the Cameras window in the CP and click the "Video Stream Mode" option ON

Place a ball in the usual striking position on the mat and adjust the camera's aim so that

the ball appears more or less in the center of the image.

Adjust the camera lens focus by turning the dial on the lens until you get a sharp image.

Adjust Shutter speed to around 250 to 300 micro seconds and Gain to 17db.

Click the Stop/Start button. The Camera will then start to look for a ball at around 200 fps.

Once a ball has been detected, an audible beep will sound and the system will wait 3 seconds.

The wait time is to ensure the ball has settled in its launch position and the player isn't moving it.

This wait time will be user adjustable.

The status will then change to "waiting for swing" and the frame rate will increase to around 600 fps.

After striking the ball a second beep will sound and the status will change to "Swing capture completed"

and the ball and club data will be sent to the game software to launch the ball.

The camera image grabbing during the ball flight will be stopped until the ball has landed.

You then have the option to view the swing playback in the new VisTrak video playback window.

Note that this window is still under construction.

You can also check each frame in the Cameras window.

After the ball has landed the system would normally loop back to "Looking for ball" status for the next shot

but in the Alpha version it will loop back to "Idle" status.

The VisTrak scaling factor:

To set the correct pixel to mm scaling factor, place a ball on the mat and - in the camera window - click the soft trigger button to grab a new fame of the ball.

The size of the ball in pixels and mm is now shown at the top right of the screen.

Adjust the scaling factor so that the size shown in mm is near 42.67 mm which is the diameter of a regular golf ball.

VisTrak beeps

For those that don't want to hear a beep sound when the ball has been located on the mat and the system is in "Ready for Swing" mode

you can switch beeps OFF and just view the new bright green "Ready for Swing" panel in the VisTrak window.


... more instructions to follow